Annex No 7 – Dendera and Abydos – a source of ancient information, part 2 Knowledge hidden in the Abydos Temple Complex

The Abydos Temple Complex has a lot of more than interesting information hidden in its decorations. However, they are explained according to the theories created by experts from the point of view of the current ideas concerning the origin and development of cultural communities on Earth. Therefore we cannot be surprised that there is a frieze in the complex which has been ignored by the scientific community because it does not fit their theories about history. Even more the imagination of esotericists and alien believers works by trying to explain it.

In the figures below we can see the frieze depicting the objects which somehow do not fit in the scientific concept concerning the existence of humans and their technological possibilities of that time. From the view of the current technological progress, we can see them as helicopters, aeroplanes, airships etc. What is it then and what did the ancient artist want to tell us with it? When the time comes that the society reaches some technologies and people will construct similar equipment for their life, they will understand that it has already existed here a long time ago. The frieze depicts means of transport originating from the period before the second catastrophe. On the very left we can see a kind of bowl or basket and underneath a sign resembling the Chinese symbol for wind (sun), as it is specified by I-Ting. The current technology has not achieved it yet. It is equipment that enabled local “cancellation” of the force we call gravity. A similar device was used when transporting heavy items and when constructing pyramids and similar buildings. Right of this display is the flying insects as an allegory floating mass bodies heavier than air. The same motif is on the bottom side of the frieze. Motives are accompanied by a sort of „stick“ set in sleeve, one might say, in the form of a flower. This is just a device that was able to cancel out the weight of objects. Basically, it was designed as given below scepter vas.




This part of the series would not be complete without mentioning also the symbols ankh and vase which are present in almost all depictions.

The “expert” explanation informs us that:

  • Ankh (☥, ankh, crux ansata, cross with a handle or also Nile cross) is an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “life”. Ankh is originally a hieroglyph for life, but also birth, rebirth and resuscitation or immortality. Egyptian gods are often depicted with a cross in their hand. Very often it can also be seen in Egyptian paintings and reliefs. It was often carved inside the pyramids on the sarcophagi of the dead, on the staffs of priests or it was placed in the hands of the gods in pictures.


  • Vase sceptre – is an Ancient Egyptian “fetish”. It comprises of a stick which is split into two parts at the bottom end and with a head of an animal from the dog family (not clear which one exactly) at the top end. In ancient times people believed that there were protective demons closed in them in the form of dogs. It is often depicted in the hands of the gods as a symbol of health and happiness. Until the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, wooden sceptres were put into the deceased graves so that they could enjoy divine wellbeing. A very popular motif was two Vase Sceptres supporting the heaven and a field between them.


What is really hidden behind these symbols?

Ankh is a shaped stick for “drawing” subatomic matter from the free space, a kind of aerial around which the vital energy required for living matter is accumulated. Therefore we have to connect it with the matter penetrated with the Immaterial charge.

Vase sceptre is a similar tool where the head draws energy from the free space and from the fork at the end this drawn energy goes to the earth. If vase is removed from the earth, it charges up and it is able to “strike” or “bite” like a dog within a certain distance. If a “djed” is placed in a certain place on this stick, the accumulated energy can be taken out and used, e.g. to be connected to a lighting fixture.

In the picture where the god Horus revives Osiris, we can see all the elements connected with Immaterial energy in “action”. The most interesting is the depiction of the device above Osiris’s head. This device can be described briefly as an aid to restore the function of a living organism using Immatter (something like a defibrillator used nowadays for heart function).


In the next picture from the Egyptian Book of the Dead we have all the above described symbols together. It depicts the goddess Eset (Isis) with her sister, the goddess Nebthet. Both wear the above described crown, Eset (on the left) a material one and Nebthet (on the right) an Immaterial one. In reality they represent an inseparable pair – matter penetrated with Immatter – arising from one spring (sisters). The red disc in the middle is the delimited free space of Universum (universe) from which ankh draws energy (the arms) and charges the “djed” underneath. Six monkeys – three on each side – represent the polarity relation between the matter (on the left) and Immatter (on the right), its three basic stages of shaping matter (the pre-central subatomic matter, central atomic matter and post-central post-atomic matter formation).


About the next picture we can only say the following – it is a genius depiction of drawing energy from the free space. If we place one of the patents of Nicola Tesla for drawing energy from the free space next to it, we will see that they are identical if we visualise earthing leads instead of the figures, “ankh” will resemble an aerial and “djed” a capacitor. You will probably ask what connection is there between this part of the series and the Bosnian complex of pyramids.

We cannot say there is a direct connection but it is a parallel of exercising the power of the official science to interpret the discovered artefacts in according with its theories. What is not suitable or deviates from this line is “cleared away”, in the better case. This is also the case of the “Bosnian pyramid”.



The patent of Nikola Tesla to download energy from space.

We cannot say there is a direct connection but it is a parallel of exercising the power of the official science to interpret the discovered artefacts in according with its theories. What is not suitable or deviates from this line is “cleared away”, in the better case. This is also the case of the “Bosnian pyramid”.

And one more piece of interesting information to end. Asclepius (in Latin Aesculapius) was allegedly a Greek healer who was supposed to live in the 13th century BC. He proposed a system of curing based on ancient experience but adapted to new findings. He knew how to use herbs. He is usually depicted as a bearded man with a dog and a serpent-entwined staff. The staff is originally based on the god Hermes (Mercury) who is depicted with a winged staff with two reconciled and symmetric serpents entwined around it. Can you see a certain connection with the Egyptian mythology? Both have the same basis in the U system based on the polarity of Immatter and Matter.


Medicine – mythical Hermes stick.


Symbol doctors – healing.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.