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The History of Human Societies in the Universe and on Earth

Man’s presence on Earth for approximately 50 million years Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species is mere speculation The genetic engineer is the Creator of life. Modern materially oriented science is not capable of discovering the true history of mankind. When, where and in what context were the first humans created in the Universe? …

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History of the building of the pyramids and their purpose (Appendix No.2)

Not all surviving pyramids or their ruins, often considered to be natural formations when covered with soil and plants, come from the Atlantean era, as stated below. The building of pyramids in Atlantis began about 50,000 years before its destruction. They served solely as a source of electrical energy extracted from space. The size of …

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The Bosnian Pyramids and Ancient Civilizations in this Area (Appendix No.3.)

A/ History of the pyramids in the Bosnian Visoko valley The idea that human communities lived in this area more than 35,000 years ago is basically correct. We can also specify that the original pyramids in the Bosnian valley were built during the existence of ATLANTIS and its technology. This makes them even older than …

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