HOW IT ALL BEGAN? article no. 1, part 1


The only existing System of Existence is in the form of God – immaterial, therefore, unperceivable by human senses. The fundamental God characteristic is the spreading of infinite goodness, love and understanding for others. However, God was alone in the only existing Existence of the Absolute environment, he didn’t have anyone to share his feelings with, so he decided to create Immaterial beings: Creative Spirits that will be his companions.

First, God created a perfect Creative Spirit – the Creator, his equal, on whom he transferred some of his attributes necessary to the execution of his intent. He had no problem to form many other Creative Spirits in this manner, who would have been, however, basically a copy of their Creator without their own identity, to which they wouldn’t have arrived by development in the environment of contradictions and by their own free decision making. This wasn’t the God’s intent, that’s why he separated a space from the System of Existence, where he created the conditions for the development of Creative Spirits. This way, the Universe as a polarity environment originated with such properties, so that the Creative Souls could freely develop to the image of their Creator while conquering the contradictions of good and evil. However, for the Creative Spirits, it would have been easy to recognise in the environment of the Universe what is good and what is contrary to the God’s principles, so their long journey to perfection was made more difficult by re-entries into the material physical body. The Creative Spirit, if he is hidden in the material body as a human, does not have access to the acquired knowledge from his development so far and he has to decide only according to his consideration.

To understand the stated facts, that are a true reality, not a religious teaching or only a deducted scientific theory, the elementary terms that we use are defined below:

God cannot be personified, he is present as the substance of the System of Existence and he acts with his God attributes everywhere. The attributes of God can be approximated within the material limitation as the need for the acts of infinite goodness for others without expecting any reward. The Creative Spirits are therefore a part of the System of God, so that the phenomena, such as absolute freedom, love, goodness and understanding for others, could be shared when they are coming closer to the attributes of their Creator. This elementary principle projects into the Existence as a whole, therefore, also into the substance of the Creative Spirits and their development in the Universe, so that they could come closer to the God attributes. The deity emanates its substance to others, it doesn’t want to be alone. It needs to rejoice that his principles are accepted and spread further. It is a complete opposite of the attributes that are promoted in the contemporary materially focused society where selfishness, oppression of freedom of the individual and of the principles of goodness and love as well prevails.
The Creator (the Lord) is the first and perfect Creative Spirit, that is entrusted by God to: be active as the custodian of the Universe in the position of the God, create an environment for the existence of the human and for the related material life with mutually interconnected material flows to all nature and processing mode of the Universe, form other Creative Spirits and insert them with attributes that will enable them in the long-term development to achieve the perfection of their Creator within the Universe and after they get rid of their own polarity, to enter into the Absolute and in this way, to fulfil the God’s intent.
The Creative Spirits are beings formed by the Creator from a kind of Intangible Matter, labelled in the Messages as Primary Substance. They have to achieve the quality of their Creator through their own free development both in the material and Immaterial environment of the Universe. In the environment of material polarized relations, they enter the human upon their birth. At that moment, they are disconnected from information of the “Other side” and they have to rely on themselves only. Only upon a repeated return to the Immaterial environment, they can verify how much they have or haven’t advanced in their development.

At the very conclusion: Stated Messages correspond with the reality of the world, they are neither scientific speculative hypotheses or religious dogmas. The answer to their dilemmas and issues of practical life will be found in these by a scientist, priest and a person without any particular individual orientation.

Approximately in one week, we are going to include another continuation of the passed on Messages in the following article. They are ground-breaking to such an extent – in comparison with the knowledge of the human so far – that they require independent thinking and they will provoke many questions, that we will try to answer to everyone.