How it all began? article no. 2, part 2

article no. 2, part 2

With a second article in a row, we follow up the knowledge passed down from the Message from the Creative Spirits of the “Other Side”. Before you get acquainted with the content of this second article, we recommend you to refresh the information stated within the first article.

The Absolute is a balanced environment of Existence without polarities, out of which polarized Universe has been purposefully separated by God attributes. The Absolute is filled by Substance that cannot be specified materially, but even by comparison to the kinds of Intangible Matter organised in a polarized manner in the Universe. In the intermediated “Messages”, we denote it as “Primary Substance”. This term and its synonym as well – “God Substance” – is used in more general terms, without any more precise specification within esoteric literature. It is necessary to note, that the Primary Substance is a basis for the grouping of substance and all the kinds of Intangible Matter within the System of the Universe.

Polarity, contrary to the absolute balance, is a relation of inequality between anything. It has a dual nature, since it always manifests itself between two participants of a particular relationship by mutual polarized tension and the tendency towards its decrease, directed to the basic balanced state. Mathematically, the attributes of polarity can be symbolized by the “+/-“ signs (plus contrary to minus and vice versa) or as a positive and negative – the quantities in a relation, that they exist alongside each other and they mutually influence each other. This principle has been inserted by God into the System of the Universe as its fundamental property for the purpose of:

continuous “balancing” of dynamics (motion power), enabling its infinite circulation (closed circle, cycle repetition),

creation of an environment in which the Creative Spirit in the material body as a human will learn how to find the resolution of relations in harmony with God principles.

The Universe, contrary to the Absolutes, is a purposeful polarized environment, that does not include anything that would be absolutely balanced. Every relation contains a certain imbalance that stems from the activity of its polarized opposite. Polarized tension between the agents of the System of the Universe and their effort for natural equalization into balance is the real essence of the energy of the universe and also, for instance, the human body. Based on the dual principle of polarity, God has divided the Universe into two mutually separate, while functionally related parts. They are labelled as the Inner Universe (IU) in the Messages, which is filled only by Intangible Matter and Peripheral Universe (PU), in which the properties of the matter and its dynamics are influenced by the types of systematically formed Intangible Matter.

The Universe was not created by the big bang, it also does not expand, therefore, it does not have any early or later stage, as the current science alleges and in vain tries to experimentally prove. All processes within it are running concurrently and repeatedly, so that they could be used within the intent of the Creator-God in development of the Creative Spirits to the perfection of the Creator. In this way, the Creative Spirit as a human meets within its being only with polarized – unbalanced – relations that are more or less in harmony with the God’s System. As the Creative Spirit, isolated in the material body of the human succeeds to recognise in the manifestations within the polarities the good from evil, in the perfection of the System, its development is created to the image of the Creator.

The Intangible Matter has four types, individually named in the cycle of the following articles with their attributes. It is infinite, whole, not particularised and it does not change its form – organisation. It is a dual polarized opposite of matter, which on the contrary, is particularised, highly unbalanced, it changes its structures which is related also to the mortality of the material body, but not to the Creative Spirit of individual and infinite identity hidden within.

The human and all the material life can exist only in the Central space of the Peripheral Universe, where the active antagonistic dual relations – polarity – are minimal and optimally balanced. Only in this environment, through which in the cosmic presence the planet Earth is going through, the atomic matter is released from the polarized tension to such an extent that it can change its properties and organisation for the need to create a “living matter”.

Summarizing, we can say that:

The Absolute is in the System of God designated as home for the Creator and for the Creative Spirits that have achieved perfection through their own free development,

the Universe is set apart in the section of the Absolute as a System for the development of the Creative Spirits both in its Immaterial and in its material environment, so that after achieving the required properties, they could enter into the Absolute,

the Universe is formed as polarized – unbalanced – environment, but along with God principles inserted into its functions. The Creative Spirits are free in their decision making and within the polarity of all the environment of the Universe they shift its quality towards principles that God has entered into the Existence as a whole.

The material environment of the Universe is designated for the material existence of the Creative Spirits as people. In its opposites, the Creative Spirits, disconnected from direct contacts with exclusively Immaterial environment of the “Other side” of the Universe, are to gradually find harmony with the System of God and in this manner, to form their own quality. This allows them independently of future “benefit”, to get rid of negations that the material environment naturally causes and besides that, to even overcome the “pitfalls” of the karmic resolutions that they have made for the same purpose. Only in such manner, it is possible to change the Immaterial quality itself and within the material environment, to find a way to the Godlike that is inserted into every essence of a Creative Spirit. This is the true reason for the existence of us, people, and of the entire related material life that is created through God commission by the Creator.

Let us notice the allegoric nature of this reality of the God’s Work and its purpose with the Creative Spirits in the Bible. The biblical legend of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from Eden depicts especially the three basic realities:

The creation of Adam in Eden is a parable about formation of the first Creative Spirit by the Creator, then God removed a rib from the body of Adam and from the rib, he created Eve. This passage symbolizes the formation of a material body of the human and its resurgence by inserting the Immaterial (Immaterial generic programme that we will mention in some of the future articles) and the material programme that flows from this (“DNA”).

The expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden. This is a parable of departure of the Creative Spirit from the Immaterial part of the Universe into the material environment and human’s body.

Much farther from this reality are the exclusively material theories of contemporary science that credit assign the existence of the human to mere lucky accident that supposedly enabled him the development from the first organisms of living nature. We will return to this fallacy in some of our next articles while comparing the reality with religious myths or scientific theories.

At the very conclusion: Stated Messages correspond with the reality of the world, they are neither scientific speculative hypotheses or religious dogmas. The answer to their dilemmas and issues of practical life will be found in these by a scientist, priest and a person without any particular individual orientation.

Approximately in one week, we are going to include another continuation of the passed on Messages in the following article. They are ground-breaking to such an extent – in comparison with the knowledge of the human so far – that they require independent thinking and they will provoke many questions, that we will try to answer to everyone.