Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilizations in this territory, part 3

How people lived in the area of the Bosnian pyramid valley

Landscape that formed after the Atlantean catastrophe

Atlantis, despite all the artefacts found so far proving its existence, is not accepted by scientists due to the fact that they cannot prove it in historic connections using their methods. It is a paradox and typical for the main stream science that all those who believe in its existence are considered to be fantasists.

The development of the Atlantis civilization, the fourth one on the planet Earth, lasted approximately 750,000 years. It was situated in the territory from the current southern part of the United States and Central America as far as the Western Europe. It existed from the time of extinction of a previous society whose centre was in the area of South-Western Asia – Middle East. Atlantis and its civilisation ended with a huge natural disaster but it was caused by irresponsible actions of a group of people who wanted to become famous.

It is natural that Atlantean society also developed first in primitive conditions but in some areas it continued the knowledge achieved by the preceding civilization. This means that it went through some stages, such as forming of units of power and their fighting for power, i.e. states necessary for development of an Immaterial being – Creative Spirit in the material body – a human.

It is also necessary to point out that there is a current belief in the scientific circles that an evolutionary leap in the history of the genus “Homo” occurred approx. 800,000 years ago in Africa and one group of these advanced prehistoric people populated Europe a minimum of 800,000 years ago. This is the only thing we can accept as the beginning of development of a new community on Earth. In reality, they populated a territory where the Atlantean society was being formed because Europe before the catastrophe was not separated from the African continent.

This part of the series is focused on the conditions of being of humans in the period of the peak development period of the Atlantis society.

At that time people had information at their disposal on the basis of which they were able to construct and use technology which is currently connected with the “most vivid imagination”. Therefore also thinking of the current science about the way of construction of megalithic buildings (pyramids) is erroneous. As we specify in the second part of this series, connecting these constructions with Palaeolithic culture and its achieved technical possibilities is a product of the distorted understanding of the history of humans on the Earth, i.e. incorrect interpretation of objectively assessed artefacts. In reality, in the border areas of the Atlantean society and also in the area of the Balkans, the locals influenced by the civilisation had already been living much earlier.

The following lines might seem unreal to some of you. But it is up to each individual how this information will be perceived from the point of view of their achieved spiritual development.


The centre of the Atlantean society was situated around the 20th parallel in the area of the current Bermudas in the Atlantic Ocean. The climatic conditions were much more balanced than nowadays. The difference between the winter and summer period in this temperate zone was minimum. It was also supported by the existence of another satellite of the Earth – the moon Nao. Only astrologers have been operating with it until nowadays as the black moon called Lilith without knowing its origin. Even among astrologers there are different views and estimates of its influence on the Earth. For science it is an uninteresting fact like everything that cannot be measured, weighed, described and examined materially.

The produce grown for food was harvested twice a year in these climatic conditions therefore it was not necessary to create any stock for both humans and fauna.

It was mainly rice, a kind of wheat similar to the nowadays spelt wheat, maize, oats, amaranth and sunflower. The other cereals we know nowadays grew wild and were not significant. They started to be important after the catastrophe when there was lack of food due to the change of the climatic conditions.

They also grew vegetables, which included mainly onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots and other kinds of vegetables which we know nowadays – cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatoes.

As regards fruit, it was mainly citruses, pomegranates, apples and bananas. A special position belonged to olive groves and vineyards. Wine, as we know it nowadays as an alcoholic drink, was not produced in the peak stage of the Atlantean society, even though in the early stage of its development it was commonly available as well as spirits made from it.

Grapes were mainly a source of grape sugar (glucose). It was well known that glucose is essential for the metabolic functions of the human body and mainly the brain cells and red blood cells cannot be without it. The waste from this production (skins and remaining fibre) is then processed to wine vinegar. It was not used as food but mainly as a cleaner and disinfectant.

Grapes were also pressed into juice used for drinking. When guarana resin (contained in the seeds of Paullinia Cupana) was added, the juice did not ferment and obtained the properties of today’s alcoholic drink – wine, but without the content of alcohol. Moreover, the content of caffeine in the resin gave the drink the properties of a tonic with additional effects beneficial for health. It was an ideal drink of the type of today’s coca-cola but without having any chemical additives which, as we know, have negative impacts on our health balance.

If they bred animals, it was not for meat but for products taking of which did not harm the animals (milk, honey, wool etc.). It was controversial to eat meat as such, fish and eggs. It was not banned but its consumers were mostly people of the lower degree of development living in the areas distant from the centre because as nowadays there were human communities all over the planet as remnants of previous civilizations. There were no carnivorous animal species, only species which liquidated dead animals.

The territory of current Bosnia

It was one of the provinces where the surrounding countryside provided sufficient food for all the fauna, including the inhabitants. Moreover, it was an area with significant production and processing of mineral resources. This fact was only indicated by presence of a complex of pyramids visible from far away. During the mentioned catastrophe when the human factor caused the destruction of the moon Nao, extensive earthquakes and volcanic activity started on the Earth. The whole area of Bosnia and adjacent extensive territories were under water for a long time.

The climatic conditions changed instantly, the Earth was covered with a cloud of scattered matter and it prevented sunrays getting to the Earth for a long time. Many species depending on green plants died out and for the surviving population it was fighting for bare life. Nevertheless, the life in the areas not affected by the catastrophe slowly reached a new balance using the achievable old technological knowledge.

What was the life like in urban units and in rural areas of Atlantis before the catastrophe?

It is a period when this society achieved the highest degree of spiritual knowledge and the connected technological level.

The urban concept of settlements was fully subordinated to the knowledge of the vital energy flows. The layout and constructions were based, like in the pyramids and similar industrial constructions, from the relations of polarity between the matter and Immatter. Always when it was necessary to assess the use of the properties of Immatter, it was based on the volumes in the proportion of the “golden section”, which defines polarity in the Universum System.

As a result the material proportions of settlements were arranged using the same principle as layout of electrons in the orbit spheres of atomic matter which expresses its thickening. Also the current materialistic science came to an at least partial understanding that the numbers of electrons on the orbits of volume atoms are placed in the direction from the nucleus in numbers 2 – 8 – 8 – 18 – 18 – 32. It is not known yet that also the nucleus particles as well as electrons on the orbits are gradually more and more thickened, i.e. they are penetrated with sections of Immaterial Energy which connect to each other in the individual spheres which defines their spatial layout and polarity in relation to the nucleus.

The depiction of concentric circles represents graphically the layout of the settlement – the land alternated with canals with almost stagnant water where the flowing Immaterial energy was cumulated evenly. The colour scheme corresponds to the orbital zones in an atom along which the matter particles move, as described above. The figure therefore shows that alternating zones of land and water are in a polarity relation.

The properties of the land in the middle (dark centre) made it suitable for construction of seats of administrative bodies, educational institutions and other public facilities, the green sphere was residential and the blue one was used for relaxation and social life.

It is important to know that the above specified settlement proportions are based on the principle of polarity definition of Immatter and Matter, as it is in the whole Universe. It was important to make sure that the individual constructions would not create “shade” in the flow of the Immaterial “fluid” not perceivable by human senses and to have a neutral subsoil under the construction. Basically it means that also the flow of ground water was monitored to prevent occurrence of zones which are currently called “pathogenic zones”.

All the parts of the land were interconnected with purposefully situated bridges so that the individual parts of the land became something like transformers. It was also supported by the material from which the bridges were constructed. Embankments were also built and paved from natural materials of certain properties (black and red granite, white quartz). A more detailed explanation of directing of the Immaterial Energy flows depending on the arrangement of types of matter is given in the following parts of this series in connection with construction, purpose and energy mode of pyramids.

Every residential construction was energetically self-reliant as the calculated construction, building material and roof were “drawing” energy from free space at the same time. Inside the building there was thus constant temperature and hot water available. Water supply and waste disposal were also solved in a sensitive way.

Construction materials included mainly blocks from silicates and hard wood and roofs of a special construction were covered with copper sheet metal or an antimony compound. The difference between urban and rural development was only in the layout of constructions. For illustration, find below a schematic picture of a residential unit and its approximate appearance.

Certain construction elements and construction layout have been preserved until nowadays in the South Italian region of Apulia in the form of trulli houses.


Another interesting fact as regards the flow of the “fluid” not perceivable by human senses will be found if we put a Feng Shui octagon next to the layout of an Atlantean residential building (see below). It is a graphic depiction of the flow of Immaterial energy with its origin in Ancient China where it was used for diagnosis of energy qualities of rooms and it applied the I-ting wisdom as regards space for healthy being of humans.


An octagon divides any space into nine areas where specific properties of matter under the influence of the Immaterial Energy are reflected.

Disharmony in the individual sections and long-term stay of a human being in it leads to distortion of their health and mind balance and the resulting effects on their activities. On the contrary, if the living space is in balance, it supports the well-being of the person, mainly the psychic one, which is a condition for all their activities and health.

Area of helpful people – the quality of the section of Immaterial fluid influences all the relations of any kind (friends, business partners, colleagues etc.),

Area of carrier influences the work activities by which everybody has to make their living,

Area of knowledge affects the psychic, inner, spiritual and personal mood, i.e. emotional and mental states,

Area of family influences the development of family harmony and solving of interpersonal family conflicts,

Area of wealth correlates with prosperity and well-being,

Area of fame is responsible for the reputation of a person and its presentation towards the external surroundings,

Area of marriage (partnership) relates to the state of the existing serious relationship but also a crucial business relationship,

Area of children is related not only to children but also to creativity and communication,

Area of health influences all the areas of being, not only the health balance – quality of energy of all eight areas goes through here and connects there.

This graph is currently known rather as the below specified chart where the sum of all the numbers in all directions is fifteen. It expresses a balanced polarity and connected spatial layout of the matter in which the Information of the corresponding flow of Immaterial Energy beams are inserted gradually.

4 9 2

3 5 7

8 1 6

Let’s return to the characteristics of the octagon areas as it expresses the stream of Immaterial energy beams and influence of their sections to the well-being of humans. Why it is so and what it is connected with is not covered by this series. The mentioned relations result from the Universum System and they are derived in the booked called “Svět je jinak” (“The world is different”). Now let’s accept it as a fact for explanation of construction of a residential unit in Atlantis.

If we compare an octagon with the ground floor of a construction cell, it is clear that all that is connected with external material manifestations of people is concentrated in the residential zone and all that is connected with the inner life is in the relaxation zone. In other words, all the material things (yang) are in the “daytime area”, all the spiritual (yin) is in the “night-time area”. However, this does not solve everything and a lot can be ruined by an unsuitable layout of house furnishings and accessories.

Next part of this thematic series will be focused on information about residential interior furnishing and standard lifestyle in the peak Atlantis.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.