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First, we will return to several sequences from the preceding parts of this cycle concerning Creative Spirit enclosed in the physical body – the human being.

Part of the message from the Creator for people in the current society transferred by means of the Messages from the “Second Side” is also the answer to the question how and why humans were created and what is the sense of their existence. It reveals not only the secret of the mission of humans in God’s intention, but it also describes the procedural aspects of their creation. A human being thus gets a gift of knowledge which is more than passive faith which was often misused in the past and is also misused at present in the interest which is in contradiction with God’s principles.

How the life was created and whether it exists somewhere else in the universe is one of the main questions people ask which has not been answered yet. A concrete answer is given neither by religious teachings concealed in allegories, nor modern materialistic science which boasts with alleged expert knowledge where there is none. It is so deflected from reality that it reached the highest mysticism when it accepts the invented theory of self-development of species, from the lowest ones to humans. Science considers humans to be solely material beings that developed from the originally simple organisms within a process of hypothetically inferred evolution of species. This theory cannot be verified experimentally.

God (or Super-Creative force – it is not important what this author of the universe is called) was lonely in the only existing Being in the Absolute environment and could not share its feelings with anybody, therefore it decided to create Immaterial beings equal to itself – Creative Spirits, who will be its companions. It would not be a problem for God to create these beings as equal to itself, but they would be being that did not achieve the qualities of their creator through their own development in the specific environment created for this purpose. However, this intention was combined with creation of the environment in which the Immaterial beings will develop freely to achieve the qualities of their Creator. Thus, the Universe was created as the environment for the existence of Immaterial beings that exist in material bodies as people when by entering the physical body they forget their previous being, both in Immatter, and in the material body.

Immaterial Creative Spirit enters the body at birth and in many human lives, always as a different person, it develops towards the qualities of its Creator. These Immaterial beings exist in the intention of the Absolute Creative force – God and they undergo their development in the environment of the Universe where they lose properties which are not in harmony with God’s principles. In the material environment they learn to recognise and overcome the antinomies of good and bad, all this in the difficult conditions after forgetting all preceding from their past. They can only rely on their achieved internal quality and thus they develop in a very long term towards the perfection of their Creator. If we are to understand ourselves and the world surrounding us, the purpose and aim of everything, let’s start from understanding the whole to get to its partial components, not vice versa. Only understanding the System which was also inserted in the Universe by the Creator will enable us to find answers to the fundamental questions about human existence: “Who am I?… Where did I come from?… Where am I going?”. This is the basic information about the core of all that we are and that we are part of. Its application in the existence of an individual person and in the extent of the whole society offers a possible practical use undreamt of so far.  

What is the reality? Our real individual “self”, an Immaterial formation, is formed by God’s force in the Absolute from materially indescribable Prime Matter. It is not part of the Universe, unlike the material physical body, where the functional core of it and the processes occurring in it is the Immaterial programme of species the impulses of which are subsequently transformed into the material programmes in the cells called DNA. Like the “body” of the Creative Spirit, the content (set of Immaterial information) of the individual Immaterial programmes of species is created outside the Universe. If we sum up this knowledge, we will find out that the functional core of intentional thinking and actions of humans is Immaterial Creative Spirit (an Immaterial being) that uses the material body as a means for its protection and orientation in the material environment as well as for communication, storing of the gained information and, last but not least, for its own creation (thinking).

The Bible, in one part of the text of the First Book of Moses – Genesis, says: God turns to the human Adam (Creative Spirit after committing the initial sin, which was eating an apple from the tree of the knowledge): “By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” Through an allegory it clearly says that his body is formed from the same atomic matter as all the lifeless nature and until it disintegrates into dust, its core cannot return to the environment from which it was taken. The influence of Immaterial Substances on forming of inorganic matter was already mentioned in the previous parts. The circulation and formation of lifeless inorganic matter in the Universe is controlled by the common Immaterial programme – the System which creates that depending on the environment through which it currently passes, matter maintains certain qualities for the whole time of its existence in these naturally defined conditions. It means that if the same atomic matter is to be enlivened, it must be controlled by a different special Immaterial programme in the environment enabling its application. This environment is the only place in the Circumferential Universe where the polarity of Immatter and matter in the System is almost zero. It is in the centre of the Centre of the Circumferential Universe.

Material life is “planted” in the prepared quality of lifeless nature to be able to connect with it smoothly. If conditions for material life occur on a selected planet, the application of the simplest Immaterial programmes of species is started, which conditions formation of inorganic matter into initial simple species of microorganisms. As the whole, they are the transitional stage between the lifeless and enlivened matter in nature (GOM = generally organised inorganic matter and HOM = higher organised matter). The parallel presence of mutually antagonistic microorganisms in fauna (microbes) and flora (mildew) which liquidate each other in the polarity balance dynamics, and thus inorganic matter is gradually transformed into the quality suitable for formation of their higher species. At the same time, the balance of the induced material flows is also regulated. These first simple HOM forms can “transform” lifeless mineral matter and prepare it for formation of flora species which is food for fauna species, and the dead remains of flora and fauna are prepared again for reuse. The composition of material flows is thus gradually extended while maintaining their natural balance. The gradual inserting of more and more complicated Immaterial programmes of species leads to creation of an environment for existence of the most complicated organism – the human body sheltering the Immaterial Creative Spirit. This fact also shows that the development of life is purposefully regulated by the Creator. This process of the actual living matter development and its formation into the individual species has already been discussed.

In the initial stage of populating every “life-supporting planet” in this optimum Central environment of the Centre of the Circumferential Universe, Creative Spirits are only present in Pre-matter cases (a type of Immatter), not in the material human bodies. The reason is to be able to perceive matter but not to be restricted by it before the environment for their material existence has been fully formed. Biblical “Adam in Paradise” also exists in Pre-matter “case”. He can perceive the material environment, but he does not have the “human” needs and abilities to manipulate matter yet. Therefore, at the time when his Creative Spirit was only in the case from Pre-matter, he was a genderless being. Only after being “expelled from Paradise” (by entering the formed material body), he is the first male person in the material environment on every life-supporting planet. In the Bible, the “original sin and expulsion from paradise” symbolise entering of Creative Spirit in the material human body which thus gains an ability to present itself in material relations but cannot perceive Immatter anymore. It is thus separated from the knowledge of its development gained so far and must only rely on its achieved quality. So far to sum up the information from the preceding articles in this cycle.

The mentioned Messages generally suggest that the human body was formed through action of the Immaterial programme on the prepared matter, which resulted in creation of the original human body cell containing the material programme (“DNA”). It also suggests that the first two people of different gender on the Earth as well as on the previous planets were created according to the same Immaterial programme, first the male and then the female. The fact that the biblical allegory says that Eve was created from part of Adam’s body (his rib) also symbolizes the principle that the carrier of the Immaterial programme for creation of life is a sperm from the male body. It starts the reproduction of the material human body when after penetrating the ovum, the polarity comparison of the material programmes (“DNA”) of father and mother is performed and the Immaterial programme case is opened. Therefore, “Adam’s rib” can be seen as an allegory of the “ladder” formed by the DNA helix which conditions formation of a new physical body, and Ecce homo! – as the Bible says, Eve the foremother.

An illustration by Leonarda da Vinci for his work Vitruvia (Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, Roman architect, engineer and theorist from the 1st century B.C.) depicts a male body whose stretched limbs touch the circumference of a circle and the sides of a square. His navel is exactly in the centre of the circle. In the picture we can easily find so-called golden ration, i.e. a ratio frequently used by Leonardo in his work. Approximately it corresponds e.g. to the ratio of the distance from the crown of the head to the navel to the distance from the navel to the ground. Therefore, for us this graphic representation expresses the effects of the Immaterial programme (the circle also represents the System inserted in the Universe) to the particulate matter (the square) when forming the physical human body. For better understanding, below we provide an explanation of the term of “golden ratio”.

The golden ratio (in Latin sectio aurea) means the ratio of approximately 1.618. The golden ratio arises when a line segment is divided into two parts so that the ratio of the bigger part to the smaller one is the same as the ratio of the whole line segment to the bigger part. The value of this ratio equals an irrational number (a number that cannot be expressed as a fraction, i.e. a quotient of two integers).

In so-called golden rectangle, the golden ratio is the ratio of the sides.

In the Universe whose System, as we have already described, is based on polarity (mutual comparison of two agents), everything is formed in this ratio. A deviation from this construction (quality) means increasing imbalance (increasing quantity) which leads to the change of the quality to restore the original formation but with adjusted properties.

Let’s get back to our topic – Creative Spirit as a human being and its mission. The above specified suggests that the human life needs to be assessed from two points of view. From the point of view of an Immaterial being of the Creative Spirit which manifests itself by means of its physical body and from the point of view of the construction and function of the physical body. These two components, which are called a human being, influence each other and they cannot exist separately in the material environment. Below we will try to explain these basic relations and the real task and purpose of human being.

Creative Spirit

Who or what it is Creative Spirit and how it is created was explained in the previous part of this cycle. To achieve the qualities of its Creator through its own development, the Creative Spirit must go through many human lives and when it enters a material body, it is separated from the knowledge it has gained about itself so far and it has to rely only on its own judgement.

It enters the physical body with the help of its Immaterial companions when the body is separated from the mother’s body and it takes over its control. At first it is confused, it does not like the material restrictions and therefore it manifests itself with loud screams that the human world does not understand and considers it to be expression of vitality of the newborn baby. At this moment it does not have sufficient information in the cerebrum and sufficiently developed “devices” to be able to communicate in the “human” way.

What precedes the entry of the Creative Spirit in the material body?

In the environment of the “Second Side”, Creative Spirit analyses its previous being in the material environment and on this basis the Creative Spirit prepares for its next reincarnation (re-birth). It is a mistake to think that the Second Side, the other world or heaven, as are the various names given to the environment where the “soul” of the deceased person goes, is situated somewhere “up”, away from the Earth. This environment is here, everywhere around us, but it cannot be perceived by human senses and detected materially. Only special sensitive individuals can communicate with this environment and Immaterial beings in various ways and thus to transfer information to the material environment.

The Creative Spirit in the environment which cannot be perceived by humans, with reference to its “failures” in matter, is planning its karma (fate) in the next material life. It includes selection of the genetic material (parents) for its material body so that it maximally meets its requirements for the spiritual growth within the material restriction, and also the astrological situation (the position of the planets in the Solar System) when entering the material body (the time and place of birth). It is also very important to choose an Immaterial companion, a friend who accompanies it from the Immaterial environment and protects it or sets obstacles in front of it in the form of material relations leading to the fulfilment of the expected mission. Through this, the Creative Spirit in the matter proves as a human being, restricted by the matter of its body, its ability to fulfil the resolutions made which lead it to the qualities of its father – the Creator.

The extent of this text does not allow us to discuss these issues in detail. In the book called “The World is Different”, which was written by me together with Zdeněk Svoboda and Zhuk, a friend from the “Second Side”, a curious reader can find this topic discussed in full extent.

However, in this part of the cycle we would like to explain the process of how the Creative Spirit enters (and exits from) the material body.

Pre-matter – one of the qualities of Immatter, which is used as a mediator between the matter and the other Immaterial substances. It is a kind of “case” of matter so that Immatter could lean upon the matter and matter could keep the properties of the given environment. Similarly, the Creative Spirit needs a “coat” from Pre-matter to be able to communicate with its material body. When entering the body, it goes through a tunnel where it puts on a Pre-matter case and only with this case it can take over the control of the physical body and dwell in it.  As the Creative Spirit takes Pre-matter from the tunnel, the tunnel gets closed and it remains closed until it becomes an exit route to the “Second Side”. When leaving the physical body, the Creative Spirit again passes through the tunnel, takes off its “coat” from Pre-matter and aims towards the light of the “Second Side”. It is the famous bright tunnel described by the people who were in clinical death. However, the Creative Spirit does not always return to Immatter in the natural way, i.e. after the content of the Immaterial programme has been used up, it can also leave its body itself due to the external circumstances before it has been used up, also in case the body cannot be dwelt in any more due to any reason. A sudden and unexpected event that has caused that the Creative Spirit rushes to exit the material body and does not have time to take off the Pre-matter case in the tunnel is a cause of a situation when the case prevents it from returning to the Immaterial environment and to interrupt communication with its material body. It gets stuck between the two environments and only with the help of its Immaterial friend that will help it to take off the “jacket”, it returns to its home environment. However, there are also cases when the Creative Spirit does not want to give up its Pre-matter case deliberately and this situation gives rise to legends about ghosts and supranatural beings. All these states connected with the Creative Spirit leaving the body or returning to it (clinical death) are described in detail in the mentioned book “The World is Different”.

In connection to these issues, we feel it is necessary to mention abortions and prenatal development of the physical body.

The above specified suggests that unless the Creative Spirit enters the body, it is not able to live. Starting from a certain stage of its brain stem development, the foetus in the prenatal period reacts to some external stimuli and it leads to the conclusions that a human being is already able to perceive at this stage. It is a cardinal mistake. The brain stem is a part of the brain which stores general information for unconscious functions of the organism as early as in the prenatal period, e.g. also reactions to the sounds from the external environment. This part of the brain gathers all the sounds from the surrounding external environment but on the basis of this stored information, the Creative Spirit dwelling in the body only gets to the information which somehow influences its being. On the basis of its experience and resulting information it has already stored in the cerebrum, the Creative Spirit then reacts to them. Therefore, everybody reacts differently to the same sound. This is a brief explanation of the issue of prenatal life of a developing foetus.

As regards abortion, it is only up to the woman and her Creative Spirit. As it is clear from the above specified, in no case does it mean a forced life termination, it is only an interruption of a material formation development which might meet the properties for human life in the final stage after the Creative Spirit enters it. Nobody in the material society has the right to prevent this decision of a woman or to judge or even punish her for this act. This act is only assessed after the Creative Spirit returns to the “Second Side” and it is part of its development and the resulting karma.

To give you an idea of the “device” for the Creative Spirit to enter and exit the body, below we provide a graphic representation.

Scheme IX/25 and 26: Creative Spirit in the material body, light tunnel, Energy body and chakras


Physical body

While Immatter conditioning the properties of matter as such is constant, matter is subject to “wear and tear” and termination (transformation). This fully applies also to all the living matter, especially to the human body.

The immaterial programme of species for humans contains a set of impulses which should be sufficient ideally for 120 years of their existence on earth. For a human being it would mean to live during this whole period in harmony with the principles of the System of the Universe, i.e. observe the “Three pillars” (food, environment and mind). In reality, when the Creative Spirit in the material environment faces the temptations of the lifestyle in the current society, it is very difficult to understand these relations if they do not know the nature of the System. It depends on the achieved stage of development of the Creative Spirit how close it can get to this “ideal” and look after its material case.  Humans cannot always prevent their material case from being exposed to the negative influence of the environment. However, they can influence their being positively by choosing suitable food, items around them and means they use in their being. Last but not least, they can stay in positive mind by rejecting the qualities such as envy, selfishness, accumulating unnecessary assets, presenting itself excessively and other negative phenomena which are the attribute and driving force of current society based on the market economy. Below you can find the content of “Three pillars” which we have already published in different connections.

Pillar I – healthy diet

We are aware of the fact that both specialist and alternative recommendations in the area of healthy diet are very chaotic and that there is a huge amount of information. However, none of it is based on the knowledge of the basis of life and the real procedural regime of the body.

For example, so-called pranarianism even refuses any food claiming the income of the required vital energy for the body from the free surrounding environment. But it is a big mistake as the material body naturally needs matter together with the vital energy for all its functions, starting from thinking and finishing with its regeneration. We need to realize that consumption of 100 % fruit or vegetable juice does not mean taking liquid but food bringing the necessary vitamins and mineral elements into the body. Similarly, when drinking spring water, without which the organism cannot exist, it brings the matter  necessary for life, even if in a small quantity.

To understand at least the basic principles of natural and suitable diet in compliance with the body properties, we have to know first of all that food is not transferred into energy in the organisms as it is claimed by science which therefore measures its caloric values (or joules). Vital energy is drawn by all the living nature, i.e. also by humans, from the surrounding environment which it penetrates as the fluid not perceived by human senses. The problem is that the capacity of the body for the intake of the vital energy without which life and body functions cannot exist is limited. If a human being uses it disproportionately, e.g. for digesting of unsuitable food, it is then missing for other processes in the organism, starting from metabolism and finishing with the lowered body immunity function leading to life threatening civilisation diseases.

An important factor for choosing food is also the knowledge of “thickening” of the body (genetically received arrangement of the body matter with the individual content of the energy charge in its particles). It means that for digestion of the same type of food, an organism with various degree of thickening also needs various amount of the vital Energy (the less thickened, the relatively higher amount of its limited intake). The thickening can be assessed according to the blood group when the body thickening is gradually lower in the sequence from the blood group 0, AB, A to B. The blood group “B” represents the least thickened organism so it has the highest need for the vital energy or transferring the food matter for its needs.

What should I follow when choosing and preparing food?

  1. It is absolutely crucial to consume food from ingredients with the minimum possible technological treatment and without any additives improving their appearance, taste, aroma, durability and other properties for marketing purposes (all that differs from the living nature quality). From the point of view of the vital energy, all the unnaturally (chemically) formed matter added in the food and drinks is body burdening “foreign matter” for which the organism does not have a programme and therefore the immunity System must be activated.
  2. Heat processing only through cooking or stewing. On the contrary, roasting, frying, smoking, grilling or microwaving or preparation on the induction cooker is absolutely unsuitable,
  3. The temperature of the consumed food and drinks from 18 °C to 42 °C so that the digestive enzymes were effective,
  4. Avoid any light food,
  5. Be aware of the fact that food digesting starts in the mouth and therefore not to devour food, chew it properly and not to do any other activity while eating (watching TV, reading etc.),
  6. Do not mix various types of food in one dish (as specified below in more detail).

In this connection we would like to mention the proved: “Don’t overeat, don’t overdrink and you will live for a long time”, as you do not live to eat and drink, but you eat and drink to live, fulfil your life resolutions and simply to exist.

The diet of current people comprises of the following (the italics is used to mark the species with the higher energy demands for digestion and incorporation in the body):

  • Cereals and their products (wheat, oats, barley, rye, gluten-free – maize, rice, amaranth, buckwheat, millet)
  • Legumes and their products (peas, lentils, chickpeas, soya, beans, peanuts)
  • Vegetables – all the products from them and all the ways of processing – preservation, drying, freezing and vegetable juices; root vegetables – carrot, beetroot, radishes, turnip, Jerusalem artichoke, potatoes, sweet potatoes, celeriac, parsley, parsnip, black salsify, horse radish; leaf vegetables – lettuce – all kinds, spinach, chicory, rhubarb; cabbages – red cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi (white and red), kale, cabbage, cauliflower and fennel; bulbous vegetables – onions – all kinds, garlic, leek; fruit vegetables – tomatoes, courgettes, melons, vegetable marrows, cucumbers, pumpkins, strawberries, peppers, aubergine

other kinds – artichokes, heart of palm, plantains, asparagus, bamboo shoots, breadfruit; herbs and spices – dill, marjoram, mint, oregano, caraway seeds, ginger, lovage, parsley, celery, coriander, basil and chives


  • Fruit and nuts – all the products from them and all the ways of processing – preservation, drying, freezing and juices, marmalades and jams, apples, cherries, sour cherries, apricots, peaches – all kinds, nectarines, blueberries, current – all kinds, raspberries, blackberries, grapes – all kinds, lemons, pomelos, limes, oranges, tangerines, kiwis, grapefruits, pomegranates, pineapples, kakis, June berries, pears, nashis, quinces, medlars, plums, round plums, damson plums, mirabelles, sloes, rowan berries, fen-berries, serviceberries, gooseberries, bananas, figs, dates, carambolas, litchis, mangos, papayas, avocados, olives, coconuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, sweet chestnuts, mulberries, cocoa beans (roasted, coffee beans (roasted)
  • Meat and all the products made from it but also food containing its extracts (e.g. gelatine)
  • Beef, veal, rabbit, fish – fresh water and sea fish, poultry – chicken, duck, goose, turkey, pork, mutton, goat, horse, game, sea fruit and small animals
  • Animal products – milk and dairy products – full-fat cheese, yoghurt, fermented milk products
  • Eggs, roe and caviar
  • Honey
  • Animal fats and vegetable fats contained in the whole range of products
  • Animal fats – butter, lard, tallow
  • Vegetable fats olive, corn, sunflower, rapeseed, soya, sesame, palm, coconut and many others
  • Sugars added practically in all the food products and drinks – as food, only natural (unrefined) beet and cane sugar is suitable for humans, recently also sugar from stevia. All the other types of sugar, refined sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, dextrose with artificial flavours and other sweeteners are completely unsuitable
  • Salt – the only suitable salt is sea salt, added iodine is accepted, rock salt (mined) is unsuitable and with added fluorine it is completely unsuitable or even harmful for the body
  • Drinks – the most natural drink is untreated spring water and tea prepared from it – non-fermented green tea and herb tea. All the other drinks – sweetened, aromatised and carbonated drinks are unsuitable for consumption. Real coffee and all its substitutes. We have to know that milk and drinks made from it are food, not drinks (e.g. cocoa). When a “flavour” is added in the milk, it becomes energy demanding food.

Food which can be combined with virtually all the other types: rice, amaranth, citruses and all the kinds of grapes, pumpkin, corn oil, natural cane sugar, non-fermented green tea.


Assessment of food and drinks as regards their energy demands for processing in the organism:

CEREALS AND LEGUMES – they have a 60-70 % share in the diet. They are the basic food for humans. They are naturally bound nutrients. Wholemeal flour requires a lot of energy for digestion. All the other ways of cereals and legumes processing (instant, with added trace elements and vitamins) devalue it as food. Also the bread surface (the crust) is difficult for processing in the organism. Do not combine with meat and fruit.

VEGETABLES – they are mostly beneficial for humans. When heat processed (cooked or stewed), they offer “better” usability of minerals and trace elements, raw vegetables offer more vitamins and amino acids. It can be used together with pasta, pizza and cheese.
Do not mix in one dish with fruit, meat and animal fats.

FRUIT – most of it is favourable for people but its quality is deteriorated due to chemical spraying against pests or chemical treatment due to commercial reasons. Do not mix in one dish with cereals, vegetables, meat and animal fats.

MEAT, smoked goods, related fats – unsuitable as the standard food for humans. More beneficial is white meat (chicken or fish). Absolutely unsuitable is the meat of omnivores (pork, duck). Do not mix meat and fruit, the most suitable side dish with meat is rice. The most harmful food is smoked food (not only meat!).


SUGAR – it is only suitable in the natural form, refined white sugar is a foreign substance for the human body. Glucose-fructose syrup prepared for majority of food products due to commercial reasons is as harmful as smoked goods! The food of animal origin or with their partial content, even when sweetened with suitable sugar, are very energy demanding (sweets, sweet bread etc.). For vegetables it is better to use non-refined beet sugar, for fruit and other food cane sugar.

FAT – from animal fats only butter is suitable, from vegetable fats it is scold pressed sunflower, olive and maize oil. Hydrogenated fats or oils, treated for food preparation in high temperatures, are a foreign matter. For vegetable dishes, prefer sunflower oil, for fruit olive oil, maize oil is neutral. Do not mix fat with sugar (the most energy demanding combination)! Low-fat food misses the fat component as the means for incorporation of water insoluble minerals, trace elements and vitamins in the body and thus they remain unused.

MUSHROOMS AND VINEGAR – mushrooms are a significant source of mineral elements and vitamins. They can be combined in cooked and stewed dishes from all types of vegetables (e.g. potatoes) and cereals (e.g. pasta) or eaten pickled in wine vinegar. Do not combine them with meat, animal fats, dairy products, eggs and fruit. The popular dish of fried mushrooms with eggs is one of the most energy demanding dishes. To add sour taste to dishes, it is best to use lemon or lime juice or rice and wine vinegars, but not the standard fermented spirit vinegar. Fruit vinegars should only be used in fruit dishes.

More detailed information about the healthy diet and other unconventional information can be found in the book by Zdeněk Svoboda “The World is Different” and “Information from the Second Side” and on www.svetjejinak.cz


Pillar II – Influence of the environment and objects used on human health

Here we continue the previous topic dealing with the healthy diet and we will try to explain briefly how the current environment filled with modern technology and items around us burdens and weakens the body immunity which is the basis of health prevention and maintenance.

Modern people live in the environment which is filled with unnaturally formed matter. In practice, all this technologically transferred matter an energy charge force which is not in harmony with living organisms, not only the human body. Humans do not realise this fact because the phenomenon influencing the environment in this way is not perceivable by human senses. Only from the knowledge of the function of the higher System and the resulting basis of life it is possible to infer materially how these effects of the material surroundings weaken our health. Humans rely on professionals and hygienic standards believing that they can protect their health effectively. In fact, the science weakens itself by ignoring and not permitting the information concerning anything else than matter to get into their theories and proclaimed facts. The basic fact is that the polarity opposite of matter is Immatter which is vital for the properties of the matter and of life. Deteriorated health therefore does not have any external manifestations for a long time as the body can defend itself against these influences for a long time and thus the changes in the process remain hidden for long.

Our predecessors observed in the past and accepted it as an undisputable fact that the amount and quality of unperceivable chi energy, its polarity expressed with the positive Yang and negative Yin influence directly our body health and vitality.

I would like to explain at least some history. Feng shui (“wind water” in English) is a traditional Chinese philosophy about the relation of people and their environment. It is about establishing harmony in the environment by means of colours, shapes of objects and their location, suitable materials but also smells and sounds and thus enabling an uninterrupted “chi” energy flow.

The principles on which the Feng shui philosophy is based are still valid even though the environment of the current people differs significantly from the conditions in which people lived then. Nowadays, on the basis of the available knowledge we can overcome this difference and apply it in the altered practice of the materially advanced society. However, the aim is still the same – to adapt the material influence of the environment and use of things to the natural body properties and functions.

What does it mean? When arranging the layout of the surrounding environment, mainly the buildings and their interiors, we have to base it on the natural flow of the comprehensive immaterial energy rays in spirals. In other words, buildings and their immediate surroundings should be arranged in such a way not to disturb this natural regime. The same also applies to the interior equipment. When the furniture layout is unsuitable and there are various objects piled up in the room, the smooth energy flow is restricted. The rays shatter mainly on sharp edges and they are “discharged” to the space. The natural free Energy flow is also disturbed by electrical appliances and electronics. If the human organism has been for a longer time and repeatedly in such an unnatural environment, the health imbalance occurs. For medicine they are health problems due to unclear reasons.

For the current practice it is important to know that some species of the formed matter of inanimate nature (but not matter which was formed chemically or in another unnatural way) connect harmonically to the human body properties. A typical example is interconnection of life with water which is part of the circulation Systems in the body or with the composition of the air we breathe. These natural relations also correspond to the force range and intensity of the immaterial energy rays hidden in the particles forming this natural matter However, a completely different situation occurs if water, air or commonly used preparations and objects use unnaturally formed matter.

Matter which has undergone chemical technological treatment and people use it as means for their life or breathes its products in the air is therefore harmful for the body.

A typical, omnipresent and health damaging technologically processed matter is mainly crude oil and coal and all their derivates. It also applies to all the products containing this matter, including exhalations and residual liquid and solid combustion products of this origin. It includes mainly the following kinds of products used by people excessively and virtually without any worries due to the imperfect scientific expert opinions:


  • Fuel and coal – we breathe this foreign matter normally even though it has long-term damaging effects on our health,


  • Chemicals in agriculture and forestry as protection against pests or to suppress mould, they both disturb the polarity balance of the living nature flow. This foreign matter gets into food and with storm water it penetrates into the ground water and gets also in the influent streams,


  • In food industry, mainly as colours, aromas, emulsifiers and preservatives,
  • In pharmaceutical industry, the absolute majority of synthetic drugs is made from oil which also applies to medicine for external use,
  • Oil products as foreign matter in many other industries,
  • Disinfectants,
  • Detergents and softeners etc. – not only the direct contact with the body surface in the form of their remnants on the fabric but also and mainly the waste water treatment,
  • Personal and public hygiene, based on the matter of the chemical preparations foreign for the body and formed unnaturally,
  • Cosmetic preparations, various deodorants, air fresheners, perfumes, soaps etc. when the health consequences from their permanent use are covered by marketing and advertisements and the public is never informed about the risks for their health.

Oil is still the cheapest energy source and according to expert studies it even enables the current standard of living However, it is dangerous that all these substances used by people and their combustion products, including those from human excretion, get into water and greatly also into the air.

The current society has not started yet to solve systematically and with the necessary knowledge the causes of the health consequences of excessive use of chemical preparations, both in food and in the environment. Various allergies, dermatosis (skin diseases), including malignant melanoma, respiratory tract diseases, lung cancer, decreased immunity, it is only a partial list of health complaints whose origin we can find in our chemically polluted environment. The currently discussed issue of smoking is a relatively insignificant problem compared to that.

As regards their impact on the health, plastics remain almost unnoticed. It is not surprising! The materialistic scientists do not have a clue that plastics disturb the natural vital Energy flow. WHY? Its rays cannot penetrate through this unnaturally formed matter and thus they remain and accumulate on its surface – this is known as static electricity. This mater also binds atomic oxygen unnaturally, which is then absent in the natural cycle of the atomic matter. We do not have to mention how difficult the disposal of plastics is. It takes dozens of years for the plastic to disintegrate in nature.



If we disregard the market induced fashionable trends, it shows our ignorance when using of clothes from synthetic fibre it is promoted and accepted in practice. The immaterial energy rays run down the surface of plastic and they accumulate on the top but, as we have mentioned above, they do not penetrate. Paradoxically, they are used mainly in some kinds of sport only due to the fact that they are water resistant or they have other material advantages. It demonstrates we do not understand the basis of life and health, which is supported by scientists and market initiatives. Very interesting current information about plastics can be found on http://www.svetjejinak.cz/news/plastove-pet-lahve-v-uloze-nemeho-zalobce-poskozovane-prirody/.

Modern people are more and more surrounded with technology and mainly electronic devices. How risky they are for our health and what are the risks based in? The overall influence of disturbance of the natural arrangement of the immaterial energy rays on people is relatively acceptable in the free environment even though there are many unnaturally formed electronically transferred signals going all the time. More and more and to a higher degree, unnaturally formed energy flows from the satellites providing a great deal of information for various human activities interfere in the human environment. For example, nowadays we cannot imagine our life without a mobile phone.

More noticeable, as regards health unsuitability, is using electronics in an enclosed area. Mobiles, tablets, computers and similar devices affect the health balance of people mainly when used disproportionally. Most dangerous they are for children and young people as their negative effects are usually hidden for a long time. We can only recommend to people with such habits or work duties to have frequent breaks in fresh air or at least at an opened window. Modern administrative buildings, moreover equipped with air-conditioning, intensify this unhealthy environment. Besides the mentioned modern buildings, we also have to point out the harmful effects of reinforced concrete constructions and plastic windows on our health.

The health risks of microwave ovens and induction cookers, in connection with the heat processing of food is also discussed on the website www.svetjejinak.cz.

The environment where we live and the things we use also include means of transport which are commonly used by humans. Only a few people realise that the energy balance of humans is influenced not only by combustion products but also the vital energy ray flows originating from the combustion engine activity. Moreover, humans are isolated from the natural outside environment by the body of the vehicle and plastic upholstery inside the car and last but not least the air-conditioning. It also accumulates the received unnatural substances from the air and microorganisms. The quality of the inside environment in the means of transport is evidenced by the fact how tired people are after several hours spent in a vehicle, even if only as a passenger. The means of transport should be used by people only in the necessary extent, not for any unnecessary material goals.


In conclusion, marginally we can mention the fashionable black colour of clothes. As we know, the visible white light spectrum comprises of colour shades. It represents the immaterial energy ray section used by living matter. The colour perceived by humans as black signalises that it is a matter which does not let through any vital energy ray sections. Therefore, these cannot even get through the black-coloured clothes and the body suffocates “energetically” in them. We can realise how deep ignorance it is when a number of physically demanding jobs but also sports prefers black colour. However, this also applies to the general use of black colour in all the connections with the living matter.

There would surely be many more practical examples which could help those who look for a healthier life style due to their internal needs, but a more detailed list and examples cannot be given in this text due to its extent.

Pillar III – How is our health influenced by our mind?

An objective criterion what is a positive or a negative mind is the degree of its harmony or disharmony with the principles of the System inserted in the Universe, therefore also in the properties of the material body of a human being that is an intended part of it. Let’s remember also the ideas of our unforgettable president Havel when he spoke about the “bad mood” in the society and tried to look for its causes and prevent them.

What is the basis of human mind?

It is the way of thinking and acting of the eternal Spiritual nature of humans, better to say Creative Spirit, which is the hidden core of all the deliberate actions of humans. In each of the numerous lives through which humans go through, they learn to differentiate between good and bad in the antimonies of the material environment. Generally, this directed development of each of us can be seen as learning aimed at the good of others. It is not easy to orientate yourself in the complicated material relationships, as we can see in everyday life.

What influences the mind in current society?

It is mainly materialism reflected in the prevailing economic rules, education system and omnipresent excess of information directing the development of the society as the whole. It is subsequently reflected in majority of human relationships and in the mind formed in this way with its prevalent properties typical for egotism and selfishness of people.

How is a negative mind reflected as an obvious part of interpersonal relations?

Every day we see and we are informed by the media about negative effects given various and constantly repeated names. Let’s try not only state them but define their casual connections why they are seen so often and in so many forms in the current society.

For example, they include hypocrisy – the basis is a hidden real relationship of an individual to their surroundings and their external manifestations so that they obtained some material advantages. However, this is the opposite of one of the basic property of thinking and acting of the advanced Spirit which is reflected in honesty of an individual towards others based on the common principle of mutual understanding and help.

Hypocrisy proliferates on the basic relations of the economic and power dependence of one people on the others while asserting their individual materialistic goals. The range of these phenomena starts from excessive complaisance in work or commercial relations and finishes with possible hidden damaging of the others in your own favour. People often pretend something just to e seen by the others in a way which corresponds to the controlling morale in which one compares with the other just as regards purely material aspects, sometimes even pretended religious devotion.

Another example is hoarding assets beyond one’s needs. It is a typical negative feature in the current materialistically developed society focused on the consumer way of life. It is typical for the style of living which usually does not any limits as those who have a lot want to have even more. This area of human manifestations is closely interconnected with many other, also negative properties and activities aimed at their satisfaction, such as theft, robbery, corruption, fraud, usury, blackmailing etc. We can notice that accumulated wealth does not bring quality of life, rather on the contrary. Such people actually suffer from the constant tension and fear for their money, assets or admiration from the other people in the society. They are also strongly influenced by fear of death which they try to subdue in vain. Although they live in “luxury”, their life is often unfulfilled and often even unbearable.

An even more negative phenomenon is enrichment at the cost of other people. It is connected not only with hoarding of material assets and satisfaction of your personal wellbeing but also with deliberate damage to the health of others. Typical examples include selling alcohol and mainly mixing it with deadly methanol, drug dealing, offering life threatening attractions or offers of risky medicine as “miraculous pills” of officially unauthorised chemical drugs or one-sidedly boosting preparations.

Deceiving people in market interests is generally present in the current society. An individual is aimed to be active in the commercially defined environment and to be convinced that it was his choice and his free decision. Only a few people are able to realize that they are deliberately oriented on the mass patterns of thinking at the cost of their individual free Spirit.

A very common form of the negatively directed mind is theft and cheating. It is present in various forms in all the interpersonal relations. It is actually an accompanying phenomenon of the material efforts to have more than the other and to be the “best”. We cannot be too surprised that less spiritually advanced individuals break the limits of the regulated rules, i.e. law in the current environment of omnipresent advertisements and offers. The society, which due to its materialistic focus actually initiates this behaviour indirectly, is then occupied and financially depleted from inventing and implementation of various repressive measures. Hustle and bustle of the meaningless rush which cannot be beneficial for people due to its nature and on the contrary it damages them, is therefore happening in a hopeless spiral, again at the cost of the individuals who would like to exercise their right for and need of the natural way of living.

Typical aspects accompanying the negative mind returning as reaction to these reactions in an amplified form and affected at the level of individuals are usually dissatisfaction with one’s own life, difficulties in the private life, loss of the feelings of happiness and love, stress from the fear of losing the achieved material assets and position in the society. Sooner or later, these permanent stress conditions develop in serious health damage. In the negations conducted in order to gain power in the society as a whole, such relations result in the manifestations of dissatisfaction and violence and currently they are mainly the “root” of terrorism and war conflict. If we look at these facts from the point of view of the Creative Spirit development, we realize that they have to occur as it is the only way how to differentiate the good and bad and avoid such relations after the subsequent entry in the matter. In the present life we have to try not to support this negation and not to create any unfinished thinks in our development which would have to be solved in the following material lives and for so long until my attitude to them changes fundamentally.


I would also like to discuss briefly thoughtlessness and intolerance towards others. They are manifestations of the openly asserted “self” towards others. In such cases, it breaches grossly the principle that the “one person’s freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins”. Thoughtlessness and egotist behaviour of people are manifested even stronger in the relations to all living creatures. The current materialistically oriented society influenced by the market economy placed the relations to living creatures at the level of the relations towards inanimate objects used by people for living.

Positive mind is natural

The good arises from the origin and purpose of the Spiritual basis of humans, therefore it cannot be lost from the human society for a long time. It is also proved by a number of the current noble deeds, not only in the direct interpersonal relations. They include mainly thinking and performing activities which bring the others the knowledge necessary to acquire a higher level of being without soulless and hopeless materialism. However, here it is also necessary to distinguish within the good – evil polarity to what degree these deeds are done in favour of the majority or motivated by the need to make oneself more visible with the resulting solely individual materialistic achievements.  These rules are the core of the purpose of our being, they are connected with our physical health and fulfilment of our material lives, they cannot be bypassed and if they are not coped with, they return to the particular individual in various forms and with even stronger effects. The frequently objected injustice of somebody’s fate cannot be assessed against one life, everything has a purpose and the core remains to learn about the good.

Learn a lesson from the individual published cases of unselfish manifestation of love of some people to other people unknown to them. In current society, they are exceptional deeds and they deserve appreciation.

Many individuals show understanding for others and they help another person or animal in need only in certain non-standard situations. People thus can help other people they do not know when they are in a difficult situation threatening their lives despite being threatened themselves. Prefer other people to oneself in any relation is love, the opposite is selfishness.  Help in need is a gift from God, therefore this quality cannot be fully suppressed in humans. Who is who is shown best in the manifestation of solidarity and help during natural disasters, serious illnesses (mainly of children) and other difficult life situations threatening both people and defenceless animals. Only the advanced Creative Spirit in humans can overcome selfishness and help others in critical situations even when it is at their own cost. Thus they show understanding and love to others in the social climate which otherwise evokes rather material desires in people and therefore selfishness towards others.

A human being with positive mind refuses to accept the expressions of the surrounding environment automatically and without thinking. Such a person can recognise and avoid tendentious “brainwashing” and is governed by independent attitudes of its own Creative Spirit. Positive thinking and acting of humans draws free vital Energy from the surrounding environment in the extent and quality which does not weaken biological functions of the body, on the contrary it contributes to its health balance. In excellence of the all-penetrating System, the good demonstrated by humans is harmonized with the support of the body vitality, but with negative thinking and activity it is demonstrated as the opposite.

In the third pillar we need to mention hygge

What is hygge? Hygge (hju:ge) is a lifestyle when a person feels happy and satisfied. The core of it is to create a cosy environment. The word “hygge” comes from Danish and it translates literally as cosiness. For the Danes it is typical to surround themselves with pleasant things that make them feel good. The main thing is to have some time for yourself, surround yourself with nice things and enjoy your life and feel happy. It is different for everybody as every person recognises different attributes of happiness and satisfaction, but the result should be the same – stress-free state.


 Where can we see hygge?

– the feeling when after a hard long day you put on thick warm socks,
– the feeling when it is Sunday morning and you are lying sleepy in bed,
– the feeling when you are invited happily by your pet,
– the feeling when you have a hot bath,
– the feeling when you light a candle,
– the feeling after mediation,
– the feeling when you sit down after you have been standing all day,
– the feeling when you have a glass of wine,
– the feeling when you drink hot tea,
– the feeling when you watch the sunset,
– the feeling when you feel warm sun rays in your face,
– the feeling when you hug somebody,
– the feeling when you enjoy dinner with your loved ones,
– the feeling when you smell your favourite flowers,
– the feeling when the first snow starts falling.

However, hygge does not mean to wait passively when the well-being comes, it means to try to work on it actively. It is great that almost every situation can be transferred into hygge.

In conclusion…

All the living and lifeless nature, even the whole universe, have been formed on the same principle arising from the System inserted by God as the Creator in the Universe. All that is required for human existence is present in the surrounding nature and it is up to us, people, whether and how we will be able to use it or ignore it and leave it unnoticed or even misuse it.


The System of the Universe is based on polarity, i.e. on the relations of two dissimilar agents. It means that nothing is only black or only white and in every relation, even a negative one, there is a seed of good. Therefore, we should try to look for the good in the negative and make it stronger. If we want to help to improve the relationships in our society, we have to start from ourselves and think about the quality of current life. Look for the good in yourself and in others and you will find out how we can influence positively both your existence and the existence of others. There are plenty of good examples around us and they are convincing encouragement that the good in the society and natural positivity of people continue to exist.