Part III / 1 – Why and how material life is created and how it is controlled

Part III / 1 – Why and how material life is created and how it is controlled

In the previous parts we tried to explain how the Universe was created and for what purpose it was created. In this part we will discuss the properties of the environment in which lifeless atomic matter may form into living forms and what it may cause.

The unique environment for the origin of life is in the centre of the Central part of the Circumferential Universe. Why? In this area there is an almost zero polarity (tension) between the formed matter and accompanying Immaterial substances. It means that neither matter nor Immatter tries to compensate it. The matter particles do not penetrate each other but they group in atomic formations. Only in this condition it is possible to insert enlivening Immaterial programmes in matter. What are the Immaterial programme enlivening the atomic lifeless matter will be explained below.

The Centre of the Central part of the Universe is an unconceivable area for human perception. Nowadays, with the help of the most advanced technology, humans can “see” less than one third of this area. Another criterion for selecting of a life-supporting planet is a suitable composition of solid atomic matter, the existence of water and the composition of the atmosphere, all in the specific proportional components. Another important aspect of its selection is its location in its planetary system.

Solid atomic matter must contain all the minerals required for living matter formation. They include mainly silicon, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

There must also be conditions for the existence of stable water as a compound of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It is water that under natural conditions does not react with other material forms, its molecules do not fall apart, they only change their mutual position. According to that we differentiate its state: solid (ice), liquid and gaseous (steam). Reactive water, which results from natural chemical reactions (e.g. inside living matter cells) and looks like water, falls apart when evaporating in space. Its molecules are unstable and they react with the surrounding atomic matter.

The atmosphere must contain, among others, such formation of molecular oxygen (O₂) to enable the process of “breathing” of living matter (fauna and flora). It is a similar matter formation as a molecule of water – under natural conditions it is not reactive, but it is capable of attracting and freely binding an atom of strong alpha carbon. Science still does not know the real nature of living matter formation and therefore it assumes that molecular oxygen enters the fauna and flora organisms by means of breathing where it acts as a component conditioning its existence. The science does not know that every living matter formation is an enclosed system which cannot exist without oxygen but oxygen of a different quality – atomic oxygen. Molecular oxygen is a mediator of discharge of strong carbon from the organism as waste from the metabolism of living matter. Later we will discuss this matter in more detail. Through the action of electric discharges (lightnings during storms) or intensive short-wave ultraviolet radiation (troposphere of the Earth’s atmosphere), atmospheric (molecular) oxygen opens its formation and receives another atom of atomic oxygen. It results in creation of tri-oxygen (O₃) – ozone. Ozone is important for all living matter as its layer in the top part of the Earth’s atmosphere prevents penetration of sections of strong Immaterial energy to its surface. In the top layer of the atmosphere it protects, but breathing it is destructive for living matter. It prevents the molecular oxygen, from which it was formed, from fulfilling its main task – mediation of the discharge of strong alpha carbon from living organisms.

If the environment a life-supporting planet has the required quality, it is possible to start to “plant” Immaterial programme of species for living matter formation. What is an Immaterial programme of species? In the material point of view, we can imagine it as a sack or a bottle, i.e. a kind of case hidden in the ladder of the specifically formed Prime Substance formed into a spiral. Each section represents the Information for living matter formation. The process will be described below. First comes the action of their mildew. Their Immaterial programme is set in such a way that they are can “eat” lifeless (inorganic) matter and transform it into the quality required for the other living matter. Only the matter adjusted in this way can be used for the further process of life implantation. Gradually, as the transformed atomic matter becomes available, more and more complicated Immaterial programmes are added to the environment. They always include so many sets of programme impulses that the corresponding organism can be formed and renovate and reproduce for the required time. Every species is equipped and defined in this way to be able to demonstrate it qualities also in the balance of the material flows in the nature. It thus results in varied living nature with its top – physical human body. In this stage there are Immaterial beings dressed in the Pre-Matter coat and they help the Creator to prepare their new home. The pre-matter coat is required so that they could perceive matter, not only its energy charge, but they cannot manipulate it yet.

This process on a life-supporting planet always lasts several million earthly years and it is coordinated with the conditions of life on the previous planet so that there are no interruptions in the development of Immaterial beings – Creative Spirits as people in the material form. On the Earth, there are about 30 million earthly years left. It means that soon we will know the next planet – the successor of the Earth.

In the continuation of Part III – Why and how material life is created and how it is controlled, we will discuss the process of formation of living matter.