93. Part III/5 – Why and how material life is created and how it is controlled

  1. Part III/5 – Why and how material life is created and how it is controlled

Astrological influence on living and lifeless matter

First something about living matter (flora and fauna) and a human body, as the highest organised form of material life. In the past it was observed and generally accepted as an undisputable fact that a certain force not perceivable with human senses influences not only our health and physical vitality but also the whole environment in which humans live, both lifeless and living nature. It was also observed that quality of this “aura”, received at birth, influences also the qualities of the physical body during the whole life. Therefore, it is not only genetic information but also this phenomenon which is represented as the position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the time of birth of a human being. Similarly, both lifeless and living nature are influenced by the position of the Moon towards the Earth. Unlike the yearly orbit of the Earth around the Sun, the Moon passes through all the signs around the Earth in approximately 28 days.

Always when the Sun or the Moon are in a certain Zodiac sign, it influences the individual parts of the fauna and flora organisms. Even lifeless nature shows certain deviations from the standard. Especially the Moon is an indicator of the quality of the aura not perceivable by human senses which influences not only the physical body qualities but also the human mind.

As it was suggested above, the physical body qualities (or a certain part of them) are influenced by an “aura” which is received at birth but not perceivable with human senses. That is why this part of the physical body, due to the Solar system functioning, is during existence “more sensitive” and more perceptive when repeatedly influenced by the same quality of this materially unperceivable force. If we know this process, this temporarily offered reality can be used in our favour or its negative impact can be reduced. One of the things connected with that is the fact that it is not recommended to have an invasive intervention in the part of the organism which is currently under the influence of this “force”, i.e. when the Moon is positioned in the sign influencing this body part or function. Naturally, this does not apply to acute medical intervention.

However, for all the Zodiac signs it applies that the influx and effects of Immaterial vital energy (“aura”) are the highest or most intensive around the full moon and lowest around the new moon. It is also necessary to know that with waxing moon, all living matter, including the human body, accepts more intensively everything connected with its formation (growth and functioning). On the contrary, with waning moon all living organisms better dispose of unnecessary matter and discharge waste. This phenomenon should also be used in healing therapies, medicinal herbs and other curative means. It means that if we need to clean the organism and remove the accumulated harmful substances from it, the most suitable time is when the moon is waning. On the contrary, waxing moon is good for physiotherapies and relaxation when living matter readily accepts the means for the body growth and regeneration during the more intensive influx of vital energy multiplied by its reflection from the Moon.

What is the “aura” not perceivable by human senses?

As slight overstatement we can say that it is particle Immatter. It is a kind of mobile Immatter which passes through the circumferential Universe arranged in something like a “carpet” rolled in the angle of 60° comprising of formed beams which can be materially compared to nebula cones. They hit the matter particles and insert information in them concerning their properties (the matter density) and at the same time they also cause their movement when passing through the Circumferential Universe. After having passed, the beams try to re-form compact lines. This process is perceived materially as matter vibration. For illustration, see below the graphic representation of spreading of Immaterial Energy beams.

Scheme IV/12: Graphic representation of how the Immaterial Energy (IE) beams spread



Uroborus, a snake swallowing its own tale, represents the “perpetuum mobile” function of the System of the Universe – the circularly repeating process of origination and termination of matter, which is basically the basis of the Universe existence. This System, inserted into the Universe by its Creator, is based on polarity relations (the arrangement of two different agents into a balanced unit). This knowledge will help you to supress or support certain functions and qualities, not only of the material body. However, we have to remember that the decisive agent in maintaining the healthy balance is the Creative Spirit that has many possibilities how to use (or misuse) these offered facts in its materially expressed mind and emotions. This fact also explains the placebo effect when the Creative Spirit influences the matter of its physical body in accordance with its belief. The results of medical experiments with administering ineffective substances mostly lead to surprising positive results when the health balance is renewed although it should not have been influenced at all.

Twelve qualities of Immaterial Energy, expressed with the coloured sections in snake’s body, correspond to the Zodiac signs, (for graphic representation, see the figure below). From the external environment, they influence all the matter (both living and lifeless), i.e. also the properties of the physical body in its individual parts, including its mental and emotional manifestations. In the lying figure inside the circle we can also see which part of the physical body is influenced by the external flow of Immaterial Energy whose beams include both the white and black spectrum.

The figure also shows that the human body is an enclosed System using for its functioning the vital energy in the range of the white spectrum beam (in the colours perceived from red to purple, as specified above) which is received selectively from the external environment.

It shows that these are Immaterial Energy beam sections which in the particular period (position of the Earth towards the Sun or passing of the Moon through this section) influence both the living matter and lifeless matter. The periods of the effects and influences on different parts of the physical body and its mental and emotional properties are described in o the figure. Now we will try to explain briefly the interconnection of human existence and its health with the colours, smells and sounds perceived by senses and with medicinal effects of herbs. It is essential to know why and how these means act, as when they are used incorrectly, the opposite effect can be achieved than we expected. The perception from the external environment received by means of human senses is influenced by both physical and physical properties of the body but it does not mean that the result is the same in all individuals. A reaction to the same stimulus may be individual – positive, negative or without any reaction. To understand why and how the stimuli affect us, we should know that the human body is atomic matter formed according to a special programme for enlivening the matter (as we have already described above). As a whole, it has properties common to matter as such, but also specific features of life according to the purposefully inserted Immaterial Information to protect the Immaterial Creative Spirit that orientates itself in the relations with the external environment by means of the body which enables the Creative Spirit to express its mental processes (ideas and intellect) and emotions. It is a functional case for the Immaterial being – Creative Spirit in the material body. This Creative Spirit is eternal and develops in many human lives to achieve the qualities of the Creator of all life.

What is the Creative Spirit?

Immaterial being, our immortal “self” for which the physical body was formed as its shell so that it could develop freely as a human being in the material contrast of the good and bad on condition of forgetting who it is and where it is going.

Colour spectrum

Explanation of the abbreviations in the accompanying text to the figure:

C = colour perceived with human senses                                                                           

O = opposite colour

P = physical body

M = mental abilities

E = emotional properties

Aries 21 March – 20 April, fire, fruit, C tone, influences head, brain and senses

C: red, O: Libra – bluish green

M: extroversion, dominance, authority, activeness

E: violence, anger, hatred, passion

Herbs: yarrow, lemon balm, elderberry

Taurus 21 April – 20 May, earth, root, Cis tone, influences throat – thyroid gland, lymphatic glands and tonsils

C: orange, O: Scorpio – blue

M: indecisiveness, persistence, lack of self-confidence

E: hysteria, depression

Herbs: wild thyme

Gemini 21 May – 21 June, air, bloom, D tone, influences shoulders, arms, lungs and thymus gland

C: yellow, O: Sagittarius – purple

M: cynicism, intellect, communication, adaptability

E: laughter, optimism, ambitiousness, nervousness

Herbs: ribwort plantain, elderflower

Cancer 22 June – 22 July, water, leaf, Dis tone, influences chest and mammary glands

C: yellowish green, O: Capricorn – black

M: harmony, directing, high emotionality

E: self-love, distance from own emotions

Herbs: field horsetail

Leo 23 July – 22 August, fire, fruit, E tone, influences heart, bloodstream and spleen

C: green, O: Aquarius – black

M: even temper, purposefulness, generosity, self-confidence, personality balance

E: peacefulness, freedom, satisfaction, jealousy and envy

Herbs: green tea.

Virgo 23 August – 22 September, earth, root, F tone, influences stomach, pancreas, liver

C: greenish blue, O: Pisces – black

M: modesty, intelligence, accuracy

E: compassion and empathy, optimism

Herbs: peppermint, dandelion, nettle and celandine

Libra 23 September – 22 October, air, bloom, Fis tone, influences intestines, balance of body fluids (blood, lymph), immunity

C: bluish green, O: Aries – red

M: intuition, introversion, will, harmony

E: cheerfulness, peacefulness, kindness, meekness

Herbs: chamomile.

Scorpio 23 October – 21 November, water, leaf, G tone, influences genitals and excretive organs

C: blue, O: Aries – orange

M: depression, isolation, idealism, aggressiveness, sexuality

E: respect, loneliness, egotism

Herbs: calendula, nettle

Sagittarius 22 November – 20 December, fire, fruit, Gis tone, influences thighs, sacrum and nervous system

C: purple, O: Gemini – yellow

M: contemplativeness, openness

E: distress, sadness, problems with the material side of living, tendency to escape from the material life and internal restlessness

Herbs: field horsetail, lemon balm


Capricorn 21 December – 19 January, earth, root, A tone, influences knees, skeleton and teeth

C: black, O: Cancer – yellowish green

M: asceticism, self-fulfilment, ambitiousness, slowness

E: emotional withdrawal, coldness

Herbs: yarrow

Aquarius 20 January – 18 February, air, bloom, Ais tone, influences calves, shins, ankles and varicose veins

C: black, O: Leo – green

M: relations, friendship, inventing, charity, originality, communication with the “Second side”

E: love bringing sacrifice

Herbs: wild thyme, green tea.

Pisces – 19 February – 20 March, water, leaf, H tone, influences soles and lymphatic system

C: black, O: Virgo – greenish blue

M: emotional vulnerability, sacrifice, responsiveness, precision

E: sensitiveness, empathy

Herbs: elderberries, yarrow

Similarly, the quality of the flowing Immaterial Energy is influenced by the Moon going around the Earth when it passes through all the twelve signs in approximately 28 days.

As you could learn above, the properties of all the matter surrounding us which we perceive by means of our senses as colour, sound, state etc. are in fact the perception of the Immaterial charge of the matter – Immaterial energy. Living matter, including the human body, comprises of the same atomic matter but only arranged according to a different information programme than lifeless matter, as we have specified above. It means that if any imbalance occurs in a living organism, it can be eliminated and the harmony can be reinstated if we know the effects of this Immaterial substance (whether it is enclosed in material particles or flowing freely through the environment). This is the principle of healing with colours (chromotherapy), precious stones, medicinal herbs and preparations from them, baths (balneology) and last but not least action of individual who are sensitive and able to transfer this vital energy.

Preventive and curative procedures known in natural healing since time immemorial are also applied newly with knowledge and use of modern technology. By means of still or running water, the properties of the vital energy are used to aid the natural processes in the body. There is a sanitary technique focused on strengthening and regeneration of the natural immunity of the organism which is necessary to maintain the overall health balance of a person. Briefly we will specify a few methods how to use water, colours and herbs to renovate physical and psychical strength, for curative therapies and physiotherapies. Nowadays people are more and more interested in these alternative methods of the health balance restoration and maintenance. In the market there are various devices of this type but only with a short description of the effects of the individual colours on the mental and physical properties of people. From all this information referring to ancient China, Egypt and other ancient societies where these methods were used commonly and in an informed way, it is clear that it has only been copied without knowing the actual basis of the effects. In these circumstances, these healing methods cannot be adapted to the completely different conditions of modern people and therefore in practice it is mainly about the marketing use of the existing demand for the purpose of their own profit.

Below we will try to briefly explain the interconnection of human existence and their health with colours, smells, sound perceived by senses and curative effects of herbs. It is important to know why and how they act as their incorrect use might result in the opposite effect than expected. The perception from the external environment received through the human senses is influenced by both the physical and psychical properties of the body but it does not mean that the result is the same in all the individuals. The reaction to the same stimulus in different individuals may be positive, negative or there may be no reaction at all.

When counterbalancing health imbalance with an opposite effect, i.e. when it is necessary to remove undesirable matter” from the lymphatic circulation through the body surface, it is necessary to use, according to the nature of the imbalance, the corresponding “secondary” colour and use the properties of the vital energy beams and thus also the properties of the matter in which the sections perceived as a certain colour are closed and restore the balance of the original “non-fragmented” formation.

Purple is thus connected with red, blue with green, green with yellow, yellow with orange and orange with red. It means that for example gall bladder complaints (yellow) are solved with orange colour or pain (inflammation) in the head (purple) is solved with red colour. Why red colour? It is due to the fact that the Immaterial Energy beams do not move in a straight line but in spirals in the angle of 60°, therefore the white spectrum circle is finished with purple colour but at the same time it starts from the red colour.

The above specified shows that individual colours can be used as a supporting means when eliminating health imbalance or during physiotherapy. It also applies to healing processes during which it is necessary to introduce curative preparations dissolved in a bath to a certain part of the body or organ through skin (corresponding infusions and extracts from medicinal herbs or aromatic curative substances).

PURPLE colour is effective on all psychosomatic problems and complaints in the area affected by this chakra – headaches of unclear origin, aches – middle ear, conjunctivitis, trigeminal nerve and other areas of the head, psychical stress, hyperactivity, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s diseases, hormonal problems connected with epiphisis and hypothalamus.

BLUE colour is effective on thyroid gland disorder, with osteoporosis, hormonal imbalance connected with the hypophysis function, with weakened immune system, various allergies, with disorder of lymph glands in the throat, with bronchitis, asthma and infections of upper and lower respiratory tract, with lungs function imbalance, with complaints connected with nasopharynx and tonsils.

colour is effective on angina pectoris (narrowing of the arteries bringing blood and oxygen to the heart), heart attack, high blood pressure, spleen imbalance, anaemia, arteriosclerosis and it supports iron recycling in the organism.

YELLOW colour is effective in the whole area of the metabolic system process (food intake and digesting, including its incorporation in the organism) – liver (cirrhosis, infectious illnesses – jaundice), gall bladder disorders, gallstone formation, problems with pancreas, diabetes, problems with digestive juices, gastric ulcers, intestinal colics, Crohn’s disease but also health imbalance originating mainly from disturbed metabolism – arthrosis, arthritis, gout, fluctuating blood pressure, dermatosis (rashes and eczemas) etc.

ORANGE colour is effective on constipation, problems with kidneys or urinary system, with elimination of the consequences of all the forms of stress, with high blood pressure originating from kidneys and liver, with skin pigmentation disorders, with imbalance in the area of transverse colon.

RED colour is effective mainly on the vital energy flow in the body, it participates in adjusting of hormonal imbalance, it influences blood formation, menstruation cycle, potency, impotency, diseases of sexual organs, traumatic birth experience, it helps against fever and various swellings, it supports body regeneration after injuries (physiotherapy), e.g. fractures, it inhibits pain during gingivitis, toothache, it is effective on problems with the spine, backache and psychosomatic pain symptoms.

The colour silhouette of the human body (shown in the figure below) represents the area of influence of the chakras (energy nodes) on the individual parts of the body. The colour of the chakra basically corresponds to the power section of the vital energy which the body receives from the external environment and within its area of influence it distributes it through the energy distribution system to the individual cells. The functions of the organs and parts of the physical body are thus controlled, as it has already been described in relation to this figure. We can also specify that the brain uses the full scope of the vital energy perceived as the colour spectrum for its control function. As a result, a human being is perceived as white colour (white light). It shows that the physical body is an independent enclosed system whose functions are based on the principles of the System of the Universe. From the colour range we can see that colours are only coloured sections of the vital energy which form the white light (white spectrum). Therefore, it lacks the part of the spectrum which is perceived by humans as black colour.

The black part of the spectrum is a power section of the Immaterial energy which is in disharmony with the functions of living matter. Therefore, it is not connected directly with the individual enclosed systems of living matter but with the general flow of Immaterial Energy whose beams comprise of the white and black spectrum and which in the twelve qualities (six polarity relations) connected with the individual Zodiac signs transfers Information to all the matter.

Different vital Immaterial Energy sections acting in the body can be identified with the colours of the white spectrum. They are polarity interconnected with the matter arrangement in organs in concrete parts of the body, which applies to all types of living nature (effects of medicinal herbs). It is connected with the polarity interconnection of any matter with the Immaterial Energy which penetrates it, as the mutual harmony or disharmony is reflected in lifeless nature, e.g. with harmonic or disharmonic sounds.

Some facts about water

as a necessary means when using baths relaxation, healing and physiotherapy. It is generally known that there would not be any life without water. However, we do not realise the fact that water as a compound of the atomic matter of hydrogen and oxygen also has exceptional qualities to be able to act as a mediator for existence of living nature. First of all, through the action of heat or cold it only changes its liquid state into steam or ice, unlike other compounds which disintegrate or react with other substances under changed natural conditions. There is also the capability of water to enclose other atomic matter among its molecules without influencing them in any way and transport them to the destination. It is therefore a transport and insulation medium in the living matter.

  • As a means of relaxation and healing procedures, we use running water (a shower and a steam bath) or still water (bath). Running water grasps (encloses among its molecules) and takes away from the body the “charged” subatomic matter and thus it discharges the obstacle of the normal vital energy flow to the body.
  • Still water in the bath enables to use fully this characteristic quality of its and to remove this “charged subatomic matter” from the body as the matter formation which causes the health imbalance, or to transfer healing matter. This is used in balneology (healing baths) when certain arrangement of “charged” matter dissolved in the water acts through the body surface and settles the disturbed body balance. In many cases, these processes can also be replaced with the coloured light source or their effects can be significantly supported with it.

The time when the healing bath is used is also important. The main factor is the Moon phase. When the Moon is waning, it is easier for the body to remove undesirable or harmful substances, therefore it is recommended to apply cleaning healing courses. If in this period the Moon is also coming through the Zodiac sign influencing the part of the body with the health problem, the effect will be boosted significantly. When the Moon is waxing, the organism regenerates more easily, therefore in this period it is recommended to perform physiotherapies of all kinds. Even in this case, it can be supported by the Zodiac sign. We also need to consider that around the full moon phase, all medicines have stronger effects. On the contrary, in the new moon period the reflection of the Immaterial energies from the Moon is minimum, therefore we cannot count on any boosted support.

  • Relaxation baths are applied as required. However, the above specified differences in effectiveness also apply to them.
  • The effect of healing courses by means of natural preparations comes slowly but it is without any side effects and it gives a hope for total recovery. The improved health balance should already be seen after the second from three series of 5 to 6 baths in the suitable period. It means that for three months, either during the waxing or waning Moon, we apply 5 to 6 baths. It requires patience and mainly the belief that the course will be successful.
  • According to the nature of the health imbalance, we add to the bath either direct infusions of medicinal herbs or natural aromatic preparations containing these substances. The colour source then enhances the whole process.
  • Bath should not last longer than 20 minutes and the water temperature should be around the human body temperature, i.e. 36 °C – 38 °C.
  • Unlike baths for body washing, during relaxation, healing and physiotherapy bath we never use washing means (soap, gel, foam etc.). After the bath do not dry your body – only wrap up in a cotton, ideally white bath towel.
  • It is recommended that you use a colour source in the bath mainly during the therapies for health disbalance and physiotherapy, not for relaxation. It could upset the natural flow of the vital energy in the body.

How to proceed when applying colours and herbs in prevention and health restoration?

A human body is a complicated and mutually interconnected System, therefore it is useful to try and use not only theoretical knowledge but also practical findings how the applied natural processes are finally manifested.

Before we start elimination of a manifested health problem by means of a colour source inbuilt in the bathroom equipment, we have to find out its initial cause and consult using of this method with the doctor, as specified in more detail below.

If the cause is not obvious (e.g. the wrong diet), it must be determined by the doctor. It is also necessary to consult the doctor when you want to use chromotherapy as a supporting means during treatment of a previously determined diagnosis or its suitability during physiotherapy.

If we know the initial cause (the place of part of the organism where the health imbalance occurred or is displayed), it is easy to find out which of the chakras controls the affected area in the body and the corresponding colour. Then we can choose the curing colour.

When applying “still” water (in the bath, sitting bath, wraps and compresses), we use the property of water molecules to enclose healing substance formations between them as well as the matter properties – mutual binding (linking) of the matter in the sequence of its “thickening”. We have to repeat that thickening does not mean the spatial layout of the matter molecules but the “force” of the Immaterial charge hidden in the matter particles. When using medicinal herbs and preparations, including a colour source, it is important to realize whether the curative substances are supposed to act in blood circulation and reach the cells, or if the healing effect is to be seen in the lymphatic system and on the body surface.  

For the effect inside the body, we use herbs in the form of tea, infusion, tincture or homeopathic “per os” (orally).

To eliminate any health imbalance connected with the lymphatic system and body surface, we also apply healing herbs (fresh and dry). For these purposes they are applied mainly as ingredients for ointments, essential oil, balms, emulsions, as compresses soaked in their infusion, as preparations for inhalation and as additives in the “steam” and in the bath. Essential aromatic oils are also suitable for relaxation after hard physical or mental work. Balneology plant concentrates (mud) and salts, mainly from the Dead Sea, supported with hydro-massage are recommended mainly for various forms of dermatosis (skin rash) and psoriasis.

Aromatic additives must be selected carefully as they have to be of pure natural origin. A product marked as “naturally identical” or without such marking is hundred per cent treated technologically with chemicals and therefore unsuitable for use. When using it, we expose our body to the effects of the foreign matter which activates the immunity defence inadequately and absorbs a great amount of the vital energy.

Choice of colour:

If we need to release (remove from the body), we choose the colour following the colour of the controlling chakra in the direction to red colour (downwards – according to the silhouette picture, or to the left – in the colour spectrum representation, see the figure above). If we need to introduce curing substance into the body, we choose the colour following the colour of the controlling chakra in the direction to purple colour (upwards – according to the silhouette picture, or to the right – in the colour spectrum representation).


Koruna – vyústění upotřebených úseků Nehmotné energie z činnosti mozku Crown – the outlet of the applied sections of Immaterial energy from the brain activity
Čakra třetího oka (fialová) Third eye chakra (purple)
Čakra krční (modrá) Throat chakra (blue)
Čakra srdeční (zelená) Heart chakra (green)
Čakra žaludeční (žlutá) Stomach chakra (yellow)
Čakra solar plexus (oranžová) Solar plexus chakra (orange)
Čakra života (červená) Life chakra (red)
Vyústění meridiánů (modrá, zelená a žlutá) Outlet of meridians (blue, green and yellow)
Vyústění meridiánů

(ve dne oranžová a červená)

(v noci žlutá, oranžová a červená v levé noze)

Outlet of meridians

(during the day orange and red)

(at night yellow, orange and red in the left foot)


An example of a healing bath application:

In case of health imbalance in the area of stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum, small intestine (the chakra of stomach – yellow), apply green colour if we need to “absorb” the curing substance dissolved in water into the body. Orange colour is applied if we want to induce elimination of undesirable matter through the body surface (lymphatic distribution). It depends on the initial cause after consulting the doctor.

The above-mentioned body organs are weakened for the whole life in people who born in the sign of Virgo and Libra and they are sensitive in all the people when the Moon passes through these signs. Already present health problems concerning organs in the area of the chakra of stomach (yellow colour) are worse at this time or they may reoccur (the imbalance may return).

  • g. problems with gall bladder (controlled by the stomach chakra – yellow) are solved by orange or green colour depending on the nature of the primary cause of the imbalance and needs for its solution,
  • g. pain (inflammation) in the head – it is controlled by purple colour – we solve it using red colour.

Why red colour? It is due to the fact that the Immaterial Energy beams do not move in a straight line but in spirals in the angle of 60°, therefore the white spectrum circle is finished with purple colour but at the same time it starts from the red colour (we help the body immunity to eliminate the cause and support the restoration).

Our recommendations:

  • Baths are recommended mainly in case of various kinds of dermatosis (skin disorders) and psoriasis. We will use a colour source in orange colour and add a chamomile and calendula extract or tea. 90 % of these disorders are caused by imbalance in the liver area. Also in case of problems with joints (arthritis, arthrosis), backache and headache as a result of imbalance in the area of the spine it is possible to apply a bath successfully. In this case we recommend using horsetail infusion complemented with the red colour from the source. These complaints result from disturbed metabolism in connection with the lymphatic distribution. It will fully substitute compresses and ointments or creams.
  • For relaxation and stronger vitality we recommend using mainly aromatic essences in the bath or essences strengthening the body parts or organs which are weakened as a result of the flow influencing the vital energy quality. It is suitable to complement the process with a whirlpool massage.
  • For removal of psychosomatic health problems or calming down the disturbed mind – apply the purple colour and add the lemon balm or wild thyme infusion or essence in the bath.
  • In case of weakened organs and body functions caused by the position of the Sun or the Moon in a certain Zodiac sign, first we have to realise whether it is a problem of physical body organs or mental or psychic manifestation. We proceed accordingly when eliminating the problems with colours and herbs.
  • In case of the physical body imbalance, we start from the force of the “governing” Zodiac sign.
  • If it is a mental or psychic problem, we start from its polarity counter-sign. At the same time, according to the nature of health imbalance, we consider which chakra of the internal distribution of the vital Immaterial Energy affects the particular organ.

More detailed recommendations how to use medicinal herbs – TWELVE AND ONE HERBS TO HELP PEOPLE

People have everything on the Earth from the Creator to be able to exist without any problems and therefore the basic conditions for the natural way of living have been created. It also considers the fact that humans do not always look after their health to be able to do without the means for its restoration.

In every latitude on the Earth there is a complete group of usually twelve herbs which are effective on the imbalance of the body as the whole, as well as its individual parts in their full extent. The temperate zone latitude in the northern hemisphere and the connected climatic conditions offer the following twelve and one herbs to humans:

Elderberry, yarrow, lemon balm, wild thyme (or thyme), ribwort plantain, peppermint, nettle, field horsetail, chamomile, dandelion, celandine, calendula and green tea.

Many of these herbs can be found in the comparable climatic areas all over the world, in certain areas some of them are replaced with other species but with similar specific healing properties.

The thirteenth herb – green tea – originally occurred also in the southern areas of the temperate zone. As it is known, tea plant is currently grown mainly in the Asian part of the Earth, but the human organism has already adapted globally that it accepts it as a domestic plant. However, beneficial health effects of green tea are conditioned by the fact that it has not been treated in any way by means of fermentation, not even partially.

Specifics of some health complaints in our area require extending of the basic group of 12+1 herbs with some other species, mainly the following:

bear’s garlic, walnut (walnut skin), agrimony, sage and St. John’s wort.

Unqualified interventions of humans disturbing the natural structure of natural substances are also reflected in the general practice of preparation of “proved” herbal mixtures for certain health problems. In mixtures of herbs the healing substances are usually influenced mutually after it is used and thus their effect is disturbed. It means that herb mixture should not contain more than three kinds of herbs and you have to know their effects as it is important for the contained healing substances to correspond with each other (to complement each other and not to overlap).

Herbs play two roles when eliminating health imbalance:

  • bring the effective substance in the organism – it will support the body immunity and thus eliminated the problem,
  • help to remove harmful substances which cannot be reached by the immunity system from the organism.

However, medicinal herbs are not a “miraculous pill” by themselves. Their use has to be supported with natural life style and it is necessary to start from the original symptoms of health imbalance. It cannot be expected that their effect will come immediately like in case of chemical medicine. Their healing effects come gradually but without any undesirable side effects and with a high success percentage of total recovery.

More information about the properties of 12 + 1 herbs and several additional ones

Twelve domestic herbs (the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere) are specified in the text below in the sequence according to the part of body where their medical effect is usually seen:

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a bush with white blooms proving its strong thickening (a strong energy charge of the matter particles). Therefore, it is effective mainly for binding and removing Energy and matter potent substances from the body. All parts of the plant can be used for medical purposes but nowadays we use mainly the blooms. Elderflower tea is recommended as a diuretic means and against illnesses accompanied with fevers (common cold etc.), as it induces releasing of water through sweating. Due to the content of effective substances, elderberries are the main agent in removal of strong matter with which the organism cannot cope otherwise. In such situations it is a specific help for the internal immunity System of the organism. Elderberries are also connected with efficient blood pressure decreasing and adjustment of the level of sugar in blood. Careful! The berries must be heat processed otherwise they have laxative effects.

Tea from elderberry leaves is currently neglected even though it has a healing effect also on the level of sugar in blood. A compress from squashed fresh leaves helps against various swellings.

Bark and root tea is used to remove harmful substances from the body, usually externally against joint paint and problems with veins.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is another herb with white blooms. With its matter thickening and therefore also the Energy content, it is close to precursors of steroid mobile particle sin the body. Therefore, it is able to harmonize mainly the hormonal processes in the whole organism. It is applied as tea from blooms and adjacent upper parts of stems, but it can also be used as a bath additive. Its most effective form is a tincture. It is also called the “king in the cure of female genital disorders”. As early as in Ancient Greece it was used to stop bleeding.

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), whose blooms are white to purplish, is effective mainly in the area of the central control of the material body functions (thalamus, hypothalamus, hypophysis, the head as a whole). Lemon balm should therefore be used mainly for regulation and harmonisation of human mind, to eliminate tiredness after difficult mental but also physical work and mainly as a “sleeping pill”. It is effective on easing of depressed mood and anxiousness of unclear origin. It is applied as tea from leaves. However, it also has excellent effects as a bath additive, mainly when it is necessary to eliminate mental tension.

Wild thyme (Thymus serpyllum), with blooms in gentle “lilac” colour, is effective mainly in the area of the throat (but also in the upper respiratory tract). It is an excellent means with antibacterial effects and it frees lymphatic routes and strengthens immunity reactions. Most often it is applied as tea, but it can also be used as compressions and bath additive. The most effective form is a tincture or essential oil for baths.

Ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata), with light purple blooms, is effective mainly in the area of the lower respiratory tract (lungs, bronchial tubes). Tea from leaves is used mainly against cough and catarrh of the lower respiratory tract to remove mucus. Fresh juice has strong anti-inflammatory effects (antibiotics) and it is effective against a wide range of microorganisms, both inside and outside the body, mainly in the area of bronchial disorders. It can also be recommended against an ulcerous disease of large intestine or Crohn’s disease. It is also used with great success for curing varicose ulcers or to stop surface bleeding (grazes, neglected pressure sores etc.). It can also help significantly during your stay in the countryside as it eliminates significantly the effects of a sting or bite by an insect. However, when you use this for this purpose, be careful about cleanness of the surrounding area!

Peppermint (Menta piperita), a herb with purple blooms, thanks to its energy and matter parameters it can regulate and remove undesirable matters disturbing digestive processes in the stomach area. It has strong antiseptic (anti-inflammatory) effects. We use tea from leaves. As the substances contained in mint have similar effects as anaesthetics, it can also be used externally to reduce itchy skin feelings. It can also be recommended for inhalation against catarrh of the upper respiratory tract.

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), do not confuse with dead nettle. It has light green blooms with shades of a peculiar yellowish colour. It is effective in a very wide range of health disorders caused by disturbed metabolism. Together with mint, these herbs are in approximate middle of the range of the matter thickening of the higher organised matter (HOM). The substances contained in the nettle can thus be effective for balancing of metabolic functions (pancreas, liver and spleen), they can act as anti-anaemic (against anaemia), cardiotonic (heart activity regulation), antidiabetic (regulation of the level of sugar in blood), antirheumatic, they can fight against various viruses, stop bleeding, they are beneficial for kidneys, they have external effects on faster healing of wounds and they support growth of hair.


The nettle is characteristic with an increased content of naturally bound iron, which is connected with blood formation, but also a high content of vitamin C and calcium, which makes the transfer of the matter in the body easier.  When dried, it loses some effective substances, therefore for some purposes it is necessary to use only fresh stems (organic acids, vitamin C etc.). Careful! In people with weakened immunity it can cause an allergic reaction.


Field horsetail (Equisetum arvense) has a different system of forming seeds and therefore it appears to be non-blooming. It is typical with its high content of silicic acid, naturally bound and therefore water soluble. With its resulting energy and matter properties, it is very effective mainly for binding and removal of various undesirable deposits from the body. Therefore, it is an important help for removal of these consequences of the disturbed metabolism and hormonal body retime reflected in women mainly in the gynaecological area and in men in connection with prostate. However, we cannot ignore its balancing effects in the area of the stomach, pancreas, kidneys, urinary and other organs.




Externally it has beneficial effects for healing wounds, it supports tissue regeneration, flexibility and firmness of blood circulation system and it relieves the pain in joints. You have to be careful when you use this herb internally due to the presence of some substances toxic for the body, but its main use is in its external application – compresses from steamed stems, bath addition etc.

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) with its typical unmistakeable smell and blooms with yellow centres surrounded with white petals as the most effective part of the plant can be noticed from far away. The range of its use, both internal and external, is so wide that the following list is for information only – it is effective as spasmolytic (it relieves smooth muscle cramps), it calms the mind, it has anti-allergic properties (it alleviates allergic reactions of the body), it has antimicrobial painkilling effect, it alleviates dermatitis (inflammatory skin disorders including various forms of eczema and other skin diseases caused by external causes and other skin disorders), it tranquilizes burns and tranquilizes and cleans the digestive tract. It would probably be shorter to mention the areas where it cannot be used.


Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) has yellow blooms, as everybody knows. It has a certain composition of amino acids and other substances supporting metabolism. It also has secondary effects on the spleen and pancreas. However, its basic effect is in the area of liver and kidneys. The most effective is the milky fluid in fresh roots. For healing purposes, we usually use the root (both dried and fresh), leaves are used mainly as an ingredient in various salads.


Calendine (Chelidonium majus), a herb with yellow blooms, due to the contained substances it is similar to opium alkaloids classified as a toxic drug and therefore is rejected by conventional medicine. However, if diluted properly (homeopathic), it is an excellent Energy matter composition with an effect of binding undesirable substances, mainly in the lymph part of the liver and kidney. Externally, calendine can be used successfully without any limitation against various fungi, warts and other undesirable skin manifestations caused by the action of microorganisms.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) – its orange blooms show a higher density of the matter and stronger energy content than in calendine. It has reliable effects against action of most microorganisms and inflammation caused by them, both inside and on the body surface. Even the current conventional medicine accepts its cancerostatic effect, mainly in the area of digestive system and female organs. It can also be used successfully for Crohn’s disease. Generally, however, its strongest effects are in the area of liver and kidneys. It is applied as tea from petals and externally as compresses but also in the form of ointment or essential oil. Fresh juice is effective as compression on varicose veins and it also suppresses undesirable skin manifestations caused by microorganisms.

Tea plant (Camellia sinensis) is a bush which can be up to several metres high. Its blooms are white, later they turn to slightly pinkish colour, which shows that the plant has strong energies and the corresponding matter. Nevertheless, the part of the plant we pick is leaves. Blooms are used only in some kinds as an ingredient for improving the aroma and taste.


For healing purposes, only green tea is suitable, which are leaves dried directly after picking without any treatment. Any further procedure (fermentation) destroys its healing effects and on the contrary it increases the content of the matter which is unsuitable for the body. An advantage of green tea is the fact that unlike all the other herbs, its use has preventative effects, not only when the symptoms of health problems occur. A drink made from green tea is able to regulate and remove harmful substances before they enter the body. Another of its advantages is the fact that it is neutral to a certain degree when mixed with other herbs.

Thus, it does not decrease their effect and rather on the contrary, it supports penetration of some of their effective matter particles. Within the scope of the internal defence processes in the body, it helps significantly to increase immunity of the body. It is understandable that all the tea plant species have the above specified properties regardless the place where they are grown – in China, Japan, India or Africa.

And some characteristic features of five additional herbs of the basic group:

Bear’s garlic (Allium ursinum) is also a plant with white blooms. Fresh leaves are suitable for spring detox. Tincture (an alcoholic extract) can be used all year round – it contains effective substances supporting memory and prevents depositing of calcium in veins (arteriosclerosis) and thus it helps to decrease the blood pressure, clean kidneys and against other metabolic disorders. Its effects resemble those of a nettle, but it is specific with its higher thickening and thus also its use in the individual applications. It is an effective means against threadworms and roundworms.

English walnut (Juglans regia) – tea and baths from leaves are used. Tea is suitable mainly for digestive disorders, baths and compresses mainly for various types of dermatosis (acne, infected rash etc.) and also against hair loss.

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) has yellow blooms, which determines it for internal applications against health complaints of metabolic origin. Its blooming stems are picked. It is also effective against inflammations in the mouth and throat, including lymph glands, oral mucous membrane and tonsillitis). Leaves have specific beneficial effects during treatment of open wounds but also against rheumatism, pain in the sacrum, liver cirrhosis, pancreas diseases and other complaints. We use tea and herbal compresses from agrimony infusion, which is also effective against problems with lymph glands in throat.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) has purple blooms, which proves its purpose and suitability mainly against problems in the area of the head and throat. It is effective against spinal cord complaints, cramps and shaking of limbs originating from the brain. It also helps against tonsillitis, laryngitis and mouth inflammation but also in case of the gums bleeding and loose teeth. Sitting bath in sage can be recommended to women with gynaecological and other problems in the lower part of the body.

St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) has yellow blooms and specific use mainly against neurasthenia and nerve inflammation in various parts of the body. Therefore, it also helps against restless sleep, hysteric fits and depressions. It is recommended as tea, sitting baths or massage oil. Its effects also include application after injuries, contusions, muscle strains etc. It can also be recommended for recent injuries with open wounds, swollen glands (rubbing the oil in), backache, rheumatism etc.

How to understand the effects of colours, herbs and aromatic essences?

Healing effects of colours (chromotherapy) on the health balance of a human being are complex. They influence not only the physical condition of the relevant parts of the body but also the mental and emotional expressions of a human being the core of which is the activity of the Creative Spirit. Generally, people choose colours according to their subjective preferences.

A similar principle applies not only to medicinal herbs but plants in general. Their thickening (just to remind you, this does not apply to the spatial layout of the matter particles but the “strength” of their charge) is reflected in the colour of their blooms. Herbs blooming in white include all the colours of the white spectrum and therefore they have comprehensive effects on the body (yarrow, elderberry). Herbs blooming in colour influence the processes of the corresponding parts of the body if they are applied in compliance with the above specified principles.


The specified recommendations are only general and cannot replace the specific therapy. That must be connected with the objectively established causes of the health imbalance and knowledge of the applied healing processes. It is due to the overall interconnection of the physical body processes where seemingly identical external manifestations usually have various causes.


Also thoughts under the operation of the Creative Spirit and the connected mind happen originally on the material basis. They are therefore also influenced by the accessibility of the vital Energy and quality of metabolism defined in this way. When used uneconomically, e.g. when unnatural food is consumed, after long-term stay in an environment unsuitable for being and due to the negative mind, the performance of various processes in the organism is then restricted.

Quality metabolic functions, i.e. forming of material particles from the consumed food, are crucial not only for the health of the body but also for its immunity. Its insufficiency is the basic cause of all the health problems gained during life.

Several practical information:

  • When using colours on inflammation (microorganisms), we choose red,
  • When applying coloured bulbs outside bath equipment supported with the properties of water, we expose the body and its parts to their effect optimally from the distance of 30–50 cm.
  • Herbs acting inside the body are used in the form of tea, infusion, tincture or homeopathic.
  • Herbs used to improve the health imbalance in the lymphatic system through the body surface are used fresh and dried. They are applied mainly as ingredients in ointments and oils, as compresses soaked in their infusion, as means for inhalation and massages and as additives in the “steam” and baths.
  • Essential aromatic oils are also suitable for relaxing refreshment after physical or mental work. Balneological plant concentrates (mud) and salt, mainly from the Dead Sea, supported with hydro-massage are recommended mainly for various forms of dermatosis (skin rash) and psoriasis.

The connection of the functional state of the body and application of the optimum methods for vitality or restoration of health (relaxation, healing and physiotherapy) are very complicated, as it corresponds to the basis of life. Therefore, the information specified about illnesses and their therapies has the usual validity but not a specific one which relates to the individual original causes of the health imbalance.

People have the right to decide about their own health, on the basis of the commonly available information. The basis of the health prevention and

The basis of prevention and health strengthening is natural lifestyle including mainly suitable diet, living in the unpolluted environment and last but not least, positive mind. More information concerning these issues is in “Three pillars of health” which can also be found on our website www.svetjejinak.cz.

We tried to explain briefly at least the basic terms and significant connections as regards using colours, medicinal herbs and aromatic preparations for relaxation, elimination of health imbalance or physiotherapy. More information about this topic can also be found in “Cooperation with Arttec” in the article “Natural colour and herbal therapy”.

In the next part of this cycle we will concentrate on the matter why we, people, are also Immaterial beings – Creative Spirits, and what is our mission. As usual, it will be prepared under the supervision of the “Other side” and “Zhuk”, our friend dwelling there. Or better to say dwelling here but unperceivable with human senses.