The History of Human Societies in the Universe and on Earth

Man’s presence on Earth for approximately 50 million years

Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species is mere speculation

The genetic engineer is the Creator of life.

Modern materially oriented science is not capable of discovering the true history of mankind.

When, where and in what context were the first humans created in the Universe?

It was approximately 200 million years ago on the first planet of life, which is currently located in the Pleiades star cluster. Material life is connected to the development of the Spiritual nature of man („Creative Spirit“), which is non-material and non-particulate, meaning that it is not subject to decay as particular matter, and is therefore eternal. The development of the Immaterial Creative Spirit (CS) continues through many human lives. The living body – the material package for the Immaterial CS and for all species of fauna and flora can only fulfill its function and exhibit the desired properties for the given species in an environment of minimal force field polarity. This is supremely formed in the Universe by relationships between matter and its polarit opposite – the Immater.

Life in the System of the Universe is conditional to the location of the planet with characteristics for its existence in a space with the Lowest polarity median (a balanced relationship between Immatter and matter). Only in this unique space is it possible for Immaterial species programs to function, under the impulses of which living matter is formed from the same atomic mass as inanimate nature.

In this unique space in the Universe there is always only one planet with characteristics suitable for life, which is currently Earth, the third planet of life. This is the reason why material life on other planets in their current position in the Universe is not possible, which means that aliens cannot exist, unless we consider them to be Immaterial beings – Creative Sprits dwelling on the „Other side“, i.e. in the Immaterial environment of the Universe that is imperceptible to the human senses.

The existence of a supreme form of life – the human – requires a certain composition of gradually formed material flows (food chain). This means that in the early stages of material life settling on the planet, the simplest forms of life are created first, starting with microorganisms and later the flora and fauna, which are also formed in succession from the simplest forms. All this precedes the existence of mankind, so that the needs and functions of the physical body follow the composition and properties of the surrounding living nature.

The life conditions on the populated planet must be prepared beforehand, especially in terms of the existence of water and an atmosphere with aerial (molecular) oxygen. Only then are Immaterial programs „planted“, causing the formation of microorganisms, followed by simple flora and fauna organisms, in order to ensure a suitable environment for humans.

However, this development process of introducing species is not the evolution of species. This succession of species most likely misled Darwin and modern science. The theory of evolution is a necessary „crutch“ for its believers to seemingly exactly, but in fact distortedly, explain the origin of man in absolute ignorance of the principle and purpose of the origin of life. The existence of man in the Universe, including the past 50 million years on Earth, can be estimated at approximately 210 million years with an outlook of approximately another 30 million years here on Earth. More detailed information and contexts are given in the already mentioned books „Svět je jinak“ (The World is different) and „Sdělení Druhé Strany“ (Messages from the Other Side).

The development of civilized societies is not continuous, it targeted drops periodically

On each planet of life, newly formed Immaterial beings enter into the Universe for their long-term alternate development in a material and Immaterial environment, in order to achieve the properties of their Creator. The development of the quality of Creative Spirits (CS) in matter (people), with differences in their individual maturity, indicates the need for corresponding material conditions, such as the repetition of similar stages in civilizational development, otherwise some of the CSs would not have the opportunity to continue in their development and would remain stuck at their current level of maturity. This is why society is periodically disrupted at a certain stage of development, in a way that destroys its knowledge and material equipment along with the majority of the population, but the environment for the existence of CSs in the physical body remains.

Each human society begins to form under relatively primitive conditions, working its way to a certain stage of cultural, technical and economic development, in which the quantity of material relationships of a certain quality does not match the level of development of the less mature Creative Sprits, making a „jump“ necessary to balance it out. This necessary reversal occurs either by an extensive natural disaster or due to human activity (war and disasters caused by man), destroying the educational and physical center of the given society. It must be added that when an Immaterial being, Creative Spirit, enters a physical body at birth, it is isolated from its previously acquired knowledge and „forgets“ who he is and where he is heading. It must rely solely on its achieved development, and make its decisions accordingly in material conditions in harmony or disharmony with the principles of the System of the Universe.

Planet Earth remembers four basic civilizations in this organized civilizational development. Our current civilization is the fifth in succession after the demise of Atlantis due to a disaster caused by the free will of man.

What is the true history of civilized societies from the beginning of life on planet Earth?

The first civilization on Earth was Hyperborea

It was located in Southeast Asia, where the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are located today. This civilization astoundingly lasted approximately 34 million years. For about the first 14 million years, the Creative Spirits – Immaterial beings walked on Earth in a Pre-material body. This body enabled them to perceive matter, but not manipulate it. The conditions on Earth were not fully suitable for the existence of a material body – the physical human body. Only then do all the newly formed Immaterial beings enter the material environment as humans, accompanied by the most advanced beings that were already created for the first planet of life, which is currently located in the Pleiades star cluster. These first people initially communicated nonverbally (by extrasensory perception), learned to forage for food in primitive conditions, build homes and protect their offspring. In the final stage, this society was divided into craftsmen and farmers. Trade and commerce was concentrated in urban units of some kind, while farmers were introduced into the society by individual family lineages. Trade and a primitive language were created. Why was the development of this society regulated by a natural volcanic disaster accompanied by a strong earthquake? Its development began to move away from the principles of the Higher System when individuals began to accumulate wealth beyond their own needs at the expense of others, a rivalry for power was developing, and people began using weapons as a means for malicious attack and to kill, rather than to protect themselves. In the Bible this is represented allegorically as the story of Cain and Abel, the first sons of Adam and Eve.

The second civilization known as Lemuria

Was also located in the temperate zone of the 20th parallel north in South Asia, where Pakistan, Nepal, North India and the surrounding area is currently located. As in the previous society, negative relationships discordant with the System began to gradually form. It lasted approximately 4 million years.

Immaterial beings formed for the second planet of life, which is currently located in the Cygnus constellation, as well as the „youngest“ beings, return to a material environment most often. An interesting fact about this is that there was a recent report in the media about the discovery of a planet labeled HATP-11b in the Cygnus constellation, where scientists believe there are suitable conditions for life. The scientists are unaware that they’ve discovered a previous (second in succession) planet of life. At the peak of negative relationships in the society, this civilization was destroyed by an extensive natural disaster in the form of a flood. This was allegorically represented in the Bible as the story of Noah and his sons.

Third civilization, Pre-Atlantis

The center of its activity was in Southwest Asia – the Middle East. The center of this civilization was in the current location of Iran and Iraq all the way to the Dead Sea. It lasted approximately 26 million years. Negative relationships in the society moved towards satisfying one’s own libido, leading to a decline in morality. This civilization was destroyed by explosions and fire from burning oil fields, which were located just beneath the surface of the ground in this entire vast region, along with the release of natural gas, which magnified the destruction over a wide area. At the time, in the pre-Atlantis climate, this was a green area with dense forests, so there was no escaping the rapidly spreading devastating fire. The culture in this society was quite developed; they used simple (logogram) writing. They had a developed knowledge of the manufacture of metals (gold, iron, copper, antimony) and refining „earth oil“ (crude oil) for oil lamps, draft animals were used to transport loads on vehicles with wheels, and the production of metal art objects (mostly gold) unnecessary for human existence flourished. Metal strips (gold, copper and iron) were already used as currency, and early forms of slavery began to emerge. The Bible allegorically recalls this era in the evolution of society as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the story of Lot and his family.

The fourth Atlantean civilization built on the civilization level established by the previous society. The acquired knowledge was practically all preserved, because the corrective destruction was very local and only aimed to destroy the main core of the population. As we stated before, writing was already invented, making records available; thanks to advanced sailing they were also in contact with people settled in areas where the previous society stood. It is therefore not surprising that in the „short period“ of its existence this society achieved the highest level in terms of spirituality, knowledge and practicality. It was situated in the territory of today’s southern United States and Central America, all the way to Western Europe. Its peripheral territory reached or touched today’s territories of Central and South America, and Western and Southern Europe on the other side, which had not yet been separated from Africa by the Mediterranean Sea. The center of the Atlantean society was in the area of today’s Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean, which is also in the area of the 20th parallel north. The remnants of knowledge from this civilization, the most advanced civilization on Earth yet, became the foundation for the direction of spiritual and material development of „our“ following civilization.

It existed for approximately 750,000 years, and ended about 26,000 years ago by a huge natural disaster caused by a group of individuals at an earlier stage of their Spiritual development. This group of people stole and prematurely used a project with the goal of obtaining an enhanced current of Immaterial energy reflected from the surface of Earth’s second Moon called Nao, which still existed at the time. Its atomic mass was shattered and the shock wave caused the Continent of Atlantis to sink, creating today’s Atlantic Ocean. Only three large islands survived from the original land: what we know today as Cuba (the Greater Antilles), Iceland and the British Isles. In today’s Atlantic Ocean there is a large underwater formation connected to the Azores, approximately 2,000 km long, which is a remnant of the sunken continent. There was also a dramatic deterioration of climatic conditions across the entire planet, as as further discussed in the context of our post-Atlantis civilization, the fifth civilization on Earth. This incident immersed the remaining population into primitive conditions of existence not for decades, but for millennia. Nevertheless, the Atlantean society gave all future emerging and dissolving societies a knowledge and spiritual foundation.

The destruction and fall of societies is part of the System of the Universe, whose principle goal is the development of the individual Creative Spirit, which requires a physical environment that at least approximately corresponds with the degree of its current system maturity. God’s Order is fair. Each individual gets the opportunity to learn to recognize the forms of good and evil, what is in line with the principles of the System and on the contrary, what hinders its development.

More details are included in the books by Zdeněk Svoboda titled „”Svět je jinak” (The World is different) and “Sdělení Druhé Strany” (Messages from the Other Side). They both give access to knowledge passed on from the „Other side“ to assist positive orientation in harmony with the System embedded in the Universe and the purpose of life in it.

The history of our post-Atlantis civilization

The catastrophic destruction of the advanced Atlantean society returned the civilizational development on Earth to the primitive beginnings, but the basic remnants of knowledge became a „springboard“ from which the development of contemporary civilization began to unfold. In the scale of the duration of man’s existence on Earth, this was relatively „recent“.

After the Atlantean disaster there was a significant deterioration in the planet’s environment as a whole, whose climate was far milder and more balanced up to then. The shift (deflection) in Earth’s polarity caused a new layout of climatic zones. The balancing process, associated with extensive mass transfers in all its states across the planet, lasted for several millennia.

The changing environment was also reflected in the composition of flora and fauna species. The overall cooler climate caused a significant reduction in green areas, resulting in the extinction large species of animals in particular. Due to a reduction in vegetable food sources, complex fauna species changed from herbivores to carnivores by changes in Immaterial species programs in order to preserve their existence, which also included humans. The food chain was significantly changed, thus also changing the peaceful relations between animals.

The history of our post-Atlantis civilization starts in this post-catastrophic period under very difficult survival conditions. We can see that modern science dates the last Ice Age back to this period, when the atmosphere was permeated with dust for several millennia, creating insulation against the penetration of Immaterial Energy (IE) from the Sun. During this period the Creator did not intervene in the societies of Immaterial beings dwelling in a material environment or on the Other side, except for correcting Immaterial species programs. Reparation of the consequences of the catastrophe was fully in the power of the Creative Spirits. At the time people were dispersed into different tribes (groups), so long-term there were not the necessary conditions for the formation of larger social units, not even in the territories that were not directly affected by the disaster.

Only after about 5 thousand post-catastrophic years a new society began to form with an educational center in the area of the Middle East and regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea, particularly Egypt. The preserved remnants of Atlantean knowledge were brought to this area and passed on exclusively by word of mouth, which resulted in a certain degree of distortion. The biggest problem was that there were no written documents, because the pre-catastrophic Atlantean society kept records on media devices that current technology is only slowly beginning to resemble. This slow-forming society, like the pre-Atlantis society, was not developing in accordance with the Higher System. Individual groups led fierce wars against each other for control of territory, power and wealth.

About 13 thousand years ago the foundation of this society along with the remnants of Atlantean knowledge was swept away by a powerful volcanic disaster accompanied by floods. In Egypt and most regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea this caused long-term flooding, elsewhere, for example in northern areas of the Balkans (including Bosnia and Herzegovina) the water that flowed there during the first Atlantis disaster subsided in the balancing processes.

Further basic information about the cycle 26 thousands years after the Atlantis disaster is given in, the following thematic article dealing with the pyramids, the time period of their creation, their purpose, and the technique used to build them.

Mainstream science obstinately persists in the wrong interpretation of history based on a relatively recent period – about 5,000 years BC, and based on an erroneous assessment of artifacts without knowledge of the System, which we as humans and our manifestations are a part of.

Incorrect assessment of archaeological finds along with the „forceful“ linking of man from the

„Stone Age“, who allegedly developed continuously up to today’s society, devalues the accuracy of science. Of course, the seemingly expert claim that modern society represents the highest level of civilization that was ever achieved on this planet, serves the interests of representatives of mainstream science.

More details are included in the books by Zdeněk Svoboda titled “ Svět je jinak” (The World is different) and “Sdělení Druhé Strany” (Messages from the Other Side). They both give access to knowledge passed on by the „Other side“ to assist positive orientation in harmony with the System embedded in the Universe and the purpose of life in it.

Translation of the book “ Svět je jinak -The world is different” to English and German is being prepared.

Author Zdeněk Svoboda, on behalf of the team „The World is different“