Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilisations in this territory, part 4

Lifestyle in the peak period of the Atlantean society

This part of the series continues describing the knowledge concerning the way in which the residential area interiors were furnished in the peak period of Atlantis and about the prevailing lifestyle in this spiritually advanced society.

Furniture was only from natural materials, various types of wood, rattan, bamboo, coconut fibre.

Tiles and floors were from marble, silicate or wood. For soft furnishings they used cotton, sisal, coconut fibre, hemp and other plant fibres known nowadays.

Tableware was made from glass. Pots for cooking were made from special pottery.

The above specified shows that using metal or plastic was sporadic for making of everyday objects (even though their production was known). What we call electronics was constructed from materials not burdening the environment and on a totally different principle than nowadays. They used ceramic cases with silicon disks inside and glass with bound metals, mainly copper, aluminium and antimony.

Information carriers (also for wireless transfer) were silicon disks from the material from which also the mysterious “crystal skull” was made.

Stoves, or better a kind of “cooking ceramic pots” had an inbuilt electrical coil. Ovens resembled today’s pizza ovens.

There were no fridges and freezers. They were not needed as when they stocked some food which had to be kept fresh for certain time, it was kept in a special area situated above the residential space (in the attic). It was an analogy of the current experiments with the pyramid constructions.

Bathrooms resembled the current facilities and bathtubs were from ceramic and tiles as described above. They used simple soap with olive oil and admixture of aromatic herbs or resins, i.e. without the content of any chemicals. The waste water from toilets and bathrooms was “processed” at a suitable place outside the house by an electrical device so that virtually clean water entered the sewers.

They did not use toilet paper but a water source was built into the toilet bowl and they used cotton towels. They resembled the current bidets.

Washing machines resembled the current ones and the detergent was soap and special “catchers” of impurities (coarse silica sand with magnetite).

Clothes and footwear

Like everything, they were only from natural materials – cotton and other plant and animal fibres (silk, wool) dyed with natural dyes. They preferred natural colours – ecru (the colour of raw silk) and white and the clothes were decorated with embroidery or appliqué. Like nowadays, there was woven fabric, felt (non-woven) fabric and knitwear.

Footwear – the bottom part was from wood, natural rubber or natural resin hardened with textile fibre. The top was from textile or twisted plant fibre.

Other everyday objects and decorations were made from natural materials, like everything else. They used ordinary minerals as well as minerals which are currently called semi-precious stones and precious stones. Gold and precious metals were not “valuable” and they were used mainly for construction of various devices.


Makeup and dying hair was not fashionable. The emphasis was placed on the beauty of the spirit, not on improving the appearance. Skin was looked after using olive oil with herbal extracts. Hairstyles and hair lengths were different, as preferred by the individual.

There was no money

Everybody had what they needed and there was no point in accumulating stock. It would be for nothing because nobody wanted it.

Means of transport – marginally they are mentioned in another part of this series, in connection with the pyramids. Everybody who needed transport for performance of their work had a “personal two-seat hovercraft” at their disposal – a device with an engine using Immaterial energy drawn from the free space. Similar equipment was also used in vessels of various tonnages – from the smallest ones to large transport ones.

Education and hobbies

There was right for education and access to all the information concerning human being in general but it was not obligatory. They only looked into that every individual had a basic idea of mathematics and learned to read and write. At the same time he received the information he is, why he’s here and where it is headed. It was then up to the particular person what would interest them so much that they would try to increase their knowledge of it.

Many individuals did various hobbies in their free time. Popular hobbies included processing of natural materials, painting, singing and music. Subsequently there were exhibitions and presentations of the created pieces of work and performances. It is interesting that most popular form of dramatic art was artistic dance, but theatre and literature were less popular.

In the current society, this lifestyle is non-feasible so far as it is connected with the spiritual maturity of a majority of people and their corresponding economic relations. The current market system and employee-employer relations are totally incompatible with this lifestyle so far.

The professional structure in the society was mostly inherited in the family, as it was the case significantly in Europe, e.g. in quite recent 19th century and as it exists to a certain degree until nowadays. If an individual wanted to be educated and perform activities in a different field of activity, the society supported them to do so.

Domestic animals

As we have already mentioned above, animals were kept in free ranges only for their products taking of which did not cause any harm to them (milk, honey, eggs, hair etc.). There was virtually no dwelling which would not have a kind of “pet”. They were not only dog and cat family animals, but also birds, monkey and lemurs. Rabbits and various rodents were less popular due to their gnawing habits. All the animals had freedom of movement, there were no cages, terrariums etc.

Offences against rules and crime solving

The society aware of the principles placed by its Creator in the Universum System differentiated all which was beneficial for well being of humans and formed its rules according to that. The basic postulate was the fact that a human cannot judge acts of another human, however harmful they are for the society. The society saw them as part of his/her karma. It was based on the fact that any information, acts or activities sent out in contradiction with the principles placed in the System will return back to the “sender” in an amplified form, therefore there was always an effort to finish such a situation.

Therefore no laws and legal regulations were issued which would determine what can and what cannot be done in the form of the current legislation and there was no repression in the sense of restriction of personal freedom. The rule of freedom was taken into account – my freedom finishes where freedom of another person starts. From the point of view of current complicated social relations it is virtually impossible not to enter the freedom of another person.

The Atlantean society with prevailing presence of advanced Creative Spirits in the matter could regulate these rules successfully. If a criminal offence occurred which represented a significant threat to the surrounding society, it was solved by displacement of the offender to a place where they had to deal with its being without help of the others. It was usually an island with all the conditions for living but the offender had to gain them by their own activity. It is sure that there must have been such people who wanted to exploit the achievements of the others without contributing themselves. If they wanted only the basic food and necessary clothes, they could live in this way without any problems. However, nobody managed to do it for a long time because due to educational reasons all the others refused to communicate with them until they participated in the common activities.

Care for health

Because they knew the three pillars representing trouble-free being of humans (suitable food, clean environment and positive mind), there were no serious health problems in the centre of the community which could not be cured with natural healing means. However, in the provinces negative diversions from the life style were rectified with local infectious epidemics from time to time.

Medicine was also of a high standard as regards remedy of health imbalance occurring due to human activities, such as injuries, overrating their own physical power, poisoning and similar events.

And in conclusion, which might be very interesting for many of you – attitude of the individuals and society to sex and living together.

Nowadays the concept of love includes satisfaction of sexual needs of an individual, satisfaction of one’s own libido and enforcement of one’s own possessive ambitions regardless the others. It depends on the qualities of the partner as to who will be the leading one and who will be the subordinated. If it does not happen, the relationship will naturally finish and fight for possessions and upbringing of children will start.

In the Atlantean society, the concept of love contained mainly the spiritual values. It was not only the relationship of a person to himself/herself (love thy neighbour as thyself) but mainly to his/her surroundings and environment as such. It was not only responsibility to your own being but also responsibility in relation to the others. They did not solve “this is mine and this is yours”. People lived in informal relations oriented on spiritual values – i.e. in a totally opposite position than nowadays.

And one more interesting thing. As nowadays multiple births are less common, in Atlantis it was less common to give birth to only one child. It was due to existence of two Earth satellites – the moons Nao and our current one which used to be called Luo. Women had fertile days twice a year. This biological function of the body, based on the Impulses of Immaterial programme, was also influenced by the effects of the two Moons we used to have then (nowadays it still remains at many fauna species). The Higher System thus regulated the population of the Atlantean society with the above mentioned standard multiple births of twins.

Sex in the current understanding, as mere satisfaction of libido, did not exist in peak Atlantis. If love (the real meaning is spiritual harmony) was shown in a material way, it was in the form which is nowadays called tantric sex. Partners mutually intensify their excitement and gradually they start touching, stroking and caressing. As nowadays, a certain percentage of the population declared homosexual orientation. This fact belonged to free being of an individual and nobody commented on that.

Children were looked after not only by parents and grandparents but everybody who felt to be their relatives. If one or both parents were lost due to any reasons, it was natural that this task was taken over by the child’s nearest surroundings without a need for any official procedures.

However, it was this “idyllic” way of life what brought destruction to the society. Tolerance of the individuals on the higher degree of development towards those who did not fully control the Higher System principles in themselves was so big that it led the society to its destruction. With the aim to become more visible, a group of individuals at a lower degree of development initiated a device which was being developed and which was supposed to boost the reflection of stream of beams of Immaterial energy from the moon Nao. The result was destructive.

What has been specified above about the peak Atlantis fully applies also to its provinces, which was also the territory of Bosnia. If there are differences between this information and narration in Plato’s work, it is only due to the fact that Plato retold the knowledge of Atlantis from the period before the second catastrophic event which definitely swept Atlantis from the Earth’s surface.

The areas which were not affected by this second catastrophic wave and were under influence of the central Atlantean knowledge used these remnants of knowledge in their being for several hundred years. This also applies to the complex of pyramids in Bosnia after the 2nd natural disaster approx. 13,000 years ago when water started to subside in this area which had been flooded so far.

The above text about being of humans in the peak period of the Atlantean society shows that the same facts concerning everyday life of humans and society are repeated. Everything has already been, not only on the Erath, but the only difference is that as the development of the very first Creative Spirits continues, the “educational” obstacles also move at the same level.

All is subordinated to the development of Creative Spirits and the right of each individual of them to get an opportunity to act as a human in the material environment where the existing relations correspond to their individual needs and possibilities to orientate themselves in them.

What the current society is absolutely first in

is its effort to conquer the universe and look for signs of life outside the Earth with support of believers in extraterrestrial civilizations. It results from the fact that the contemporary science does not recognise the Universum Creator (the God, Supra-creational force – the name is not important) and worships only material reality which it tries to control.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.