The Bosnian Pyramids and Ancient Civilizations in this Area (Appendix No.3)

A/ History of the pyramids in the Bosnian Visoko valley

The idea that human communities lived in this area more than 35,000 years ago is basically correct. We can also specify that the original pyramids in the Bosnian valley were built during the existence of ATLANTIS and its technology. This makes them even older than the famous Egyptian pyramids, which were only built after the catastrophic demise of Atlantis.

The pyramid complex in Bosnia, a former Atlantean province, was part of a mine for mining and processing iron ore. The mining and processing was performed using free energy extracted by the pyramid and discharged as electricity through a generator located inside the pyramid.

After the destruction of Atlantis, the environment on Earth went through a balancing process that lasted for several millennia, resulting in a planet-wide Ice Age. As the dispersed solids from the disintegrated moon Nao returned to a solid surface in the atmosphere, the environment began to slowly but steadily warm up. However, large areas that were flooded after the catastrophe remained under water, including today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this area the water only receded after a subsequent natural disaster that occurred about 15,000 years ago. This flood afflicted a region of Egypt, the Middle East and other regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

After the water in Bosnia subsided, the local society began to form again and the mining and processing of iron ore, as well as the operation of the pyramid as an energy source, was renewed. During this period, about 12-13 thousand years ago, “ conglomerate“ rock that was permeated by the previous flooding by seawater was used. This corresponds with determined age of the coating that covers the Bosnian pyramids, dating back about 12,000 years.

The crushed conglomerate rock, along with clay and limestone or dolomite, was used to prepare artificial concrete. The mixture was placed in molds and cured by heating using electricity from the pyramid. The concrete slabs (panels) were used to repair the surface of the pyramid and to shape the underground tunnels, which were used for mining purposes as well as spatial formation of underground matter to direct energy flows passing through the pyramid.

The alignment of the pyramids in the Bosnian Valley is not accidental. Their functions are interconnected; they extracted, directed, intensified and passed the retrieved energy to the main manufacturing Pyramid of the Sun for the final extraction of electricity. There are three main pyramids (like in Giza) and together they form an equilateral triangle, because this is the basic shape for amplifying the intensity of the flow of Immaterial Energy (IE) beams.

B/ Using radiocarbon dating to determine the age

This method utilizing the decay of isotopes of carbon, which forms in living organisms, is relatively accurate when it comes to determining the age in a range of thousands of years. In longer ranges of time, its accuracy decreases proportionally. The issue of its application for the period before the Atlantis catastrophe (26 000 years) is the fact that there was a change in the density of matter (not the spatial distribution of matter particles, but the value of their energy content) across the planet, which also represents a certain deviation. However, the determined age of the megalithic structures or the creation of the conglomerate rock quite closely corresponds to reality. With knowledge of the cause and time period of the flooding of this area with seawater (Atlantis catastrophe), we can specify that the formation of the conglomerate with the typical sediments occurred 26,000 years ago.

The connection of the creation of megalithic blocks with paleolithic culture is due to the distorted conception of man’s history on Earth and a misinterpretation of objectively assessed artifacts. In fact, such civilizationally influenced indigenous people lived in the areas bordering the Atlantean society and in the Balkans a much longer time ago.

C/ Emission of energy from the Bosnian pyramids

The principle of extracting IE beams in the pyramids was approachated in the previous thematic article in relation to a general description of these processes and how they arise from the System of the Universe.

All inanimate matter particles are permeated by sections of IE beams. Depending on the density (explanation of density above) of the inanimate matter particles, the relevant sections of IE continuously pass through (vibration of matter) it, enter it and exit it. However the structure and matter of the pyramid has the ability to both intensively receive IE and close it inside to some extent, so if it’s not distributed, the voltage increases as the capacitor. That is the whole secret of why the pyramid is still functional today, despite the fact that it’s missing a device for energy distribution. It will continue to manifest itself this way until it’s torn down. This is due to the coexistence of Immater and matter providing perpetuum mobile, which is given by the continuous passing of IE beams through inanimate matter.

The discovery that an energy beam moves at the speed of light instead of the speed of sound is very useful, and it is indirect confirmation of the Immaterial nature of Energy.

The reported energy released at the top of the pyramid is sections of IE beams that didn’t “ fit“ into the pyramid and remained on its surface; they slide upwards in the effort to restore their initial formation. The “ electromagnetic radiation“ consists primarily of less penetrating beams that did not pass into the pyramid; they flow around the surface and collide around the “ angular“ peak. The measured increase in the power of the radiation at the top of the pyramid is a manifestation of their polarity balancing with incoming beams.

The specific quality of the electromagnetic radiation („anomaly“) at a frequency of 28.4 kHZ was also found in the center of the peak of the Tumulus of Vratnica and the underground tunnels of Ravne. This stems from the nature of the matter, which has the same density in all the measured buildings, creating a polarity in the flow of IE beams that corresponds to the measured values.

It was also found electronically that all megaliths are located above the flow of undergound waters. The water directs the flow of the IE beams due to their properties. Stagnant water accumulates energy, and flowing water carries it away. This means that in these buildings the stream of water at the bottom distributes the accumulated energy.

The energy detected near the megalith is said to be beneficial to the human body. Yes, but this is not unequivocal, because what is beneficial to the human body can only be determined with knowledge of the principles of the existence of living matter; however, it cannot be denied that it does affect the human psyche.

This knowledge currently stems from the extrasensory passing of information from the „Other side“ through individuals with abilities that surpass the understanding of modern science and are therefore dismissed as delusions.

D/ Runic inscriptions

The similarity of symbols found on megalithic blocks in the underground labyrinth in Ravne to similar symbols in various parts of the world is indirect evidence of their common origin in Atlantean script.

E/ The largest stone sphere in Europe is in Bosnia

Stone spheres of various sizes can be found in various locations of the planet. They are mostly the result of human creation; the piece of rock was broken off with a clear intention and left unused. Over millennia of flowing Immaterial energy beams, depending on the terrain on which these pieces of volcanic rock slowly moved to lower locations, these spherical formations were created. The spheres can only form from volcanic rock; sediments (sandstone and others) disintegrate under the influence of climatic conditions.

Humans have always observed that being near these unusual formations has an unknown effect on them, strengthening their health and positively affecting their psyche. This is explained by the already mentioned permeation of matter by Immaterial Energy, of which the weaker sections, known as vital sections, do not penetrate the dense matter. They flow around the surface of the formation at an increased intensity. This phenomenon can be observed in other ancient stone objects (menhirs) and old religious buildings associated with the existence of a Spirit in humans.

Further knowledge about the Bosnian pyramids will be was discussed in detail between Dr. Osmanagič and the team “ Svět je jinak“ (The World is different) during their meeting after in September 12 this year.

Author Zdeněk Svoboda, on behalf of the team „The World is different“

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