Annex No 6 Dendera and Abydos – a source of ancient information, part 1

Every experienced translator knows that when translating you have to understand the source text, not only as regards the language but mainly the content. The Ancient Egyptians were very conscientious and they had a different name for every aspect of everything. For example, for the snake power called kundalini in Sanskrit, which has dozens of names in the Egyptian language according to its momentary energetic and beneficial or destructive nature.

Snake power (snake powers) is known by ayurveda and it has been known for curing in Tibet and Nepal since the time immemorial. China knows it as “flying stars”, it is also known in Latin American countries and in Africa and also in Europe (the Celts). What is it and what is its essence?

Nevertheless, the Snake force is real, it is the “fluid” that penetrates everything, is unperceivable with human senses and inserts information in the matter concerning its properties. It forms the basis of the energy system of all living creatures, all the living matter – it is Immaterial energy.

How could people express materialistically something that they could not understand and yet when they approached it carelessly, it “bit” them like cobra and killed them, or at least hurt (burnt) them significantly – they were bound to call it a snake. Or how to express spark formation they did not understand other than a lightning or a flying star?

Even nowadays, with all the scientific knowledge in the field called quantum physics, there is no material expression for this “Immaterial power” and therefore it is not accepted as scientific, it is neglected and left for esotery. Instead they build equipment of gigantic dimensions (e.g. CERN in Switzerland) for the scientists to catch even smaller material particles in which they are not successful. So far it is like in the Czech film “Císařův pekař” where in an exaggeration of the situation, one of the scholars supported by the emperor Rudolf II breaks an atom with a hammer.

The Dendera temple of the goddess Hathor is a source of the so far unknown knowledge of our ancient predecessors. Every day its ruins are admired by thousands of tourists who listen to the presentation of the guides distorted by current scientific opinion concerning the time of origin and real significance of the artefacts. A visitor can see pictures of snakes almost everywhere. However, the most interesting thing is depiction of a kind of flask with snakes closed in them. There are many various interpretations and opinions of their meaning. The truth is that this is a record of the technology of drawing energy from free space. We can say that it is its end use for lighting.



A snake (cobra) is found not only on the headdress of Egyptian gods and pharaohs but also in connection with their departures in the sun barge where the snakes are depicted as the carrying force. When looking closely at the depiction of the figures with the disc of the sun above their heads (according to science), we will find out that the disc is surrounded with a snake. It is a symbol of force and power. The disc is not the Sun but it depicts Universum or how the Immaterial energy winds around the matter and ties it up. The symbol marks its bearer as an extraordinary person who is able to use this force but not to control it.


In the next picture you can see a figure, the insignia suggests it is a ruler, sitting under a “roof” with twelve cobras and representation of the god of the heavens, the sun and the light – Horus. It is actually a dialogue of the ruler with the “Other side” (four small figures).

The roof is a device for stimulation of a strong electromagnetic field which makes it possible to overcome the material barrier. Two figures standing behind the throne depict matter (the figure with the dark crown) and Immatter which penetrates through the matter and cannot be perceived with human senses (the figure with the crown depicting matter in the form of a bowl carried by Immatter symbolised as the light support of the bowl).


Similar experiments with electromagnetic field were performed by Nicola Tesla (extended perception of the immaterial environment of the “Other side”).

These are only several comments on decoration of the temple of the goddess Hathor. All these depictions of snakes relate to the materialistic expression of force which cannot be perceived with the human senses – Immaterial energy. Both the professional and lay public now have their eyes wide open with surprising ability to see the remnants of the ancient art and still they are blind because they have not yet realised what our predecessors wanted to communicate to us with it. They are all under the influence of the information of current science and they do not believe it all could have been different.

Electrical pylons, connectors and insulators – these are speculations of some scientists and laymen as regards the depictions resembling electrical voltage insulators. Archaeologists, however, refer to them vaguely “unknown sacred objects called djed”.

In most depictions they look virtually the same – several narrow and wide rings are placed in an alternating positions on the top part of a longer cylinder. They exist in various sizes, from almost a pocket sized one (the bottom picture from the two pictures depicting handing over “force and power” to the ruler) to objects as big as a person (the top picture, depicting building a “djed”). Estimates of some scientists and laymen are not far from the fact that djed columns could play a very important role in “Ancient Egyptian electrical engineering”. They are very similar to the first battery constructed around 1800 by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, so-called voltaic column. Yes, it is a device which was used for drawing energy from the free space, i.e. something between the contemporary battery and dynamo. The picture below shows a “djed” in the size of a human.


Experts argue when the actual temple was built and decorated. Various dating does not fit in their theories. Dendera temple was allegedly built in the 1st century BC. However, it was built on much older foundations.

However, the most admired part of the temple is the oldest discovered zodiac depiction on the ceiling of the Osiris temple. An outstanding French astronomer Jean Baptiste Biot claimed in 1822 to 1844 that even though the zodiac was carved in the era of Ancient Rome, it depicts a much older sky. Sir Norman Lockyer dated the zodiac according to the hieroglyphs to 1700 years BC and professor Alexander Gurshtein shifted the origin of the zodiac minimum to 6000 BC.

What is the reality?

The origin of the basic temple construction must be dated 8350 years BC, i.e. in the period after the second catastrophe. There was a danger that the knowledge from Atlantis handed down by a small group of the elite would cease to exist. A new society had been developing based on completely different principles and these protected “fables” did not fit in with the conception of those in power. Therefore it was decided to build a kind of picture “encyclopaedia” which would survive. The basic construction and its picture entries were performed in concealment under the pretence of construction of a temple celebrating the goddess Hathor (a parallel of hidden symbols in the architecture of medieval cathedrals). During the following millennia, it was extended by other objects and some “entries” were moved, inserted and newly commented. It affected also the circular zodiac which originates from the time when the basic construction was built.

We will try to explain briefly the basic aspects depicted in the zodiac which are currently connected with a completely different meaning which naturally conforms to the currently interpreted astrology not knowing the Higher System of the Universum.


For illustration we used a colorized depiction of the circular zodiac from the article Dendera I by Pavel Mata which the individual symbols are colour coded:


theworld34 theworld33

Their expert interpretation conforms to the current idea of astrologists and a lack of knowledge of the interconnection of matter and Immater.

In reality, the circular zodiac in Dendera represents the basic principles of the System inserted in the Universum:

Heaven carriers (the figures in the corners of the picture) support the heaven in the places of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio constellations. In reality they represent Immaterial energy (Leo, fire, Yang), air (Aquarius, gas state of matter, Yin), earth (Taurus, solid matter with growing Yang) and water (Scorpio, liquid with growing Yin). These are the basic qualities of the polarity relations between matter and flowing Immaterial energy which places Information in the matter concerning its properties.

Marked “Egyptian decans” represent the flow of the rays of Immaterial energy and their quality in the individual zodiac signs according to how they influence matter. The stars accompanying the figures of decans express the +/- relation or a polarity relation inside the Immaterial energy (the Ancient Chinese Yang and Yin concept). The same “star symbols” can also be seen in the illustrations in Voynich manuscript, the most mysterious book in the world. It originated in the Middle Ages and it is work communicated by the “Other side” but the meaning of the symbols is the same.

Unknown symbols” mark the relation of the Solar system to its superior system with its binary star Sirius. If you look at the picture more carefully, you will see that Sirius marked in yellow forms an equilateral triangle with unknown symbols. One of them is a lion with its paws immersed in water – it symbolizes the direction of the flow of bundles of Immaterial energy aiming to the Sun (a disc marked as an unknown symbol).

Purple symbols” represent the planets Uranus (a disc with an eye), Neptune (a figure in a kind of boat) and Pluto (two figures). When interpreting the symbols in the zodiac, the current astrologists and astronomers do not take into account that somebody might have known the planets which were discovered “recently” (Uranus – 1781, Neptune – 1846, Pluto – 1930). The most interesting thing is the fact that the figures representing the planet of Pluto had already been represented as a binary planet (Pluto and its companion Charon). This fact is currently speculated by renowned astronomers when observing this planet with advanced technological means.

Egyptian constellations” are four symbols connected with higher planetary units (Sirius and the Orion constellation) a part of which is the Solar system.

With these several examples from the Hathor temple in Dendera we wanted to show how misleading it could be to assess the artefacts found by archaeologists according to the theories created speculatively only on the basis of these findings.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.