Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilizations in this territory, part 9

Artefacts found in the locality of the Bosnian complex of pyramids

Inscriptions in blocks in writing similar to runes

Underground labyrinth in Ravne and strengthening of physical and spiritual vitality, part 9

During our visit to Bosnia, we could see with our own eyes the history of humans which is a minimum of 30,000 years old. We could also confirm the age of the artefacts found which had been determined using radiocarbon analysis. Below we will try to describe their origin and purpose.

An artefact comprising of two types of stone found in the Dragon pyramid

At first sight it resembles a Halloween pumpkin but it does not have anything in common with it. It is part of the former stone door system which closed the entrance to the pyramid. Neither the door nor any of its parts could be from a material different than the one used for the pyramid carcass in order not to disturb the flow of the Immaterial energy hidden in the subatomic particles of the matter. .


A stone board with carved signs

It is not as old as you might assume It originates from the period called as “Vinča culture” (around 5,000 BC) when the use of rune letters had already been forgotten but sign-based writing started to be used in this area. The stone basically reads that it is a “peculiar” place where special unexplainable things happen.


Small pottery pyramid

It is a really a phenomenal find. It was created at the time when the activity in the industrial complex was restored and it records the technology of production of a mixture which was also used to make an eight-ton megalith K2 in the Ravne labyrinth!


Fragment of a stone circle found in the KTK underground

It is a “normal” signpost used for orientation under the ground.


An artefact marked as a stone replica of a sole of the foot with five toes

It was found in Vrátnice and it is a part of a “device” (one wing) for levelling the flow of Immaterial energy in an enclosed area where the sections of Immaterial Energy rays necessary for the living matter do not penetrate.


A stone tool from sandstone from Vrátnice monument

It is a tool of primitive farmers for land cultivation – a kind of “spade”. It is not connected with the pyramids but with the primitive settlement from which the Vinča culture developed.


Sculptures found in the underground Ravne labyrinth

One of them is an unintentional piece – an imprint of the tools used for inscribing (writing) in soft concrete which originated due to distraction of the worker. It is a spatula (surface smoother) and a gauge which was used to make sure that the signs pressed in the soft material would be of the same size.


Another beautiful sculpture we saw is rather an accidental imprint of a leaf from a tree preserved forever in the stone, or better in the concrete of the pyramid carcass.

Also the stone balls, as big as tennis balls, bring a lot of questions. It is not such a mystery, as they are balls for grinding the mined metallic rock, which were part of the equipment inside the grinding drum.

These are only a few examples of the interesting artefacts which have been found “so far”.

Letters similar to runes

The fact that the symbols found in the megalithic blocks of the prehistoric underground labyrinth in Ravne are similar to the symbols from various other parts of the world is indirect evidence of their common origin in the Atlantean writing.

The current materialistic scientific archaeology connects their origin with the Vinča culture which is mentioned in the preceding text from these series, in connection with the history of the pyramids in the Bosnian valley. The real origin of these inscriptions can be dated to the period after the second catastrophe, i.e. approximately 12-13 thousand years ago (10 – 11 thousand years BC). In the era of Vinča culture (about 5000-7000 years BC), the metallurgical production complex of pyramids had already been abandoned.

Also the real origin of the runes on the blocks of the labyrinth in Ravne offers answers to their distorted “explanation” by the current scientists who connected them with the “Anglo-Saxon futhorc” (similar to the writing of the ancient Hungarian runes or writing on the ancient tablets from Glozel in Southern France). In reality, their common ancestor is the Atlantean writing, but this also applies to the absolute majority of the cultural signs of our post-Atlantean society.

The biggest stone sphere in Europe is in Bosnia

Stone spheres of various sizes can be found in various places of the world. They are usually results of human activities during which they were broken off for a certain purpose and then left unused. During the thousands years of the activity of the Immaterial energy rays and depending on the terrain along which these igneous rock was slowly moving towards the lower altitudes, they have been forming these spherical shapes. Spheres can only originate from igneous rock because sediments (sandstone etc.) disintegrate under the influence of climatic conditions.

Since time immemorial humans have been observing that an unknown force affects them near these unusual formations and it boosts their health and positive mind. The explanation is clear from the above mentioned matter being penetrated with the Immaterial Energy weaker sections of which (called vital sections) do not get into thicker matter. They cumulate on the surface of the formation in higher intensity. This phenomenon can also be observed at other ancient stone objects (menhirs) and in old sacral buildings connected with existence of Spirit in humans.

Our contemplation over the facts hidden in the pyramids in the Bosnian valley of Visoko would not be complete if we did not mention

why and how the energy radiation affects humans in the corridors of the labyrinth in Ravne near the pyramids and the monument in Vrátnice.

Let’s start again with some theory concerning the living matter (flora and fauna) and about the human body, as the highest organised form of material life. In the past it was observed and generally accepted as an undisputable fact that a force which cannot be perceived with human senses influences our physical health and vitality. To understand why and how these impulses affect us, it is good to know that a human body is atomic matter formed according to a special programme for bringing matter alive, i.e. the same matter from which all the non-living matter is formed. As a whole, it has the shared properties of matter as such but also some specific features of life according to the Immaterial Information inserted as a programme in order to protect the Immaterial Creative Spirit which orientates in relations with the external environment by means of it and enables mental (intellectual) and emotional expression. It is a functional packaging for the Immaterial being of unique identity – Creative Spirit in the material body. It is eternal and it goes through development in many human lives to achieve the properties of the Creator of all life.

The physical body of humans, but also of all kinds of living matter, is penetrated with the Immaterial (energy) body undetectable using material means by means of which the vital Energy is distributed selectively to the individual material parts and bodies as far as the individual cells (similar to the arterial and venous blood circulation). The energy distribution also includes channels for discharging of the used Energy enclosed in the particles of subatomic matter called meridians (main collecting channels) which end in the palms and soles of the feet of the physical body. Thus it shows the common principle of the effect of the Immaterial “fluid” on the matter and belonging of the human body to the Universum system. The above specified suggests that existence of all the living matter depends on the flow of the fluid which cannot be perceived by human senses – Immaterial energy. Because a physical human body is an enclosed System (like all the types of living matter), it needs to draw vital Immaterial energy for its being. For this purpose it has a special device – a suction duct situated in the area of the solar plexus which selectively receives vital energy for all the body functions. If a body gets in the state of external “energy insufficiency”, it restricts some of its functions. If this lack affects vital functions, the organism collapses. If a human being has been staying in an energy unfavourable environment, it usually upsets the health balance. On the contrary, if a human body gets in the environment with access to a wide range of vital energy, it reacts by immediately switching on all the vital functions which were restricted and organism gets harmonised.

Such an environment is also the underground of Ravne or surroundings of the monument in Vrátnice.

However, the extent of the sections of Immaterial energy must correspond to the needs of the living organism. Therefore not all the places where the anomalies of energy flows occur are generally stimulating and healing. The zones where there is a “highly thickened” matter with the corresponding strength of the Immaterial energy charge which is stronger than the one beneficial for living matter or with strong ground water flows are sources of “geo-pathogenic environment”. Such an environment can only be used for a short time by the people who need to eliminate a diagnosed health unbalance. For the others it is a risky environment. This quality can only be distinguished by the people who are sensitive to perception of these facts which are not perceived by human senses otherwise.

With this part we finish the series not only about the Bosnian complex of pyramids with reference to the writing on one of the stone tablets found and deciphered by the American professor Bobbie Scarfe: “The gate is closed, we are in a state of inactivity. We will have to act as fighters to defend and conquer until we are able to go through the star gate again”. We dare to say that the time has come when the gate is starting to open thanks to the people such as Dr. Semir Osmanagić who “defend and conquer” in order to open the gate of knowledge again.

Ing. Zdenek Svoboda, Csc.