Part III / 2 – Why and how material life is created and how it is controlled

Part III / 2 – Why and how material life is created and how it is controlled

The Bible, the First Book of Moses – Genesis: God turns to the human Adam after he committed the initial sin: “By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

The influence of Immaterial Substances on forming of inorganic matter was already mentioned in the previous parts. The circulation and formation of lifeless inorganic matter in the Universe is controlled by the common Immaterial programme – the System which creates that depending on the environment through which it currently passes, matter maintains certain qualities for the whole time of its existence in these naturally defined conditions. It means that if the same atomic matter is to be enlivened, it must be controlled by a different special Immaterial programme in the environment enabling its application. This environment is the only place in the Circumferential Universe where the polarity of Immatter and matter in the System is almost zero. It is in the centre of the Centre of the Circumferential Universe. So much to recapitulate the information from the previous article.

How the life was created and whether it also exists somewhere else in space is one of the main unanswered questions of humans. A concrete answer to is not given by religious doctrine shrouded in allegories or by modern materialistic science which shows off its seeming proficiency even where there is none. It is so deviated from the reality that it reached the highest mysticism when it acknowledges a fabricated theory of self-development of species from the lowest ones to humans.

The message from the Creator for humans in the current society, transmitted by means of the Notifications from the “Other party”, also includes an answer to the question how and why humans were created and what is the purpose of their existence. It reveals not only the secret of the mission of humans in God’s intention, but it also explains the processes connected with their creation. Humans are thus given a gift of knowledge, which is more than passive faith which was in the past and is at present often misused in the interest which is not in harmony with God’s principles.

Material life is “planted” in the prepared quality of lifeless nature to be able to connect with it smoothly. If conditions for material life occur on a selected planet, the application of the simplest Immaterial programmes of species is started, which conditions formation of inorganic matter into initial simple species of microorganisms. As the whole, they are the transitional stage between the lifeless and enlivened matter in nature (GOM = generally organised inorganic matter and HOM = higher organised matter). The parallel presence of mutually antagonistic microorganisms in fauna (microbes) and flora (mildew) which liquidate each other in the polarity balance dynamics, and thus inorganic matter is gradually transformed into the quality suitable for formation of their higher species. At the same time, the balance of the induced material flows is also regulated. These first simple HOM forms can “transform” lifeless mineral matter and prepare it for formation of flora species which is food for fauna species, and the dead remains of flora and fauna are prepared again for reuse. The composition of material flows is thus gradually extended while maintaining their natural balance. The gradual inserting of more and more complicated Immaterial programmes of species leads to creation of an environment for existence of the most complicated organism – the human body sheltering the Immaterial Creative Spirit. This fact also shows that the development of life is purposefully regulated by the Creator.

In the initial stage of populating every “life-supporting planet” in this optimum Central environment of the Centre of the Circumferential Universe, Creative Spirits are only present in Pre-matter cases (a type of Immatter), not in the material human bodies. The reason is to be able to perceive matter but not to be restricted by it before the environment for their material existence has been fully formed. Biblical “Adam in Paradise” also exists in Pre-matter “case”. He can perceive the material environment, but he does not have the “human” needs and abilities to manipulate matter yet. Therefore, at the time when his Creative Spirit was only in the case from Pre-matter, he was a genderless being. Only after being “expelled from Paradise” (by entering the formed material body), he is the first male person in the material environment on every life-supporting planet. In the Bible, the “original sin and expulsion from paradise” symbolise entering of Creative Spirit in the material human body which thus gains an ability to present itself in material relations but cannot perceive Immatter anymore. It is thus separated from the knowledge of its development gained so far and must only rely on its achieved quality. Formulation of GOM by means of Immaterial programmes of species results in living matter – flora and fauna species, starting with microorganisms in their target properties in the System. Before the first person (material case) is created, not only are Partially Creative Spirits already present in the material environment in animal bodies, but the complete set of fauna and flora species has been completed in the required quality and with balanced material flows of living nature as the whole.

The mentioned Notifications generally suggest that the human body was formed through action of the Immaterial programme on the prepared matter, which resulted in creation of the original human body cell containing the material programme (“DNA”). It also suggests that the first two people of different gender on the Earth as well as on the previous planets were created according to the same Immaterial programme, first the male and then the female. The fact that the biblical allegory says that Eve was created from part of Adam’s body (his rib) also symbolizes the principle that the carrier of the Immaterial programme for creation of life is a sperm from the male body. It starts the reproduction of the material human body when after penetrating the ovum, the polarity comparison of the material programmes (“DNA”) of father and mother is performed and the Immaterial programme case is opened.

The fact whether reproduction occurs outside or inside the body depends on the degree of complexity of Immaterial programme of species (e.g. insects, fish, egg-laying animals, mammals). As the above specified suggests, the process applies to fauna creation. In flora, the process is less complicated because in a prepared female cell, the Immaterial programme of species is inserted together with a male cell and in favourable climatic conditions a new individual of the species is created. However, there are also certain kinds of flora where it is necessary to have both a plant with male cells and a plant with female cells for reproduction.

We should add that the individual fauna and flora species appear gradually to have the conditions for their existence ensured and to integrate smoothly in the HOM circulation process. One day of creation needs to be seen not as one 24-hour earthly day but as the time of one cosmic day, i.e. for example one million days on the Earth.

A question arises how the first human body was created. This body, as the first of its species, was also created outside the mother’s body, as described above. This first material body was entered by the most experienced Creative Spirit to be able to keep the body alive – provide food. One interesting fact is that this first young body did not need mother’s milk, but it could live on a plant-based diet – fruit. The climate at the place of creation did not require any clothes or shelter from bad weather so that Adam could live under the Immaterial supervision of his Creator without any worries and moreover, he did not lose his ability to communicate with the Creator non-verbally. Likewise, the first generation of people does not lose the ability to connect with the Second side and people also communicate non-verbally with each other. The ability to speak had already been developed but it started to be used later for expressing information in material relations when the possibility to communicate with the Immaterial environment of the Second side is lost. To make the picture complete, we also point out, as it has already been mentioned, that the very first human on the first life-supporting plant was the Creator itself, formed by God the Father as the perfect Immaterial being. It is the planet which is currently situated in the Pleiades constellation. The immaterial beings created there are usually at the top of its development and they mostly act on the “Second side” as teachers together with the advanced individuals enclosed in the material case as people. The most advanced ones who do not have to return to the material body any more to act as people help the Creator and materially they are perceived as “angels”.

The specified facts give a clear answer to material speculations about the alleged development of species. It is not possible as due to the material conditions there would have to be changes in the Immaterial programme, which would contradict not only the constant properties of Immatter and the principle of balanced material flows (the circulation of matter) but ultimately also God’s origin of all the Existence. In it, Immatter is the means for creation and properties of matter, not vice versa.

In the next contribution – the continuation of Part III – Why and how material life is created and how it is controlled, we will discuss the construction of material flora and fauna organisms, division into the individual species and efforts of the current science to create artificial life.