Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilizations in this territory, part 1

Introductory information to the series of thematic articles

This year in October, after visiting the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and dealing with Dr. Semir Omanagic, we started to publish a cycle of articles with this topic on with information most of which until now has been unknown.

Many specialist books and connected texts for informing the public have been written about pyramids. There are many theories, not only as regards the purpose of these buildings but also how they were constructed. Naturally, the authors of these “expert” theories are sensitive to any discussions concerning their correctness. Moreover, all the areas where the pyramids are situated attract a lot of people and thus the economic benefits from tourism and connected areas are huge.

In recent years, with the growth of our technical possibilities for determination of the age of archaeological findings, the existing theories start to show some “cracks” as regards their new dating. In its theories concerning archaeological findings, science dates them to approx. 4,000 years BC, i.e. in the era of Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian civilizations. But what about the established dates which date the origin of artefacts 12,000 years BC or even 28,000 years BC and earlier? According to science, it was the end of the Neanderthal man era in the territory of modern day Europe.

One of the cases of discrepancies in the interpretation of the history of humans as it is claimed and defended by the main stream science against other experts and material evidence found by them is a complex of pyramids in Visoko in Bosnia.

Our “Svět je jinak” team, whose mission is to pass on our findings about the System placed in the Universum and everything in it, it means also humans as the peak of living nature, set off to Bosnia for this purpose. On site we saw a complex of pyramids and other archaeological findings which the current archaeological community refuses to accept and the existence of which it disputes. We were guided by and professionally debated with Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagic, PhD., the founder of the Bosnian pyramid valley and the main archaeologist of the project. It was more than interesting to see with our own eyes the remnants of human activities dated by expert opinions to the period o 32,000 years BC. Not only could we confirm this age but we could also explain the interconnection of this developed society disposing of advanced technology with the existence of the society of Atlantis, which is the most advanced civilization which has existed so far on the Earth. Bosnian pyramids were around during the final period of the existence of Atlantis before it was destroyed catastrophically 26,000 years ago.

We also found some younger archaeological findings there which we were able, with the help of transcendentally communicated facts from the “The Other Side”, to place in the framework of the actual history of the current post-Atlantean civilization which is not the first one on the Earth by any means.

The history of human communities is much, much older and they have been approximately 50 million years on our planet. However, the material evidence of the pyramids and other artefacts are time-limited as all the matter of cosmic formations (stars and planets) is subject to circulation. It means that all the matter of the Earth, including the matter which was transformed by humans, subsides into the entrails of the earth very slowly (in cosmic time) and “re-melt” it comes back to the surface (via volcanic activity) within the scope of never-ending circulation.

The evidence of this historic era starting from approx. 30,000 years ago was within our grasp when we were viewing the Bosnian pyramid valley. We wanted to help to place not only the pyramids but also the communities which built and used them in the history. In the real history which is not distorted by the current expert belief that the beginning of the cultural human communities were the Sumerians, Babylonians, Hittites and Ancient Egyptians approximately 4,000 BC.

Together with Dr. Osmanagic we specified more accurately the original height of the main pyramid of the Sun. In the axis of its peak it was 232 m high. It is the biggest and also the oldest pyramid found in Europe and with its parameters it exceeds even the Egyptian pyramids in Giza.

Not only the pyramids but also the discovered system of underground tunnels and remnants of human activity found in them started our discussions with Dr. Semir Osmanagic. During these discussions we tried to explain (at least briefly) the System of the Universum based on the polarity based relations between the controlling Immatter and the matter controlled by it. Everything in the Universum is based on this fundamental principle – therefore also the physical human body, its function and behaviour.

Finding out the purpose and functional basis (still unknown to the science) of pyramids as manifestation of the knowledge of a more advanced civilization long before our one helps to understand the meaning of the human existence and history. At the same time it helps to understand the magnitude of what can be called spiritual thinking but not limited by the religious dogmas. It is learning about the real basis of the existing world, laws of nature, origin and purpose of life but also the properties of matter set in the whole frame of the only existing Being. We will understand that we, humans, are not a product of random material processes but a purposeful and natural part of this perfect System.

We would like to explain clearly still unknown facts concerning not only pyramids but in a wider context also the meaning of human existence. Therefore we have prepared a series of information dealing with this topic, not only for experts but also for all naturally curious people. In its individual parts we try to clarify mysteries hidden in Bosnian and other pyramids. However, they will only cease to be mysteries when the knowledge of the society moves forward so much that it will get rid of the restrictive supremacy of materialism in the science as well as in practice.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.