Energy flows in pyramids, part 8 – The pyramid complex in the Bosnian Visoko and its central pyramid of the Sun

In today’s part we will focus on the function of pyramids intended as energy sources and we will compare them with the complex in Visoko in Bosnia.

We will start with a bit of theory which has already been mentioned in the preceding parts of the series. The properties of matter can be perceived by humans realistically only from a certain volume of its grouping (clusters of material particles with energy charges – atomic matter). They are used for the needs of existence of Creative Spirit in the matter, therefore also for its physical body as a human. At a certain stage of their development, it is not sufficient for him to work with matter in its natural form and he shapes the mass for his needs using manual instruments and tools. During the subsequent development, the Creative Spirits in the human bodies already require, that they start for their needs to use also the (subatomic) matter which cannot be perceived with senses and which is the main carrier of the Immaterial Energy rays. Properties of the Immateriel Energy hidden in elementary particles of matter as perceived by humans with their senses, manifest themselves through their polarity relevant volumes (parts of beams).

Matter thickening, which we have mentioned at various places, does not refer to the spatial layout of the matter particles but to the volume (power) of the Immaterial filling. It is the fundamental relationship which has to be respected if we want to use the energy drawn from the free space for our needs. Another important factor is knowledge of the way in which this Immaterial substance fills the matter with the Information concerning its properties.

The Immaterial energy rays go through the space arranged in a formation resembling a “carpet” which is twisted into a spiral in the angle of 60° (see the figure below).


From practice we know that a packaging can bear a certain load before becoming unusable. The same applies to the volume of a material particle. The penetrating front of a ray hits the charged material particle (1), it embosses there a hidden section (volume) of the energy ray (2) until the previous “filling” is restored (3). The penetrating section of a ray which has gone through the material particle is split and leaves it. The rest of the ray remains outside the particle (4 top figures). Another ray (4 bottom figures) hits the remains of the previous ray, strikes it in half and it flows around the particle and tries to connect to the original form as quickly as possible.

It is the principle of matter vibration. The length of the ray section forming the filling of a material particle influences also its thickening and vibration frequency.

Transfer of Immaterial energy through a material particle


Another important knowledge is Leyden jar – the first deliberately constructed capacitor which was used mainly in the 18th century as the electricity charge storage for experiments with electricity. Originally it was a glass vessel filled with water to which a metal spike was brought through its stopper. The water formed one electrode of the capacitor and the glass was used as dielectric. The second electrode was the hand holding the jar during the experiments. Later the construction was adapted. The outer and inner surface of the glass vessel was covered with conductive material. The glass was still used as dielectric (insulator) dividing both layers. From the inner layer, a conductor was going out through the neck of the jar and it was terminated with a metal ball. According to scientists, Leyden jars were usually charged using electrostatic induction (see the figure).


Serial connection of Leyden jars (with the same current in all of them) results in a stable electricity supply – a kind of battery is created (see the figure below).


Slowly but surely we are coming close to understanding the function and construction of pyramids as an energy source. But first I would like to mention one more interesting thing.

Baghdad battery

In 1938 it was believed that battery was quite a modern invention. Just before World War II, the German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig discovered an unusual vessel during his exploration at Khujut Rab near Baghdad. It is as big as a fist and its age is estimated to be 2000 years. It has a clay container with a stopper from asphalt. A metal wire goes through the stopper and inside the vessel it is surrounded with a copper sheet. Konig published his discovery resembling a battery and the American scientist Willard Gray managed to make several reproductions. When connected, they gave a voltage of approximately two volts. The scientists believe that electricity produced in this way could be used for galvanizing. This hypothesis, or at least its theoretical possibility, was confirmed by the German researcher Arne Eggebrecht.



But let’s go back to pyramids. The above mentioned fragments of information show that (now I am going to quote a passage from the books Pyramids around the World and the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids by Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagić: “During my travels and direct examination of thousands of pyramids all over the world, in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Canary Islands, Egypt, Mauritius and China, I found out that most pyramids had common features: shapes comprising of regular geometric figures, orientation of the walls towards cardinal points and to the route of the Sun, local construction materials, internal corridors and chambers, astronomical connections and a network of underground tunnels.” These are the basic characteristics of pyramids.

How does it work?

The construction and matter of the pyramid must be assembled in such a way that the passing Immaterial fluid rays (Immaterial energy rays) in the external environment hitting its construction were received intensively and enclosed inside to a certain degree so that there was an increased voltage in it as in a capacitor. We already discussed the construction and building materials for pyramids in part 6 of the series. With a slight overstatement, we can describe a pyramid as a huge Leyden jar – a capacitor from which it is possible to take electricity until consumed.

The original sheathing of the pyramid, which worked as a semiconductor (it let the rays inside but not out), has never been preserved as well as the top ball from copper or an antimony alloy. No wonder, it has been not several hundred but thousand years ago. We have to admire the constructors of these buildings which have lasted for ages.

Not only in Bosnia and Egypt but in any place where it was necessary to generate a large amount of energy complexes comprising of usually three objects are built. Their arrangement follows the rules arising from the principles of the Higher Universum System – the polarity relationship between the matter and Immatter and the way how the Immaterial energy rays flow. The sum of two smaller pyramids is in balance with the volume of the main pyramid from which the energy is taken. This article does not aim to provide any exact data. It is important that their functions are mutually interconnected – they drew, directed, adjusted and handed over the accumulated energy to the main production pyramid (the core of the complex) for the final energy drawing. The construction of the pyramid of the Sun was designed to provide sufficient electricity for the industrial complex of metallic rock mining and processing in this locality.

Therefore also the mutual arrangement of the pyramids in the Bosnian valley of Visoko is not random. An equilateral triangle formed by the buildings is the basic form for boosting the intensity of the flow of the Immaterial Energy rays which resembles the parallel electrical connection. The above figure with Leyden jars connected in serial connection can be compared to the group of the pyramids in Giza in Egypt.

Energy radiated from the Bosnian pyramids

The Universum System implies that all the particles of Immatter are penetrated with the sections of Immaterial energy rays. Depending on the thickening of particles of immatter (for explanation of thickening, see above), the relevant Immaterial energy sections continuously go through it (matter vibration), enter it and leave it.

It is the whole secret of the fact that the pyramid is still functioning nowadays despite the missing equipment to drain the energy. It is and will be working like that until it is dismantled. It is due to coexistence of Immatter and matter which provides perpetuum mobile, which ensures continuous transfer of the Immaterial energy rays through the non-living matter.

The finding that an energy ray does not move at the speed of sound but at the speed of light is very meritorious and it is indirect evidence of the Immaterial substance of Energy. The energy allegedly released at the top of the pyramid are sections of the Immaterial Energy rays which did not “fit” into the pyramid matter and stayed on its surface sliding towards the top trying to restore their original formation. The main components of the “electromagnetic radiation” on the top are less penetrating sections of rays which did not get inside the pyramid, they flow along its surface and they meet in the area of the “square” top. The measured increase of the radiation strength with growing height from the pyramid top reflects their polarity levelling with incoming rays.

The specific quality of electromagnetic radiation (“an anomaly”) with the same frequency of 28.4 kHZ was also found out in the centre of the top platform of the monument in Vratnica and in the underground complex in Ravne. It is clear from the basic properties of the matter which is thickened to the same degree in all the measured buildings, therefore there is polarity in the Immaterial energy rays flow corresponding to these measured values.

It was also found out electronically that all the megaliths are situated above a ground water flow. Water guides the flow of the Immaterial energy ray bundles, as it is clear from their properties. Still water cumulates the energy and flowing water takes it with it. It means that as regards these buildings, the ground water flow is a means of drainage of the energy accumulated in them.

The energy detected nearby a megalith is assessed as beneficial for a human organism Yes, but it is not absolutely clear because what is beneficial for a human organism can only be determined with knowledge of the principles of existence of the living matter. However, we cannot deny the fact that it affects the human psyche.

This knowledge is currently provided by extrasensory transfer of information by “the Other side” through the people who have capabilities defying the understanding of the current science and therefore they are rejected as delusions.

In the next part of the series we will speak about identification of the artefacts found in the locality of the Bosnian valley of Visoko.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.