Part I. System of the Universe and human beings

Part I. System of the Universe and human beings

Dear followers,

At the beginning of this year we will publish a series of articles explaining the creation of the Universe, the principles of functioning of the System inserted in it by its Creator, the purpose of its formation and mainly the creation of material life. It is the information we were given in the dialogues with the “Second site” and a lot of it has already been published in various contexts. The dialogue is conducted reciprocally “online” and the information provided is uniquely authentic and logically arranged so that it can also be viewed as perfect channelling. You will find out that they are without the material dogmatism of science which recognises only matter as the sole reality, and also without religious dogmas obscuring the real understanding, as part of the natural right of a human being to develop its own qualities.


From your reactions we know that some terms that we use are too distant from the current thinking and too difficult for you to conceive. We are aware that to express something that does not exist from the material point of view and describe it with words can be very difficult. Therefore, we will try to explain the most frequently used terms in the way which is as close as possible to the material understanding of humans. We have an exceptional opportunity to find out about the core of the world and of ourselves and apply the gained unique knowledge in practice of the current society so that the relations among people were kinder and the earthly life had a more respectable fulfilment and purpose.



It is not only a material fact, even though we are convinced about it by our senses, materially educated specialists and predominant way of living in the developed market economy with the support of material technology and technological possibilities.


What is the reality?

To answer this question, we need to explain at least the basic information about the real nature of living matter (flora and fauna) and the human body as the highest organised form of material life. In the past it was observed and generally accepted as an indisputable fact that a certain force not perceivable with human senses influences our health and vitality of the body. It was also observed that the quality of this “aura” received at birth, also influences the qualities of the physical body during the whole life. It is not influenced only by the genetic information but also this phenomenon which is represented as the position of the Sun in the Zodiac at birth of a person.


What is the “aura” that cannot be perceived with human senses?

  • It is “something” which cannot be described in a material way and which causes that a human being can perceive the surrounding material reality, including their own self,
  • It is also “something” that does not have properties that enable a human being primarily to examine, grasp, shape, measure or weigh it. It is all that the current science needs to accept a reality as an indisputable fact.


In the material way, this “something” must be called IM-MATTER, in short Immatter?


In logical connections we can learn and understand that this Immaterial substance is the core of everything that is material, therefore also us, people, in the arrangement of the perfect System of the Work by the Creator of all the Existence.


The Creative Spirit in the material body of a human being is also immaterial. It enters the body at birth and in many human lives, always as a different person, it develops towards the qualities of its Creator. These Immaterial beings exist in the intention of the Absolute Creative force – God and they undergo their development in the environment of the Universe where they lose properties which are not in harmony with God’s principles. In the material environment they learn to recognise and overcome the antinomies of good and bad, all this in the difficult conditions after forgetting all preceding from their past. They can only rely on their achieved internal quality and thus they develop in a very long term towards the perfection of their Creator.


If we are to understand ourselves and the world surrounding us, the purpose and aim of everything, let’s start from understanding the whole to get to its partial components, not vice versa. Only understanding the System which was also inserted in the Universe by the Creator will enable us to find answers to the fundamental questions about human existence: “Who am I?… Where did I come from?… Where am I going?”. This is the basic information about the core of all that we are and that we are part of. Its application in the existence of an individual person and in the extent of the whole society offers a possible practical use undreamt of so far.  


IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO BELIEVE, IT IS NECESSARY TO KNOW and thus it is also possible to maintain the personal freedom of thinking and decision-making which finishes where it starts to restrict the freedom of the others.


Above we mention the terms such as Existence, Absolute Creative Force, God’s principles, Creative Spirit and others which we will gradually try to explain more. They are also the most frequent subject of your questions. The aim is to provide the initial and clear information about the core of undistorted “spiritual knowledge” which is also the natural basis of material knowledge. It is intended for the current people so that they could accept some previously unknown information about themselves and about the wider reality of the world comprising of not only matter but also its polarity and controlling opposite – Immatter, an aura which cannot be perceived with human senses.  


In four parts we would like to explain comprehensibly how the UNIVERSE was created, what it was created from and what is ITS PURPOSE:

  • What is the Absolute, Existence, Super-Creative force – God and its implemented intention to form the Universe,
  • How was the universe created and what is the core of its existence,
  • Why and how the material life is created and controlled,
  • Why are we, people, also Immaterial beings – Creative Spirits and what is our mission.

Part I

ABSOLUTE = EXISTENCE, Super-Creative force (God) and its Work – Universe


What is the Absolute?

It is an environment without any delimitation from the material point of view, therefore it is infinite, and it is a place where the Super-Creative force resides and reigns. It does not matter what we call this phenomenon, whether the Super-Creative force or God. A phenomenon (from Greek fainomenon, from fainein, appear) means something that appears to a human being, without distinguishing whether it is real or false. All of us, as Immaterial beings, know who it is but as people we do not need this information for our existence. It is sufficient when we respect this “personality” as our “father” and we see its eternal existence as an indisputable fact. But for sure this “somebody” is able to manipulate with the aura, i.e. substance not perceivable with senses which penetrates matter and determines its qualities. We call it Prime Matter and it forms the environment of the Absolute.

How can we imagine the Immaterial Prime Matter?

From the point of view of perception by human senses, we can imagine it as a kind of sparkling fog, without any movement. It means that if a human being got into this environment, they could not orientate themselves there at all. They would not know the top from the bottom, the right from the left. Take a step ahead means remain on the spot, any movement of a material body would not cause the return information impulse. There is no notion of time, there is no past and future, there is only “now”.


Prime Matter exists parallel in all the forms of unchangeability and constancy. Therefore, the best way to call this environment is Existence. Prime matter is thus without polarity (polarity is a special quality of two opposite sides of an object towards a fact when the mutual relationship of both elements of the system is a precondition of existence of each of them), non-particulate, Immaterial initial Substance (from Latin sub-stantia, base, basis, essence – the constant and unchanging side of thigs that exists by themselves) from which everything is created, therefore also God’s work – the Universe.



Unlike the Absolute, it is a delimited unit with a functional environment of opposed polarity with the parallel presence of Immatter and matter. It exists in the intention of the Creator (Super Creative force) with Immaterial beings – Creative Spirits and their development, alternately in the Immaterial environment and as people in the material environment.  


In the next part of this cycle we will discuss creation of the Universe, the nature of the principles of its System and why it was created and who by.