introductory article 

From time immemorial, humans have been asking themselves the question, how they actually originated and where they actually come from. The answers are various distorted explanations, depending on whether they are based on the Bible or on fabricated scientific theories.

The Old Testament, as the fundamental text of the Christian Bible and also of all religious canons (dogmatic texts) that recognise one God (monotheism), is a mixture of parables and true stories that approximate the origin and the task of the human on Earth. In the course of hundreds of years, the biblical Old Testament has been exposed to many adjustments, so that it suited the currently ruling power, thereby removing precisely those parts, that deal with, for instance, natural rights and freedom of the human. Other negative influences on the distortion of the original text have shown as a consequence of translation into modern languages. At the moment, the collection of biblical texts is therefore becoming only a basic religious-philosophical document that is worshipped without its true sense and purpose being understood. The Bible in its original version was a guide through life on Earth of the then human.

From information that have remained in the Bible until today, the most important has disappeared, therefore nearly nothing suits the worldly life. Only more general information remained, as they were expressed for the society at the time when the Bible originated, so they do not correspond to the current conditions and the contemporary human does not connect them with the needs of their existence. It became a necessary object only in liturgical church rituals and parables contained within are nowhere near to the current conditions of existence of the human on a daily basis. Not only because of this, humans turn to contemporary science so that they would get the answer to who we are and where are we headed. Science denies the existence of anything else than the realities that can be perceived by human senses. Anything that it cannot observe, weigh, measure and based on this to construct its theories, is unreal for it and belongs to the area of myths and legends. Using this method, even the theory of accidental existence of the human on Earth was created as well as the theory of the origin of the Universe. Both these orientations, church and of the current science, do not correspond with reality, therefore, as directions for practical being, they are misleading.

Our website will bring a text every week, that contains information about the true substance of the World and the human within it. This information comes from our many years of interviews with beings that have the access to the fundamental knowledge about the Universe and everything, what it contains. This new and completely unprecedented knowledge is stated in more detail in our books “The world is different” and “Messages of the Other side” that are currently getting onto the book market, starting with June 2015. We are introducing both these books to those interested in the section “PUBLISHED BOOKS”.

We will try to pass on to all of you who are unsatisfied with the “explanations” so far – both religious and scientific ones – undistorted and unbiased information on the origin, substance and sense of existence of the universe and humans. We expect that our messages will not represent only another “fabrication” for you or another satisfaction of your curiosity for unknown mysteries. We will welcome any honest reaction and expression of attitude towards the information we are providing.

Your input will be a true reflection to the Messages presented by us, that come from the place that we, as people, do not perceive, even though it exists and pervades everything around us. Only chosen individuals are able to perceive and pass the content of their contacts with this “other world” to the real world. Therefore, we are going to try, in the form of educating lectures of sorts, to gradually acquaint you with the knowledge of realities that can fundamentally and positively influence your future being