The Principle of Spiritual Knowledge

The basis for true spiritual knowledge is the knowledge of the System, embedded by God’s creative power into the Universe and everything in it, including the essence of us as people and the purpose of our existence. All the laws of nature and the purpose and procedural system of the Universe arise from the System embedded in it as well as the essence of life, the purpose of man’s existence and his previous history in space, and now on planet Earth. We must add that the Universe is a bounded whole, whose System is based on the polarit coexistence of dominant Immater and thereby controlled matter, in an endlessly repeated cycle (perpetuum mobile).

The facts stated above also give rise to the material cohesion of the doctrine of matter with knowledge of its polarit opposite – Immater. Immater, unlike matter, is a non-particle substance that is imperceptible by the human senses. Modern mainstream materialistic science damns everything it cannot observe, grasp, measure or weigh as unscientific, and therefore unacceptable. It does so to the detriment of its own knowledge, as well as the knowledge of everyone else. Most scientists are preoccupied with themselves; they are proud that they can develop the ideas passed on from their teachers, regardless of whether these ideas are incontestable. They are not willing to compromise their purely material view of the world, or allow truths other than those that shelter and highlight their position in society.

With this approach of „closing its eyes to reality“, science is creating a situation where it is unable to explain even the simplest „unexplainable mysteries and phenomena“ or unusual archaeological finds. This is also convenient for esotericism in all its fashionable varieties, but especially for its leaders and followers, who most often use this factually baseless fantasy for their economic interests and promotion, in which they are aided by the fact that Immater is imperceptible by the senses.

There is currently a plethora of offers to „”learn channeling“ that promise to connect people to a universal source of information. This is supposed to enable communication with entities and spirits from the so-called ethereal world through automatic writing or drawings. It is allegedly possible to communicate with angels and the spirits of the dead, fairies, and other „elemental beings“. However, no such thing is possible in the reality of the System of the Universe.

Quality undistorted contact with the Other side is limited to a small number of individuals with proven properties of their Immaterial „self“, and only through their guide – an Immaterial being dwelling on the „Other side“. The purpose of this contact is to bring knowledge into society that will regulate its development according to the Higher System. In the interest of society as a whole, this targeted process is carried out through spiritually advanced individuals with „Messages from the Other side“.

The System of the Universe also implies that each person has an individual immortal essence of unmistakable identity – a Creative Spirit. This spirit develops its own quality to meet the nature of its Creator by alternately and repeatedly dwelling in a material environment (as a human) and in an Immaterial environment (as an Immaterial being). From a certain level of the spirit’s development, the group guide from the exclusively Immaterial dimension is replaced by his „personal“ guide. This guide helps him fulfill his karmic purpose of life, i.e. develop his own spiritual quality in opposites (polarity) of material relationships. Many thoughts, ideas, inspirations, inventions and similar perceptions come from this place, without the person realizing it.

The author of the vast majority of ideas, incorrectly presented as contact with Otherworld entities, is the Creative Spirit of the person, who creates them by combining information obtained in the material environment of his present life. Specific characteristics also manifest themselves this way by the sensitivity or certain tendencies of the Spiritual essence of man, such as in detecting pathogenic zones, finding underground springs with dowsing, the abilities of certain fortune tellers or reading from a crystal ball. These cases, however, are not to be confused with contact with the Other side.

Let’s return to the essence, origin and purpose of spiritual knowledge. It is passed from the Other side through human beings with special characteristics of their Immaterial body, which replicates their physical body. These messages are most often provided during periods when society as a whole is moving away from the principles of the System of the Universe. They are intended primarily for those individuals who are aware of this situation and are searching for the right path in their development. They are not satisfied by scientific explanations or dogmatic religious teachings. This is happening today on the level of contemporary man’s education.

Scientists who boldly promote knowledge that is in conflict with official mainstream science also help move society towards man’s purpose. They help hasten the break in the current direction of science, so that it builds on knowledge of the principles of the System of which we as people are a natural part of.

It is no wonder that there is an increasing number of creatively minded scientists, as well as other reflective individuals, who seek a true understanding from their inner need. Under the pressure of disseminated information enabled by current technology, it is extremely important to objectify this information in order for individuals to develop their better „self“ along with their knowledge.

More detailed information and contexts are given in the books „Svět je jinak (The World is different) and „Sdělení Druhé Strany“ (Messages from the Other Side), author Zdenek Svoboda.

Translation of the book “ Svět je jinak -The world is different” to English and German is being prepared.

On behalf of the “Svět je jinak” (The world is different) team

Zdenek Svoboda