History of the building of the pyramids and their purpose (Appendix No.2)

Not all surviving pyramids or their ruins, often considered to be natural formations when covered with soil and plants, come from the Atlantean era, as stated below.

The building of pyramids in Atlantis began about 50,000 years before its destruction. They served solely as a source of electrical energy extracted from space. The size of the pyramid complex depended on the local needs. This means that if they weren’t destroyed in the Atlantis disaster, they can be “ discovered“ today as an unobtrusive natural formation. This is mainly in the areas where there were raw materials and the pyramids were part of an „industrial“ complex.

In the final stage of development, i.e. before the disaster, knowledge and technology had advanced to such a degree that energy for production, transportation and other purposes was obtained easily and in multiple ways. However, the pyramids continued to be the main source of energy in areas away from the center of Atlantis. At the time, people in central Atlantis used personal hovercrafts, communicated non-verbally using special technology, and they had many other devices that will remain unavailable to modern science for a long time to come. This gives an explanation to the true origin of some inscriptions and pictures on walls of discovered and preserved pyramids, which are often confused by modern Egyptologists or enthusiastic fantasists as alleged visits by aliens.

It is therefore obvious that pyramids whose structures of various degrees of preservation can be found on all continents of the Earth originated in the Atlantean society. The pyramids that survived served their purpose until the second catastrophic event. In this period pyramids that were used for other purposes, such as granaries, storing fresh food or extracting groundwater, were also built. This necessity arose after the destruction of Atlantis completely changed the climatic conditions and food that was originally available throughout the year became a seasonal matter.

The second wave of natural disaster caused the complete destruction of Atlantean knowledge. In the following period a group of survivors and knowledgeable individuals tried to save this technological knowledge using carved depictions, which appear sporadically but are not associated with Atlantis. Knowledge was only passed on orally, and modern rational science considers it to be fiction and fantasy. Atlantean technology was destroyed, there was nobody to retrieve it.

The buildings started to be used for religious purposes, as well as a place to communicate with the Gods. All structures resembling pyramids built in the following period were built based on messages to individuals from the „Other side“

We will try to approximate the timeline of the history of pyramids below.

Our post-Atlantis society underwent a development period of one cycle lasting 26,000 years. Why does this time frame known as the „Platonic year“ always form one cycle?

It’s because this is a period when our solar system completes a cycle around the Sirius double star within the „Milky Way“ galaxy.. Thus, the succeeding 12 quality flow of cosmic energy flow representing the Zodiac. I wanted to specify the material scientific interpretation stating that it’s „ the period in which the celestial pole (a point of the Earth’s axis with a celestial sphere) completes a circle around the ecliptic pole due to the rotation of the Earth’s axis“. The most important fact, however, is that changes in the quality of the flow of Immaterial Energy passing through subatomic particles in space are also reflected in humans’ physical body and their psyche.

The history of the building of the pyramids is more synoptically depicted by a geometric timeline with assigned symbols of sectors of the Zodiac:

before the disaster

26 thous. years last stages of Atlantis 5.5 thous. years 7.5 thous. years 13 thous. years


Aquarius Aquarius following current Aquarius

peak Atlantis disaster disaster peak

AB = 12 Energy qualities flow through sectors of the Zodiac

BC = Energy qualities in approx. half of Aquarius sector, Capricorn, Sagittarius

CD = Energy qualities in sectors of Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, and approx. half of Leo sector

DE = Energy quality starting in the Age of Leo (the Sphinx of Giza), to the present ages of Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius – supporting man’s spirituality.

Pyramids in the earlier periods were built for original purposes, starting in the late period of Atlantis, but mostly when the planet’s environment stabilized after the disaster and the climate changed. The building of the pyramids continued in each approximately 2,200-year age in each Zodiac sign. The Age of Leo (Sphinx of Giza) was followed by the Age of Gemini (Isis and Osiris), Taurus (the legend of the Minotaur), Aries (temples roads with rams) and Pisces, supporting the emotional qualities of man (the peak of this age includes the spiritual mission of Jesus Christ and the beginning of a new calendar era).

In the more recent period, which mainstream Egyptology considers the beginning of civilized cultures, the original pyramids were repaired and adapted for religious purposes, or new pyramids and temples were built with these intentions.

The Earth is currently in the Age of Aquarius, which supports man’s spiritual qualities. It will reach its peak in about 150 years.

More details are included in the books by Zdeněk Svoboda titled “ Svět je jinak (The World is different) and “Sdělení Druhé Strany” (Messages from the Other Side). They both give access to knowledge passed on by the „Other side“ to assist positive orientation in harmony with the System embedded in the Universe and the purpose of life in it.

Translation of the book “Svět je jinak -The world is different” to English and German is being prepared.

What are the mysteries hidden in the pyramids?

I will mention a few examples of alleged mysteries that are most often deduced from the findings of various drawings, inscriptions and unusual items. Their pragmatic explanation stems from

  • both unrecognized facts in the history of man on Earth that are dogmatically concealed by science,

  • and from the lack of knowledge of principles of the System of the Universe, embedded by its Creator in all natural laws and the existence and qualities of us as humans.

Outline of the nature of most frequently presented mysteries:

  • The artefacts testify to the age and advancedness of previous civilized cultures, which is not in accordance with the modern „scientific“ conception of the history of man on Earth,

The purpose of the Universe and human existence shows that the development of civilizations is not continuous; it comes in stages, characterized by alternating peaks and falls. Our current civilization is the fifth in succession, not the first on Earth.

  • Why and when were the pyramids built, and what was their purpose?

It was explained in the basic characteristics. The development of our post-Atlantis society is based on knowledge that had already been used in Atlantis, which not only pertains to the pyramids, but primarily to the common religious and cultural background, including the ability to work with materials.

The basic purpose of the pyramids was the extraction of free electricity. As mentioned above, the destruction of the knowledge center of this society also destroyed this technological knowledge. Important not only the construction of the pyramids but more importantly the equipment for extracting energy placed inside the pyramid, which disintegrated or was otherwise degraded over the years. Only „bits and pieces“ were preserved, which are still subject of scientific speculation (e.g. optical magnifying glass enriched by cesium oxide).

  • What does the special energy regime of the pyramids and its use consist of?

– It is based on the principle of polarity between Immaterial Energy (IE) and matter. The functional principle is the deflection of the natural state of the flow of beams of IE through matter, which can be „shaped“ by spatial arrangement and types of materials with a base of silicon.

– The sorted energy qualities were not only used to generate electricity, they were also used to strengthen spiritual abilities, restore physical health, or to influence the properties of food, etc. This is related to spiritual knowledge about the nature of life, functions of the body and the processes in living matter.

  • How was it possible to transport and manipulate stones and objects weighing many tons, lift them in the air and put them in place with such accuracy ?

It was enabled by technology, reducing the weight of the objects with IE beams creating a kind of „force field“, which disrupted what modern science calls gravity, i.e. a process using the influence of physical and chemical properties of matter by forming IE flows.

  • How was the electricity extracted in the pyramid technologically shaped and converted „for consumption“?

The principle of the electricity generators in the pyramid was similar to the principle of a stator and rotor. The driving force creating an intense flow and power of the extracted electricity was acquired in a more sophisticated way than the current level of science and technology is capable of. They used their knowledge of influencing the characteristics and movement of matter by directing IE beams using a specifically shaped crystal or a combination of certain metals (iron, copper, gold, antimony, cesium).

  • Do some of the depictions of flying objects and human figures dressed in unusual clothes represent visits from extraterrestrials in the past?

– They do not, the pictures capture the period when high technology from Atlantis used hovercrafts, boats and other apparatuses powered by a high-frequency current device (engine). The structure was made of durable material that is unknown to science today. The pilots also wore special suits that protected them from the intensity of the electric emissions. The indigenous inhabitants from provinces portrayed these unexplainable experiences associating them with a visit from the Gods.

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Author Zdeněk Svoboda, on behalf of the team „The World is different“