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Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilizations in this territory, part 1

Introductory information to the series of thematic articles

This year in October, after visiting the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and dealing with Dr. Semir Omanagic, we started to publish a cycle of articles with this topic on with information most of which until now has been unknown.

Many specialist books and connected texts for informing the public have been written about pyramids. There are many theories, not only as regards the purpose of these buildings but also how they were constructed. Naturally, the authors of these “expert” theories are sensitive to any discussions concerning their correctness. Moreover, all the areas where the pyramids are situated attract a lot of people and thus the economic benefits from tourism and connected areas are huge.

In recent years, with the growth of our technical possibilities for determination of the age of archaeological findings, the existing theories start to show some “cracks” as regards their new dating. In its theories concerning archaeological findings, science dates them to approx. 4,000 years BC, i.e. in the era of Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian civilizations. But what about the established dates which date the origin of artefacts 12,000 years BC or even 28,000 years BC and earlier? According to science, it was the end of the Neanderthal man era in the territory of modern day Europe.

One of the cases of discrepancies in the interpretation of the history of humans as it is claimed and defended by the main stream science against other experts and material evidence found by them is a complex of pyramids in Visoko in Bosnia.

Our “Svět je jinak” team, whose mission is to pass on our findings about the System placed in the Universum and everything in it, it means also humans as the peak of living nature, set off to Bosnia for this purpose. On site we saw a complex of pyramids and other archaeological findings which the current archaeological community refuses to accept and the existence of which it disputes. We were guided by and professionally debated with Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagic, PhD., the founder of the Bosnian pyramid valley and the main archaeologist of the project. It was more than interesting to see with our own eyes the remnants of human activities dated by expert opinions to the period o 32,000 years BC. Not only could we confirm this age but we could also explain the interconnection of this developed society disposing of advanced technology with the existence of the society of Atlantis, which is the most advanced civilization which has existed so far on the Earth. Bosnian pyramids were around during the final period of the existence of Atlantis before it was destroyed catastrophically 26,000 years ago.

We also found some younger archaeological findings there which we were able, with the help of transcendentally communicated facts from the “The Other Side”, to place in the framework of the actual history of the current post-Atlantean civilization which is not the first one on the Earth by any means.

The history of human communities is much, much older and they have been approximately 50 million years on our planet. However, the material evidence of the pyramids and other artefacts are time-limited as all the matter of cosmic formations (stars and planets) is subject to circulation. It means that all the matter of the Earth, including the matter which was transformed by humans, subsides into the entrails of the earth very slowly (in cosmic time) and “re-melt” it comes back to the surface (via volcanic activity) within the scope of never-ending circulation.

The evidence of this historic era starting from approx. 30,000 years ago was within our grasp when we were viewing the Bosnian pyramid valley. We wanted to help to place not only the pyramids but also the communities which built and used them in the history. In the real history which is not distorted by the current expert belief that the beginning of the cultural human communities were the Sumerians, Babylonians, Hittites and Ancient Egyptians approximately 4,000 BC.

Together with Dr. Osmanagic we specified more accurately the original height of the main pyramid of the Sun. In the axis of its peak it was 232 m high. It is the biggest and also the oldest pyramid found in Europe and with its parameters it exceeds even the Egyptian pyramids in Giza.

Not only the pyramids but also the discovered system of underground tunnels and remnants of human activity found in them started our discussions with Dr. Semir Osmanagic. During these discussions we tried to explain (at least briefly) the System of the Universum based on the polarity based relations between the controlling Immatter and the matter controlled by it. Everything in the Universum is based on this fundamental principle – therefore also the physical human body, its function and behaviour.

Finding out the purpose and functional basis (still unknown to the science) of pyramids as manifestation of the knowledge of a more advanced civilization long before our one helps to understand the meaning of the human existence and history. At the same time it helps to understand the magnitude of what can be called spiritual thinking but not limited by the religious dogmas. It is learning about the real basis of the existing world, laws of nature, origin and purpose of life but also the properties of matter set in the whole frame of the only existing Being. We will understand that we, humans, are not a product of random material processes but a purposeful and natural part of this perfect System.

We would like to explain clearly still unknown facts concerning not only pyramids but in a wider context also the meaning of human existence. Therefore we have prepared a series of information dealing with this topic, not only for experts but also for all naturally curious people. In its individual parts we try to clarify mysteries hidden in Bosnian and other pyramids. However, they will only cease to be mysteries when the knowledge of the society moves forward so much that it will get rid of the restrictive supremacy of materialism in the science as well as in practice.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.

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Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilizations in this territory, part 2

A/ History of pyramids in the Visoko Valley in Bosnia

Connection of iron ore mining and processing with

electricity from the pyramid

First I would like to mention a few sentences about the history of Ancient Europe from the point of view of the current anthropology (the study of humans) and archaeology.

People have found various artefacts proving the ancient presence of humans on the Earth. The science community derive and create their theories concerning human history and their being on the Earth from these individual findings and recently they use more and more advanced technology for it.

Archaeology is quite a new scientific discipline which started as late as the 18th and 19th century and interprets the history of past human communities by means of these resources. They include human creations but also remnants of natural origin which were influenced by humans unintentionally. In the early 20th century a new branch of archaeology appears – paleoanthropology which examines human skeletal remains that have been found and compares them with the skeleton of contemporary humans. This discipline was significantly affected and fully influenced by Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species.

According to scientists

The first Homo sapiens (in Latin: wise man) started to spread in Europe about 45,000 years ago across the Mediterranean to the Balkans. Approximately 36,500 years ago, another population of Homo sapiens called Cro-Magnons came from Central Asia and 29,000 years ago it was Gravettian culture population from the Arabian peninsula. The Gravettian culture is known from a wide geographical area from Portugal to Germany and from Belgium to Russia. It is divided into the settlement of the Central Danube area and the area of South-Western to Northern Europe reaching as far as the South-East. At that time, according to the scientific opinions, the Neanderthals disappear from Europe (die out), most probably due to mixing with the newcomers.

The science had to solve a problem where to place Neanderthals in the fixed notion of the human development tree (Darwin’s hypotheses). The science currently believes that their origin is closely connected with the evolutional leap in the history of the genus Homo which occurred about 800,000 years ago in Africa.

The scientific theory trying to persuade us to believe in it also explains that one group of these advanced prehistoric people populated Europe a minimum of 800,000 ago. Approx. 600,000 ago, a new species of Homo Heidelbergensis developed and it is considered to be the predecessor of later Neanderthals in Europe. It is also the interpretation of the research of Neanderthal DNA extracted from skeletons. It is inferred scientifically that the last common ancestor of the Neanderthals and Modern Humans lived 700,000 years ago and both species split definitely approximately 370,000 years ago. In their typical form, the Neanderthals allegedly appear 130,000 years ago. The peak of the reputed evolution process is the name used by the science – Homo sapiens sapiens – a higher degree of homo sapiens). It is inferred that about 40,000 years ago they moved to Europe from the South (Africa) and they were characteristic by “hunting in groups, a nomadic way of life and the building of dwellings”.

The science assumes that during all this period humans lived in very primitive conditions. They knew and used fire, lived on collecting fruit and hunting animals using primitive tools, dressed in animal skin and built primitive dwellings or lived in caves.

Was it really so? What caused their extinction about 26,000 years ago? And what about the discovered artefacts which do not fit in the scientific theories?

Why does the science not speak about reassessment of the age of archaeological findings using the radiocarbon method (a method based on the decay of the carbon isotope formed in living organisms)? And what are the results for the latest available technology by means of an advanced DNA determination technique?

But let’s return to Bosnia, to Visoko valley. The fact that at the time assessed by the science as an evolutionary stage of existence of primitive humans on the Earth there had already been the Atlantean civilisation which was much more advanced than our contemporary civilisation can be explained using an example of the pyramids in Visoko valley in Bosnia. It is enough to assess their origin and purpose in the real historic connections, i.e. with participation of the advanced inhabitants of this part of Balkan at that time, including correct dating of the artefacts found. In 1908 in the area of Vinča-Belo Brdo near today’s Belgrade, the Serbian archaeologist Miloj Vasić discovered the remnants of a prehistoric community. The Vinča culture is called after the main excavation area with the characteristic way of settlement and specific distinctive features. The science interprets the artefacts found in such a way that they used agricultural technologies which were used for the first time in this area. It also explains that the inhabitants maintained barter trade with distant surroundings but it was not unified politically. Its characteristic signs include various styles of zoomorphic statuettes (depicting animals) and anthropomorphic statuettes (depicting humans) but also a Vinča sign which is considered by some to be an early form of “prehistoric writing”.

The main stream science dates this era to 6,400 – 5,100 years BC when Vinča was supposed to be one of the biggest settlements in prehistoric Europe. Even though it does not belong to the traditional Copper Age, the Vinča culture provides first known examples of this metallurgy, which is a clear remnant of the practical knowledge from the past.

However, at that period the complex of pyramids in Visoko valley had already been abandoned and forgotten, the pyramids were covered with vegetation and the landscape had similar character as it has nowadays.

How to date the Bosnian pyramids and the connected civilization correctly in history?

The radiocarbon analyses of the artefacts from the complex of Bosnian pyramids, which were performed in Poland (34,000 +/- 1,500 years) and in Germany (30,600 +/- 540 years), basically determined the time of their origin correctly. I have already stated in my previous publications that this method using the decay rate of the isotope of carbon formed in living organisms is relatively accurate as regards determination of the age within a range of several thousand years. In higher orders of time it loses its accuracy proportionally. However, what makes its use problematic for the era before the Atlantean catastrophe (26,000 years ago) is the fact that there were changes in the matter thickening (it is not the spatial layout of material particles but the value of their energy content) of the whole planet, which also results in some deviation. Nevertheless, the specified age of megalithic constructions or conglomerate formation is relatively close to reality.

Pyramids of this type (energy sources), not only those in Bosnia, were built in the period of approx. 10,000 years before the Atlantean catastrophe. It was the peak of the existence of the society which preceding our current civilisation and achieved the highest technical development on the Earth so far.

Pyramid complexes had always been the centre of an industrial or an economic area important for existence of humans of that time. Bosnia, which was an Atlantean province at that time, was an important area due to its deposits of metallic rock, mainly iron.

The complex of pyramids in Bosnia was the main part of a mine for iron ore mining and processing. Mining and processing were performed using energy drawn from the free space by the pyramid and conducted as electricity by means of a generator placed inside.

Mining was performed using equipment which resembled a contemporary laser gun. The “cut-out” rock was ground on spot in kind of a circular drum with stone balls and it resulted in dust of pure iron ore or other elements according to the equipment setting. The matter prepared in this way was then processed in furnaces which resembled contemporary induction equipment of this type. The waste rock was not transported to the surface as we do it nowadays but it was returned back to the abandoned mine. The yield was maximum and from a small amount of rock you could gain virtually 100 % of its ore content. The complexes were thus fully functional for many years, also as regards their production.

Construction of pyramids was performed in a way similar to how we construct e.g. large water engineering constructions. Loose material was formed in kind of mould and hardened using electrodes. Construction of the biggest pyramids took approx. 5 – 7 years.

The finished carcass was covered with tiles cut out of quartz, mainly from local resources. It resulted in a breath-taking construction which “radiated” and was visible far and wide throughout its surroundings. On the top there was a copper or antimony ball. We will return back to this matter when describing the function of pyramids.

For construction they used machines and equipment which cannot be compared to anything nowadays. Their function was based on creating high-frequency fields which cancelled out the physical force currently called gravity.

Means of transport did not have wheels and they moved on a kind of “cushion” by means of a jet engine. This also explains all the “scientific” discussions how humans with primitive tools could build so demanding megalithic constructions.

It can also explain the fact specified by Dr. Osmanagic that megalithic blocks were found in the tunnels between the pyramids. His deduction that they were created artificially on spot and that they are older than the surrounding conglomerate rock layers, i.e. more than 30,000 years, is basically correct. It corresponds to the fact that they originate from the era of Atlantis and its advanced technology. They were solid surfaces intended for transport and handling of the material used for construction of pyramids. Their purpose can be compared to the current manipulation areas at airports.

Connecting the creation of megalithic blocks with the Palaeolithic culture is a product of the distorted understanding of the history of humans on the Earth, i.e. of the incorrect interpretation of objectively assessed artefacts. In reality, in the border areas of the Atlantean society and also in the area of Balkans, the local inhabitants influenced by the civilisation had already lived there much earlier.

In general we have to point out that many of the constructions discovered in the past originated earlier than established according to the archaeological findings and their “expert” dating. This is undoubtedly influenced by the prevailing statements of main stream science that the beginnings of the civilization able to create something of that scope go back maximum approx. 8,000 years BC.

Let’s return to the history of Bosnian pyramids. They were constructed during the existence of ATLANTIS and its technology. After Atlantis ceased to exist catastrophically, the environment on the Earth settled down for several thousand years, which became known over the whole planet as the Ice Age.

As the dispersed solid matter particles in the atmosphere, not only from the disintegrated moon Nao, returned gradually to the solid Earth surface, the environment was slowly but gradually warming up.

Nevertheless, large areas, which became flooded after the catastrophe, were still under water, which applied also to today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this territory, water only subsided after the subsequent natural disaster approx. 13,000 years ago when a tidal wave affected the area of Egypt, Middle East and other areas around the Mediterranean.

After the water had subsided in the territory of Bosnia, the local community started to form again and subsequently ore mining was restored as well as its processing and operation of the pyramid as the energy source. In this period, approx. 12 – 13 thousand years ago, for repairing the damaged pyramid sheathing they used conglomerate rock with sediments from previous sea water flooding. It corresponds to the established age of the sheathing covering the Bosnian pyramids dated approximately to 12,000 years ago. From crushed conglomerate rock mixed with clay and limestone or dolomite they prepared an artificial concrete cast in moulds and hardened using electrodes saturated with electricity from the pyramid. Concrete boards (panels) were used for repairs of the pyramid surface and also when shaping the underground passages used for mining purposes and also for spatial forming of the underground matter for directing of energy flows going through the pyramid.

The activity of this amazing creation ceased to exist several hundred years after the second catastrophe. Not only did the need of its production cease to exist, but mainly the knowledge required for its operation.

A large time distance from the perspective of human lifetime and concurrent solely materialistic perception of the world by the current science and society brought up by it are the reasons why the real history is presented as a myth and on the contrary ignorant and distorted interpretation of artefacts is presented as a reality.

However, a new development stage is coming when this imbalance will be gradually remedied by those who have courage to speak out against the generally repeated and accepted untrue information propagated by those who connect these statements with their personal reputation and position in the society.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.

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Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilizations in this territory, part 3

How people lived in the area of the Bosnian pyramid valley

Landscape that formed after the Atlantean catastrophe

Atlantis, despite all the artefacts found so far proving its existence, is not accepted by scientists due to the fact that they cannot prove it in historic connections using their methods. It is a paradox and typical for the main stream science that all those who believe in its existence are considered to be fantasists.

The development of the Atlantis civilization, the fourth one on the planet Earth, lasted approximately 750,000 years. It was situated in the territory from the current southern part of the United States and Central America as far as the Western Europe. It existed from the time of extinction of a previous society whose centre was in the area of South-Western Asia – Middle East. Atlantis and its civilisation ended with a huge natural disaster but it was caused by irresponsible actions of a group of people who wanted to become famous.

It is natural that Atlantean society also developed first in primitive conditions but in some areas it continued the knowledge achieved by the preceding civilization. This means that it went through some stages, such as forming of units of power and their fighting for power, i.e. states necessary for development of an Immaterial being – Creative Spirit in the material body – a human.

It is also necessary to point out that there is a current belief in the scientific circles that an evolutionary leap in the history of the genus “Homo” occurred approx. 800,000 years ago in Africa and one group of these advanced prehistoric people populated Europe a minimum of 800,000 years ago. This is the only thing we can accept as the beginning of development of a new community on Earth. In reality, they populated a territory where the Atlantean society was being formed because Europe before the catastrophe was not separated from the African continent.

This part of the series is focused on the conditions of being of humans in the period of the peak development period of the Atlantis society.

At that time people had information at their disposal on the basis of which they were able to construct and use technology which is currently connected with the “most vivid imagination”. Therefore also thinking of the current science about the way of construction of megalithic buildings (pyramids) is erroneous. As we specify in the second part of this series, connecting these constructions with Palaeolithic culture and its achieved technical possibilities is a product of the distorted understanding of the history of humans on the Earth, i.e. incorrect interpretation of objectively assessed artefacts. In reality, in the border areas of the Atlantean society and also in the area of the Balkans, the locals influenced by the civilisation had already been living much earlier.

The following lines might seem unreal to some of you. But it is up to each individual how this information will be perceived from the point of view of their achieved spiritual development.


The centre of the Atlantean society was situated around the 20th parallel in the area of the current Bermudas in the Atlantic Ocean. The climatic conditions were much more balanced than nowadays. The difference between the winter and summer period in this temperate zone was minimum. It was also supported by the existence of another satellite of the Earth – the moon Nao. Only astrologers have been operating with it until nowadays as the black moon called Lilith without knowing its origin. Even among astrologers there are different views and estimates of its influence on the Earth. For science it is an uninteresting fact like everything that cannot be measured, weighed, described and examined materially.

The produce grown for food was harvested twice a year in these climatic conditions therefore it was not necessary to create any stock for both humans and fauna.

It was mainly rice, a kind of wheat similar to the nowadays spelt wheat, maize, oats, amaranth and sunflower. The other cereals we know nowadays grew wild and were not significant. They started to be important after the catastrophe when there was lack of food due to the change of the climatic conditions.

They also grew vegetables, which included mainly onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots and other kinds of vegetables which we know nowadays – cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatoes.

As regards fruit, it was mainly citruses, pomegranates, apples and bananas. A special position belonged to olive groves and vineyards. Wine, as we know it nowadays as an alcoholic drink, was not produced in the peak stage of the Atlantean society, even though in the early stage of its development it was commonly available as well as spirits made from it.

Grapes were mainly a source of grape sugar (glucose). It was well known that glucose is essential for the metabolic functions of the human body and mainly the brain cells and red blood cells cannot be without it. The waste from this production (skins and remaining fibre) is then processed to wine vinegar. It was not used as food but mainly as a cleaner and disinfectant.

Grapes were also pressed into juice used for drinking. When guarana resin (contained in the seeds of Paullinia Cupana) was added, the juice did not ferment and obtained the properties of today’s alcoholic drink – wine, but without the content of alcohol. Moreover, the content of caffeine in the resin gave the drink the properties of a tonic with additional effects beneficial for health. It was an ideal drink of the type of today’s coca-cola but without having any chemical additives which, as we know, have negative impacts on our health balance.

If they bred animals, it was not for meat but for products taking of which did not harm the animals (milk, honey, wool etc.). It was controversial to eat meat as such, fish and eggs. It was not banned but its consumers were mostly people of the lower degree of development living in the areas distant from the centre because as nowadays there were human communities all over the planet as remnants of previous civilizations. There were no carnivorous animal species, only species which liquidated dead animals.

The territory of current Bosnia

It was one of the provinces where the surrounding countryside provided sufficient food for all the fauna, including the inhabitants. Moreover, it was an area with significant production and processing of mineral resources. This fact was only indicated by presence of a complex of pyramids visible from far away. During the mentioned catastrophe when the human factor caused the destruction of the moon Nao, extensive earthquakes and volcanic activity started on the Earth. The whole area of Bosnia and adjacent extensive territories were under water for a long time.

The climatic conditions changed instantly, the Earth was covered with a cloud of scattered matter and it prevented sunrays getting to the Earth for a long time. Many species depending on green plants died out and for the surviving population it was fighting for bare life. Nevertheless, the life in the areas not affected by the catastrophe slowly reached a new balance using the achievable old technological knowledge.

What was the life like in urban units and in rural areas of Atlantis before the catastrophe?

It is a period when this society achieved the highest degree of spiritual knowledge and the connected technological level.

The urban concept of settlements was fully subordinated to the knowledge of the vital energy flows. The layout and constructions were based, like in the pyramids and similar industrial constructions, from the relations of polarity between the matter and Immatter. Always when it was necessary to assess the use of the properties of Immatter, it was based on the volumes in the proportion of the “golden section”, which defines polarity in the Universum System.

As a result the material proportions of settlements were arranged using the same principle as layout of electrons in the orbit spheres of atomic matter which expresses its thickening. Also the current materialistic science came to an at least partial understanding that the numbers of electrons on the orbits of volume atoms are placed in the direction from the nucleus in numbers 2 – 8 – 8 – 18 – 18 – 32. It is not known yet that also the nucleus particles as well as electrons on the orbits are gradually more and more thickened, i.e. they are penetrated with sections of Immaterial Energy which connect to each other in the individual spheres which defines their spatial layout and polarity in relation to the nucleus.

The depiction of concentric circles represents graphically the layout of the settlement – the land alternated with canals with almost stagnant water where the flowing Immaterial energy was cumulated evenly. The colour scheme corresponds to the orbital zones in an atom along which the matter particles move, as described above. The figure therefore shows that alternating zones of land and water are in a polarity relation.

The properties of the land in the middle (dark centre) made it suitable for construction of seats of administrative bodies, educational institutions and other public facilities, the green sphere was residential and the blue one was used for relaxation and social life.

It is important to know that the above specified settlement proportions are based on the principle of polarity definition of Immatter and Matter, as it is in the whole Universe. It was important to make sure that the individual constructions would not create “shade” in the flow of the Immaterial “fluid” not perceivable by human senses and to have a neutral subsoil under the construction. Basically it means that also the flow of ground water was monitored to prevent occurrence of zones which are currently called “pathogenic zones”.

All the parts of the land were interconnected with purposefully situated bridges so that the individual parts of the land became something like transformers. It was also supported by the material from which the bridges were constructed. Embankments were also built and paved from natural materials of certain properties (black and red granite, white quartz). A more detailed explanation of directing of the Immaterial Energy flows depending on the arrangement of types of matter is given in the following parts of this series in connection with construction, purpose and energy mode of pyramids.

Every residential construction was energetically self-reliant as the calculated construction, building material and roof were “drawing” energy from free space at the same time. Inside the building there was thus constant temperature and hot water available. Water supply and waste disposal were also solved in a sensitive way.

Construction materials included mainly blocks from silicates and hard wood and roofs of a special construction were covered with copper sheet metal or an antimony compound. The difference between urban and rural development was only in the layout of constructions. For illustration, find below a schematic picture of a residential unit and its approximate appearance.

Certain construction elements and construction layout have been preserved until nowadays in the South Italian region of Apulia in the form of trulli houses.


Another interesting fact as regards the flow of the “fluid” not perceivable by human senses will be found if we put a Feng Shui octagon next to the layout of an Atlantean residential building (see below). It is a graphic depiction of the flow of Immaterial energy with its origin in Ancient China where it was used for diagnosis of energy qualities of rooms and it applied the I-ting wisdom as regards space for healthy being of humans.


An octagon divides any space into nine areas where specific properties of matter under the influence of the Immaterial Energy are reflected.

Disharmony in the individual sections and long-term stay of a human being in it leads to distortion of their health and mind balance and the resulting effects on their activities. On the contrary, if the living space is in balance, it supports the well-being of the person, mainly the psychic one, which is a condition for all their activities and health.

Area of helpful people – the quality of the section of Immaterial fluid influences all the relations of any kind (friends, business partners, colleagues etc.),

Area of carrier influences the work activities by which everybody has to make their living,

Area of knowledge affects the psychic, inner, spiritual and personal mood, i.e. emotional and mental states,

Area of family influences the development of family harmony and solving of interpersonal family conflicts,

Area of wealth correlates with prosperity and well-being,

Area of fame is responsible for the reputation of a person and its presentation towards the external surroundings,

Area of marriage (partnership) relates to the state of the existing serious relationship but also a crucial business relationship,

Area of children is related not only to children but also to creativity and communication,

Area of health influences all the areas of being, not only the health balance – quality of energy of all eight areas goes through here and connects there.

This graph is currently known rather as the below specified chart where the sum of all the numbers in all directions is fifteen. It expresses a balanced polarity and connected spatial layout of the matter in which the Information of the corresponding flow of Immaterial Energy beams are inserted gradually.

4 9 2

3 5 7

8 1 6

Let’s return to the characteristics of the octagon areas as it expresses the stream of Immaterial energy beams and influence of their sections to the well-being of humans. Why it is so and what it is connected with is not covered by this series. The mentioned relations result from the Universum System and they are derived in the booked called “Svět je jinak” (“The world is different”). Now let’s accept it as a fact for explanation of construction of a residential unit in Atlantis.

If we compare an octagon with the ground floor of a construction cell, it is clear that all that is connected with external material manifestations of people is concentrated in the residential zone and all that is connected with the inner life is in the relaxation zone. In other words, all the material things (yang) are in the “daytime area”, all the spiritual (yin) is in the “night-time area”. However, this does not solve everything and a lot can be ruined by an unsuitable layout of house furnishings and accessories.

Next part of this thematic series will be focused on information about residential interior furnishing and standard lifestyle in the peak Atlantis.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.

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Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilisations in this territory, part 4

Lifestyle in the peak period of the Atlantean society

This part of the series continues describing the knowledge concerning the way in which the residential area interiors were furnished in the peak period of Atlantis and about the prevailing lifestyle in this spiritually advanced society.

Furniture was only from natural materials, various types of wood, rattan, bamboo, coconut fibre.

Tiles and floors were from marble, silicate or wood. For soft furnishings they used cotton, sisal, coconut fibre, hemp and other plant fibres known nowadays.

Tableware was made from glass. Pots for cooking were made from special pottery.

The above specified shows that using metal or plastic was sporadic for making of everyday objects (even though their production was known). What we call electronics was constructed from materials not burdening the environment and on a totally different principle than nowadays. They used ceramic cases with silicon disks inside and glass with bound metals, mainly copper, aluminium and antimony.

Information carriers (also for wireless transfer) were silicon disks from the material from which also the mysterious “crystal skull” was made.

Stoves, or better a kind of “cooking ceramic pots” had an inbuilt electrical coil. Ovens resembled today’s pizza ovens.

There were no fridges and freezers. They were not needed as when they stocked some food which had to be kept fresh for certain time, it was kept in a special area situated above the residential space (in the attic). It was an analogy of the current experiments with the pyramid constructions.

Bathrooms resembled the current facilities and bathtubs were from ceramic and tiles as described above. They used simple soap with olive oil and admixture of aromatic herbs or resins, i.e. without the content of any chemicals. The waste water from toilets and bathrooms was “processed” at a suitable place outside the house by an electrical device so that virtually clean water entered the sewers.

They did not use toilet paper but a water source was built into the toilet bowl and they used cotton towels. They resembled the current bidets.

Washing machines resembled the current ones and the detergent was soap and special “catchers” of impurities (coarse silica sand with magnetite).

Clothes and footwear

Like everything, they were only from natural materials – cotton and other plant and animal fibres (silk, wool) dyed with natural dyes. They preferred natural colours – ecru (the colour of raw silk) and white and the clothes were decorated with embroidery or appliqué. Like nowadays, there was woven fabric, felt (non-woven) fabric and knitwear.

Footwear – the bottom part was from wood, natural rubber or natural resin hardened with textile fibre. The top was from textile or twisted plant fibre.

Other everyday objects and decorations were made from natural materials, like everything else. They used ordinary minerals as well as minerals which are currently called semi-precious stones and precious stones. Gold and precious metals were not “valuable” and they were used mainly for construction of various devices.


Makeup and dying hair was not fashionable. The emphasis was placed on the beauty of the spirit, not on improving the appearance. Skin was looked after using olive oil with herbal extracts. Hairstyles and hair lengths were different, as preferred by the individual.

There was no money

Everybody had what they needed and there was no point in accumulating stock. It would be for nothing because nobody wanted it.

Means of transport – marginally they are mentioned in another part of this series, in connection with the pyramids. Everybody who needed transport for performance of their work had a “personal two-seat hovercraft” at their disposal – a device with an engine using Immaterial energy drawn from the free space. Similar equipment was also used in vessels of various tonnages – from the smallest ones to large transport ones.

Education and hobbies

There was right for education and access to all the information concerning human being in general but it was not obligatory. They only looked into that every individual had a basic idea of mathematics and learned to read and write. At the same time he received the information he is, why he’s here and where it is headed. It was then up to the particular person what would interest them so much that they would try to increase their knowledge of it.

Many individuals did various hobbies in their free time. Popular hobbies included processing of natural materials, painting, singing and music. Subsequently there were exhibitions and presentations of the created pieces of work and performances. It is interesting that most popular form of dramatic art was artistic dance, but theatre and literature were less popular.

In the current society, this lifestyle is non-feasible so far as it is connected with the spiritual maturity of a majority of people and their corresponding economic relations. The current market system and employee-employer relations are totally incompatible with this lifestyle so far.

The professional structure in the society was mostly inherited in the family, as it was the case significantly in Europe, e.g. in quite recent 19th century and as it exists to a certain degree until nowadays. If an individual wanted to be educated and perform activities in a different field of activity, the society supported them to do so.

Domestic animals

As we have already mentioned above, animals were kept in free ranges only for their products taking of which did not cause any harm to them (milk, honey, eggs, hair etc.). There was virtually no dwelling which would not have a kind of “pet”. They were not only dog and cat family animals, but also birds, monkey and lemurs. Rabbits and various rodents were less popular due to their gnawing habits. All the animals had freedom of movement, there were no cages, terrariums etc.

Offences against rules and crime solving

The society aware of the principles placed by its Creator in the Universum System differentiated all which was beneficial for well being of humans and formed its rules according to that. The basic postulate was the fact that a human cannot judge acts of another human, however harmful they are for the society. The society saw them as part of his/her karma. It was based on the fact that any information, acts or activities sent out in contradiction with the principles placed in the System will return back to the “sender” in an amplified form, therefore there was always an effort to finish such a situation.

Therefore no laws and legal regulations were issued which would determine what can and what cannot be done in the form of the current legislation and there was no repression in the sense of restriction of personal freedom. The rule of freedom was taken into account – my freedom finishes where freedom of another person starts. From the point of view of current complicated social relations it is virtually impossible not to enter the freedom of another person.

The Atlantean society with prevailing presence of advanced Creative Spirits in the matter could regulate these rules successfully. If a criminal offence occurred which represented a significant threat to the surrounding society, it was solved by displacement of the offender to a place where they had to deal with its being without help of the others. It was usually an island with all the conditions for living but the offender had to gain them by their own activity. It is sure that there must have been such people who wanted to exploit the achievements of the others without contributing themselves. If they wanted only the basic food and necessary clothes, they could live in this way without any problems. However, nobody managed to do it for a long time because due to educational reasons all the others refused to communicate with them until they participated in the common activities.

Care for health

Because they knew the three pillars representing trouble-free being of humans (suitable food, clean environment and positive mind), there were no serious health problems in the centre of the community which could not be cured with natural healing means. However, in the provinces negative diversions from the life style were rectified with local infectious epidemics from time to time.

Medicine was also of a high standard as regards remedy of health imbalance occurring due to human activities, such as injuries, overrating their own physical power, poisoning and similar events.

And in conclusion, which might be very interesting for many of you – attitude of the individuals and society to sex and living together.

Nowadays the concept of love includes satisfaction of sexual needs of an individual, satisfaction of one’s own libido and enforcement of one’s own possessive ambitions regardless the others. It depends on the qualities of the partner as to who will be the leading one and who will be the subordinated. If it does not happen, the relationship will naturally finish and fight for possessions and upbringing of children will start.

In the Atlantean society, the concept of love contained mainly the spiritual values. It was not only the relationship of a person to himself/herself (love thy neighbour as thyself) but mainly to his/her surroundings and environment as such. It was not only responsibility to your own being but also responsibility in relation to the others. They did not solve “this is mine and this is yours”. People lived in informal relations oriented on spiritual values – i.e. in a totally opposite position than nowadays.

And one more interesting thing. As nowadays multiple births are less common, in Atlantis it was less common to give birth to only one child. It was due to existence of two Earth satellites – the moons Nao and our current one which used to be called Luo. Women had fertile days twice a year. This biological function of the body, based on the Impulses of Immaterial programme, was also influenced by the effects of the two Moons we used to have then (nowadays it still remains at many fauna species). The Higher System thus regulated the population of the Atlantean society with the above mentioned standard multiple births of twins.

Sex in the current understanding, as mere satisfaction of libido, did not exist in peak Atlantis. If love (the real meaning is spiritual harmony) was shown in a material way, it was in the form which is nowadays called tantric sex. Partners mutually intensify their excitement and gradually they start touching, stroking and caressing. As nowadays, a certain percentage of the population declared homosexual orientation. This fact belonged to free being of an individual and nobody commented on that.

Children were looked after not only by parents and grandparents but everybody who felt to be their relatives. If one or both parents were lost due to any reasons, it was natural that this task was taken over by the child’s nearest surroundings without a need for any official procedures.

However, it was this “idyllic” way of life what brought destruction to the society. Tolerance of the individuals on the higher degree of development towards those who did not fully control the Higher System principles in themselves was so big that it led the society to its destruction. With the aim to become more visible, a group of individuals at a lower degree of development initiated a device which was being developed and which was supposed to boost the reflection of stream of beams of Immaterial energy from the moon Nao. The result was destructive.

What has been specified above about the peak Atlantis fully applies also to its provinces, which was also the territory of Bosnia. If there are differences between this information and narration in Plato’s work, it is only due to the fact that Plato retold the knowledge of Atlantis from the period before the second catastrophic event which definitely swept Atlantis from the Earth’s surface.

The areas which were not affected by this second catastrophic wave and were under influence of the central Atlantean knowledge used these remnants of knowledge in their being for several hundred years. This also applies to the complex of pyramids in Bosnia after the 2nd natural disaster approx. 13,000 years ago when water started to subside in this area which had been flooded so far.

The above text about being of humans in the peak period of the Atlantean society shows that the same facts concerning everyday life of humans and society are repeated. Everything has already been, not only on the Erath, but the only difference is that as the development of the very first Creative Spirits continues, the “educational” obstacles also move at the same level.

All is subordinated to the development of Creative Spirits and the right of each individual of them to get an opportunity to act as a human in the material environment where the existing relations correspond to their individual needs and possibilities to orientate themselves in them.

What the current society is absolutely first in

is its effort to conquer the universe and look for signs of life outside the Earth with support of believers in extraterrestrial civilizations. It results from the fact that the contemporary science does not recognise the Universum Creator (the God, Supra-creational force – the name is not important) and worships only material reality which it tries to control.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.

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Annex No 6 Dendera and Abydos – a source of ancient information, part 1

Every experienced translator knows that when translating you have to understand the source text, not only as regards the language but mainly the content. The Ancient Egyptians were very conscientious and they had a different name for every aspect of everything. For example, for the snake power called kundalini in Sanskrit, which has dozens of names in the Egyptian language according to its momentary energetic and beneficial or destructive nature.

Snake power (snake powers) is known by ayurveda and it has been known for curing in Tibet and Nepal since the time immemorial. China knows it as “flying stars”, it is also known in Latin American countries and in Africa and also in Europe (the Celts). What is it and what is its essence?

Nevertheless, the Snake force is real, it is the “fluid” that penetrates everything, is unperceivable with human senses and inserts information in the matter concerning its properties. It forms the basis of the energy system of all living creatures, all the living matter – it is Immaterial energy.

How could people express materialistically something that they could not understand and yet when they approached it carelessly, it “bit” them like cobra and killed them, or at least hurt (burnt) them significantly – they were bound to call it a snake. Or how to express spark formation they did not understand other than a lightning or a flying star?

Even nowadays, with all the scientific knowledge in the field called quantum physics, there is no material expression for this “Immaterial power” and therefore it is not accepted as scientific, it is neglected and left for esotery. Instead they build equipment of gigantic dimensions (e.g. CERN in Switzerland) for the scientists to catch even smaller material particles in which they are not successful. So far it is like in the Czech film “Císařův pekař” where in an exaggeration of the situation, one of the scholars supported by the emperor Rudolf II breaks an atom with a hammer.

The Dendera temple of the goddess Hathor is a source of the so far unknown knowledge of our ancient predecessors. Every day its ruins are admired by thousands of tourists who listen to the presentation of the guides distorted by current scientific opinion concerning the time of origin and real significance of the artefacts. A visitor can see pictures of snakes almost everywhere. However, the most interesting thing is depiction of a kind of flask with snakes closed in them. There are many various interpretations and opinions of their meaning. The truth is that this is a record of the technology of drawing energy from free space. We can say that it is its end use for lighting.



A snake (cobra) is found not only on the headdress of Egyptian gods and pharaohs but also in connection with their departures in the sun barge where the snakes are depicted as the carrying force. When looking closely at the depiction of the figures with the disc of the sun above their heads (according to science), we will find out that the disc is surrounded with a snake. It is a symbol of force and power. The disc is not the Sun but it depicts Universum or how the Immaterial energy winds around the matter and ties it up. The symbol marks its bearer as an extraordinary person who is able to use this force but not to control it.


In the next picture you can see a figure, the insignia suggests it is a ruler, sitting under a “roof” with twelve cobras and representation of the god of the heavens, the sun and the light – Horus. It is actually a dialogue of the ruler with the “Other side” (four small figures).

The roof is a device for stimulation of a strong electromagnetic field which makes it possible to overcome the material barrier. Two figures standing behind the throne depict matter (the figure with the dark crown) and Immatter which penetrates through the matter and cannot be perceived with human senses (the figure with the crown depicting matter in the form of a bowl carried by Immatter symbolised as the light support of the bowl).


Similar experiments with electromagnetic field were performed by Nicola Tesla (extended perception of the immaterial environment of the “Other side”).

These are only several comments on decoration of the temple of the goddess Hathor. All these depictions of snakes relate to the materialistic expression of force which cannot be perceived with the human senses – Immaterial energy. Both the professional and lay public now have their eyes wide open with surprising ability to see the remnants of the ancient art and still they are blind because they have not yet realised what our predecessors wanted to communicate to us with it. They are all under the influence of the information of current science and they do not believe it all could have been different.

Electrical pylons, connectors and insulators – these are speculations of some scientists and laymen as regards the depictions resembling electrical voltage insulators. Archaeologists, however, refer to them vaguely “unknown sacred objects called djed”.

In most depictions they look virtually the same – several narrow and wide rings are placed in an alternating positions on the top part of a longer cylinder. They exist in various sizes, from almost a pocket sized one (the bottom picture from the two pictures depicting handing over “force and power” to the ruler) to objects as big as a person (the top picture, depicting building a “djed”). Estimates of some scientists and laymen are not far from the fact that djed columns could play a very important role in “Ancient Egyptian electrical engineering”. They are very similar to the first battery constructed around 1800 by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, so-called voltaic column. Yes, it is a device which was used for drawing energy from the free space, i.e. something between the contemporary battery and dynamo. The picture below shows a “djed” in the size of a human.


Experts argue when the actual temple was built and decorated. Various dating does not fit in their theories. Dendera temple was allegedly built in the 1st century BC. However, it was built on much older foundations.

However, the most admired part of the temple is the oldest discovered zodiac depiction on the ceiling of the Osiris temple. An outstanding French astronomer Jean Baptiste Biot claimed in 1822 to 1844 that even though the zodiac was carved in the era of Ancient Rome, it depicts a much older sky. Sir Norman Lockyer dated the zodiac according to the hieroglyphs to 1700 years BC and professor Alexander Gurshtein shifted the origin of the zodiac minimum to 6000 BC.

What is the reality?

The origin of the basic temple construction must be dated 8350 years BC, i.e. in the period after the second catastrophe. There was a danger that the knowledge from Atlantis handed down by a small group of the elite would cease to exist. A new society had been developing based on completely different principles and these protected “fables” did not fit in with the conception of those in power. Therefore it was decided to build a kind of picture “encyclopaedia” which would survive. The basic construction and its picture entries were performed in concealment under the pretence of construction of a temple celebrating the goddess Hathor (a parallel of hidden symbols in the architecture of medieval cathedrals). During the following millennia, it was extended by other objects and some “entries” were moved, inserted and newly commented. It affected also the circular zodiac which originates from the time when the basic construction was built.

We will try to explain briefly the basic aspects depicted in the zodiac which are currently connected with a completely different meaning which naturally conforms to the currently interpreted astrology not knowing the Higher System of the Universum.


For illustration we used a colorized depiction of the circular zodiac from the article Dendera I by Pavel Mata which the individual symbols are colour coded:


theworld34 theworld33

Their expert interpretation conforms to the current idea of astrologists and a lack of knowledge of the interconnection of matter and Immater.

In reality, the circular zodiac in Dendera represents the basic principles of the System inserted in the Universum:

Heaven carriers (the figures in the corners of the picture) support the heaven in the places of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio constellations. In reality they represent Immaterial energy (Leo, fire, Yang), air (Aquarius, gas state of matter, Yin), earth (Taurus, solid matter with growing Yang) and water (Scorpio, liquid with growing Yin). These are the basic qualities of the polarity relations between matter and flowing Immaterial energy which places Information in the matter concerning its properties.

Marked “Egyptian decans” represent the flow of the rays of Immaterial energy and their quality in the individual zodiac signs according to how they influence matter. The stars accompanying the figures of decans express the +/- relation or a polarity relation inside the Immaterial energy (the Ancient Chinese Yang and Yin concept). The same “star symbols” can also be seen in the illustrations in Voynich manuscript, the most mysterious book in the world. It originated in the Middle Ages and it is work communicated by the “Other side” but the meaning of the symbols is the same.

Unknown symbols” mark the relation of the Solar system to its superior system with its binary star Sirius. If you look at the picture more carefully, you will see that Sirius marked in yellow forms an equilateral triangle with unknown symbols. One of them is a lion with its paws immersed in water – it symbolizes the direction of the flow of bundles of Immaterial energy aiming to the Sun (a disc marked as an unknown symbol).

Purple symbols” represent the planets Uranus (a disc with an eye), Neptune (a figure in a kind of boat) and Pluto (two figures). When interpreting the symbols in the zodiac, the current astrologists and astronomers do not take into account that somebody might have known the planets which were discovered “recently” (Uranus – 1781, Neptune – 1846, Pluto – 1930). The most interesting thing is the fact that the figures representing the planet of Pluto had already been represented as a binary planet (Pluto and its companion Charon). This fact is currently speculated by renowned astronomers when observing this planet with advanced technological means.

Egyptian constellations” are four symbols connected with higher planetary units (Sirius and the Orion constellation) a part of which is the Solar system.

With these several examples from the Hathor temple in Dendera we wanted to show how misleading it could be to assess the artefacts found by archaeologists according to the theories created speculatively only on the basis of these findings.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.

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Annex No 7 – Dendera and Abydos – a source of ancient information, part 2 Knowledge hidden in the Abydos Temple Complex

The Abydos Temple Complex has a lot of more than interesting information hidden in its decorations. However, they are explained according to the theories created by experts from the point of view of the current ideas concerning the origin and development of cultural communities on Earth. Therefore we cannot be surprised that there is a frieze in the complex which has been ignored by the scientific community because it does not fit their theories about history. Even more the imagination of esotericists and alien believers works by trying to explain it.

In the figures below we can see the frieze depicting the objects which somehow do not fit in the scientific concept concerning the existence of humans and their technological possibilities of that time. From the view of the current technological progress, we can see them as helicopters, aeroplanes, airships etc. What is it then and what did the ancient artist want to tell us with it? When the time comes that the society reaches some technologies and people will construct similar equipment for their life, they will understand that it has already existed here a long time ago. The frieze depicts means of transport originating from the period before the second catastrophe. On the very left we can see a kind of bowl or basket and underneath a sign resembling the Chinese symbol for wind (sun), as it is specified by I-Ting. The current technology has not achieved it yet. It is equipment that enabled local “cancellation” of the force we call gravity. A similar device was used when transporting heavy items and when constructing pyramids and similar buildings. Right of this display is the flying insects as an allegory floating mass bodies heavier than air. The same motif is on the bottom side of the frieze. Motives are accompanied by a sort of „stick“ set in sleeve, one might say, in the form of a flower. This is just a device that was able to cancel out the weight of objects. Basically, it was designed as given below scepter vas.




This part of the series would not be complete without mentioning also the symbols ankh and vase which are present in almost all depictions.

The “expert” explanation informs us that:

  • Ankh (☥, ankh, crux ansata, cross with a handle or also Nile cross) is an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “life”. Ankh is originally a hieroglyph for life, but also birth, rebirth and resuscitation or immortality. Egyptian gods are often depicted with a cross in their hand. Very often it can also be seen in Egyptian paintings and reliefs. It was often carved inside the pyramids on the sarcophagi of the dead, on the staffs of priests or it was placed in the hands of the gods in pictures.


  • Vase sceptre – is an Ancient Egyptian “fetish”. It comprises of a stick which is split into two parts at the bottom end and with a head of an animal from the dog family (not clear which one exactly) at the top end. In ancient times people believed that there were protective demons closed in them in the form of dogs. It is often depicted in the hands of the gods as a symbol of health and happiness. Until the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, wooden sceptres were put into the deceased graves so that they could enjoy divine wellbeing. A very popular motif was two Vase Sceptres supporting the heaven and a field between them.


What is really hidden behind these symbols?

Ankh is a shaped stick for “drawing” subatomic matter from the free space, a kind of aerial around which the vital energy required for living matter is accumulated. Therefore we have to connect it with the matter penetrated with the Immaterial charge.

Vase sceptre is a similar tool where the head draws energy from the free space and from the fork at the end this drawn energy goes to the earth. If vase is removed from the earth, it charges up and it is able to “strike” or “bite” like a dog within a certain distance. If a “djed” is placed in a certain place on this stick, the accumulated energy can be taken out and used, e.g. to be connected to a lighting fixture.

In the picture where the god Horus revives Osiris, we can see all the elements connected with Immaterial energy in “action”. The most interesting is the depiction of the device above Osiris’s head. This device can be described briefly as an aid to restore the function of a living organism using Immatter (something like a defibrillator used nowadays for heart function).


In the next picture from the Egyptian Book of the Dead we have all the above described symbols together. It depicts the goddess Eset (Isis) with her sister, the goddess Nebthet. Both wear the above described crown, Eset (on the left) a material one and Nebthet (on the right) an Immaterial one. In reality they represent an inseparable pair – matter penetrated with Immatter – arising from one spring (sisters). The red disc in the middle is the delimited free space of Universum (universe) from which ankh draws energy (the arms) and charges the “djed” underneath. Six monkeys – three on each side – represent the polarity relation between the matter (on the left) and Immatter (on the right), its three basic stages of shaping matter (the pre-central subatomic matter, central atomic matter and post-central post-atomic matter formation).


About the next picture we can only say the following – it is a genius depiction of drawing energy from the free space. If we place one of the patents of Nicola Tesla for drawing energy from the free space next to it, we will see that they are identical if we visualise earthing leads instead of the figures, “ankh” will resemble an aerial and “djed” a capacitor. You will probably ask what connection is there between this part of the series and the Bosnian complex of pyramids.

We cannot say there is a direct connection but it is a parallel of exercising the power of the official science to interpret the discovered artefacts in according with its theories. What is not suitable or deviates from this line is “cleared away”, in the better case. This is also the case of the “Bosnian pyramid”.



The patent of Nikola Tesla to download energy from space.

We cannot say there is a direct connection but it is a parallel of exercising the power of the official science to interpret the discovered artefacts in according with its theories. What is not suitable or deviates from this line is “cleared away”, in the better case. This is also the case of the “Bosnian pyramid”.

And one more piece of interesting information to end. Asclepius (in Latin Aesculapius) was allegedly a Greek healer who was supposed to live in the 13th century BC. He proposed a system of curing based on ancient experience but adapted to new findings. He knew how to use herbs. He is usually depicted as a bearded man with a dog and a serpent-entwined staff. The staff is originally based on the god Hermes (Mercury) who is depicted with a winged staff with two reconciled and symmetric serpents entwined around it. Can you see a certain connection with the Egyptian mythology? Both have the same basis in the U system based on the polarity of Immatter and Matter.


Medicine – mythical Hermes stick.


Symbol doctors – healing.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.

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Energy flows in pyramids, part 8 – The pyramid complex in the Bosnian Visoko and its central pyramid of the Sun

In today’s part we will focus on the function of pyramids intended as energy sources and we will compare them with the complex in Visoko in Bosnia.

We will start with a bit of theory which has already been mentioned in the preceding parts of the series. The properties of matter can be perceived by humans realistically only from a certain volume of its grouping (clusters of material particles with energy charges – atomic matter). They are used for the needs of existence of Creative Spirit in the matter, therefore also for its physical body as a human. At a certain stage of their development, it is not sufficient for him to work with matter in its natural form and he shapes the mass for his needs using manual instruments and tools. During the subsequent development, the Creative Spirits in the human bodies already require, that they start for their needs to use also the (subatomic) matter which cannot be perceived with senses and which is the main carrier of the Immaterial Energy rays. Properties of the Immateriel Energy hidden in elementary particles of matter as perceived by humans with their senses, manifest themselves through their polarity relevant volumes (parts of beams).

Matter thickening, which we have mentioned at various places, does not refer to the spatial layout of the matter particles but to the volume (power) of the Immaterial filling. It is the fundamental relationship which has to be respected if we want to use the energy drawn from the free space for our needs. Another important factor is knowledge of the way in which this Immaterial substance fills the matter with the Information concerning its properties.

The Immaterial energy rays go through the space arranged in a formation resembling a “carpet” which is twisted into a spiral in the angle of 60° (see the figure below).


From practice we know that a packaging can bear a certain load before becoming unusable. The same applies to the volume of a material particle. The penetrating front of a ray hits the charged material particle (1), it embosses there a hidden section (volume) of the energy ray (2) until the previous “filling” is restored (3). The penetrating section of a ray which has gone through the material particle is split and leaves it. The rest of the ray remains outside the particle (4 top figures). Another ray (4 bottom figures) hits the remains of the previous ray, strikes it in half and it flows around the particle and tries to connect to the original form as quickly as possible.

It is the principle of matter vibration. The length of the ray section forming the filling of a material particle influences also its thickening and vibration frequency.

Transfer of Immaterial energy through a material particle


Another important knowledge is Leyden jar – the first deliberately constructed capacitor which was used mainly in the 18th century as the electricity charge storage for experiments with electricity. Originally it was a glass vessel filled with water to which a metal spike was brought through its stopper. The water formed one electrode of the capacitor and the glass was used as dielectric. The second electrode was the hand holding the jar during the experiments. Later the construction was adapted. The outer and inner surface of the glass vessel was covered with conductive material. The glass was still used as dielectric (insulator) dividing both layers. From the inner layer, a conductor was going out through the neck of the jar and it was terminated with a metal ball. According to scientists, Leyden jars were usually charged using electrostatic induction (see the figure).


Serial connection of Leyden jars (with the same current in all of them) results in a stable electricity supply – a kind of battery is created (see the figure below).


Slowly but surely we are coming close to understanding the function and construction of pyramids as an energy source. But first I would like to mention one more interesting thing.

Baghdad battery

In 1938 it was believed that battery was quite a modern invention. Just before World War II, the German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig discovered an unusual vessel during his exploration at Khujut Rab near Baghdad. It is as big as a fist and its age is estimated to be 2000 years. It has a clay container with a stopper from asphalt. A metal wire goes through the stopper and inside the vessel it is surrounded with a copper sheet. Konig published his discovery resembling a battery and the American scientist Willard Gray managed to make several reproductions. When connected, they gave a voltage of approximately two volts. The scientists believe that electricity produced in this way could be used for galvanizing. This hypothesis, or at least its theoretical possibility, was confirmed by the German researcher Arne Eggebrecht.



But let’s go back to pyramids. The above mentioned fragments of information show that (now I am going to quote a passage from the books Pyramids around the World and the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids by Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagić: “During my travels and direct examination of thousands of pyramids all over the world, in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Canary Islands, Egypt, Mauritius and China, I found out that most pyramids had common features: shapes comprising of regular geometric figures, orientation of the walls towards cardinal points and to the route of the Sun, local construction materials, internal corridors and chambers, astronomical connections and a network of underground tunnels.” These are the basic characteristics of pyramids.

How does it work?

The construction and matter of the pyramid must be assembled in such a way that the passing Immaterial fluid rays (Immaterial energy rays) in the external environment hitting its construction were received intensively and enclosed inside to a certain degree so that there was an increased voltage in it as in a capacitor. We already discussed the construction and building materials for pyramids in part 6 of the series. With a slight overstatement, we can describe a pyramid as a huge Leyden jar – a capacitor from which it is possible to take electricity until consumed.

The original sheathing of the pyramid, which worked as a semiconductor (it let the rays inside but not out), has never been preserved as well as the top ball from copper or an antimony alloy. No wonder, it has been not several hundred but thousand years ago. We have to admire the constructors of these buildings which have lasted for ages.

Not only in Bosnia and Egypt but in any place where it was necessary to generate a large amount of energy complexes comprising of usually three objects are built. Their arrangement follows the rules arising from the principles of the Higher Universum System – the polarity relationship between the matter and Immatter and the way how the Immaterial energy rays flow. The sum of two smaller pyramids is in balance with the volume of the main pyramid from which the energy is taken. This article does not aim to provide any exact data. It is important that their functions are mutually interconnected – they drew, directed, adjusted and handed over the accumulated energy to the main production pyramid (the core of the complex) for the final energy drawing. The construction of the pyramid of the Sun was designed to provide sufficient electricity for the industrial complex of metallic rock mining and processing in this locality.

Therefore also the mutual arrangement of the pyramids in the Bosnian valley of Visoko is not random. An equilateral triangle formed by the buildings is the basic form for boosting the intensity of the flow of the Immaterial Energy rays which resembles the parallel electrical connection. The above figure with Leyden jars connected in serial connection can be compared to the group of the pyramids in Giza in Egypt.

Energy radiated from the Bosnian pyramids

The Universum System implies that all the particles of Immatter are penetrated with the sections of Immaterial energy rays. Depending on the thickening of particles of immatter (for explanation of thickening, see above), the relevant Immaterial energy sections continuously go through it (matter vibration), enter it and leave it.

It is the whole secret of the fact that the pyramid is still functioning nowadays despite the missing equipment to drain the energy. It is and will be working like that until it is dismantled. It is due to coexistence of Immatter and matter which provides perpetuum mobile, which ensures continuous transfer of the Immaterial energy rays through the non-living matter.

The finding that an energy ray does not move at the speed of sound but at the speed of light is very meritorious and it is indirect evidence of the Immaterial substance of Energy. The energy allegedly released at the top of the pyramid are sections of the Immaterial Energy rays which did not “fit” into the pyramid matter and stayed on its surface sliding towards the top trying to restore their original formation. The main components of the “electromagnetic radiation” on the top are less penetrating sections of rays which did not get inside the pyramid, they flow along its surface and they meet in the area of the “square” top. The measured increase of the radiation strength with growing height from the pyramid top reflects their polarity levelling with incoming rays.

The specific quality of electromagnetic radiation (“an anomaly”) with the same frequency of 28.4 kHZ was also found out in the centre of the top platform of the monument in Vratnica and in the underground complex in Ravne. It is clear from the basic properties of the matter which is thickened to the same degree in all the measured buildings, therefore there is polarity in the Immaterial energy rays flow corresponding to these measured values.

It was also found out electronically that all the megaliths are situated above a ground water flow. Water guides the flow of the Immaterial energy ray bundles, as it is clear from their properties. Still water cumulates the energy and flowing water takes it with it. It means that as regards these buildings, the ground water flow is a means of drainage of the energy accumulated in them.

The energy detected nearby a megalith is assessed as beneficial for a human organism Yes, but it is not absolutely clear because what is beneficial for a human organism can only be determined with knowledge of the principles of existence of the living matter. However, we cannot deny the fact that it affects the human psyche.

This knowledge is currently provided by extrasensory transfer of information by “the Other side” through the people who have capabilities defying the understanding of the current science and therefore they are rejected as delusions.

In the next part of the series we will speak about identification of the artefacts found in the locality of the Bosnian valley of Visoko.

Ing. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.

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Bosnian pyramids and ancient civilizations in this territory, part 9

Artefacts found in the locality of the Bosnian complex of pyramids

Inscriptions in blocks in writing similar to runes

Underground labyrinth in Ravne and strengthening of physical and spiritual vitality, part 9

During our visit to Bosnia, we could see with our own eyes the history of humans which is a minimum of 30,000 years old. We could also confirm the age of the artefacts found which had been determined using radiocarbon analysis. Below we will try to describe their origin and purpose.

An artefact comprising of two types of stone found in the Dragon pyramid

At first sight it resembles a Halloween pumpkin but it does not have anything in common with it. It is part of the former stone door system which closed the entrance to the pyramid. Neither the door nor any of its parts could be from a material different than the one used for the pyramid carcass in order not to disturb the flow of the Immaterial energy hidden in the subatomic particles of the matter. .


A stone board with carved signs

It is not as old as you might assume It originates from the period called as “Vinča culture” (around 5,000 BC) when the use of rune letters had already been forgotten but sign-based writing started to be used in this area. The stone basically reads that it is a “peculiar” place where special unexplainable things happen.


Small pottery pyramid

It is a really a phenomenal find. It was created at the time when the activity in the industrial complex was restored and it records the technology of production of a mixture which was also used to make an eight-ton megalith K2 in the Ravne labyrinth!


Fragment of a stone circle found in the KTK underground

It is a “normal” signpost used for orientation under the ground.


An artefact marked as a stone replica of a sole of the foot with five toes

It was found in Vrátnice and it is a part of a “device” (one wing) for levelling the flow of Immaterial energy in an enclosed area where the sections of Immaterial Energy rays necessary for the living matter do not penetrate.


A stone tool from sandstone from Vrátnice monument

It is a tool of primitive farmers for land cultivation – a kind of “spade”. It is not connected with the pyramids but with the primitive settlement from which the Vinča culture developed.


Sculptures found in the underground Ravne labyrinth

One of them is an unintentional piece – an imprint of the tools used for inscribing (writing) in soft concrete which originated due to distraction of the worker. It is a spatula (surface smoother) and a gauge which was used to make sure that the signs pressed in the soft material would be of the same size.


Another beautiful sculpture we saw is rather an accidental imprint of a leaf from a tree preserved forever in the stone, or better in the concrete of the pyramid carcass.

Also the stone balls, as big as tennis balls, bring a lot of questions. It is not such a mystery, as they are balls for grinding the mined metallic rock, which were part of the equipment inside the grinding drum.

These are only a few examples of the interesting artefacts which have been found “so far”.

Letters similar to runes

The fact that the symbols found in the megalithic blocks of the prehistoric underground labyrinth in Ravne are similar to the symbols from various other parts of the world is indirect evidence of their common origin in the Atlantean writing.

The current materialistic scientific archaeology connects their origin with the Vinča culture which is mentioned in the preceding text from these series, in connection with the history of the pyramids in the Bosnian valley. The real origin of these inscriptions can be dated to the period after the second catastrophe, i.e. approximately 12-13 thousand years ago (10 – 11 thousand years BC). In the era of Vinča culture (about 5000-7000 years BC), the metallurgical production complex of pyramids had already been abandoned.

Also the real origin of the runes on the blocks of the labyrinth in Ravne offers answers to their distorted “explanation” by the current scientists who connected them with the “Anglo-Saxon futhorc” (similar to the writing of the ancient Hungarian runes or writing on the ancient tablets from Glozel in Southern France). In reality, their common ancestor is the Atlantean writing, but this also applies to the absolute majority of the cultural signs of our post-Atlantean society.

The biggest stone sphere in Europe is in Bosnia

Stone spheres of various sizes can be found in various places of the world. They are usually results of human activities during which they were broken off for a certain purpose and then left unused. During the thousands years of the activity of the Immaterial energy rays and depending on the terrain along which these igneous rock was slowly moving towards the lower altitudes, they have been forming these spherical shapes. Spheres can only originate from igneous rock because sediments (sandstone etc.) disintegrate under the influence of climatic conditions.

Since time immemorial humans have been observing that an unknown force affects them near these unusual formations and it boosts their health and positive mind. The explanation is clear from the above mentioned matter being penetrated with the Immaterial Energy weaker sections of which (called vital sections) do not get into thicker matter. They cumulate on the surface of the formation in higher intensity. This phenomenon can also be observed at other ancient stone objects (menhirs) and in old sacral buildings connected with existence of Spirit in humans.

Our contemplation over the facts hidden in the pyramids in the Bosnian valley of Visoko would not be complete if we did not mention

why and how the energy radiation affects humans in the corridors of the labyrinth in Ravne near the pyramids and the monument in Vrátnice.

Let’s start again with some theory concerning the living matter (flora and fauna) and about the human body, as the highest organised form of material life. In the past it was observed and generally accepted as an undisputable fact that a force which cannot be perceived with human senses influences our physical health and vitality. To understand why and how these impulses affect us, it is good to know that a human body is atomic matter formed according to a special programme for bringing matter alive, i.e. the same matter from which all the non-living matter is formed. As a whole, it has the shared properties of matter as such but also some specific features of life according to the Immaterial Information inserted as a programme in order to protect the Immaterial Creative Spirit which orientates in relations with the external environment by means of it and enables mental (intellectual) and emotional expression. It is a functional packaging for the Immaterial being of unique identity – Creative Spirit in the material body. It is eternal and it goes through development in many human lives to achieve the properties of the Creator of all life.

The physical body of humans, but also of all kinds of living matter, is penetrated with the Immaterial (energy) body undetectable using material means by means of which the vital Energy is distributed selectively to the individual material parts and bodies as far as the individual cells (similar to the arterial and venous blood circulation). The energy distribution also includes channels for discharging of the used Energy enclosed in the particles of subatomic matter called meridians (main collecting channels) which end in the palms and soles of the feet of the physical body. Thus it shows the common principle of the effect of the Immaterial “fluid” on the matter and belonging of the human body to the Universum system. The above specified suggests that existence of all the living matter depends on the flow of the fluid which cannot be perceived by human senses – Immaterial energy. Because a physical human body is an enclosed System (like all the types of living matter), it needs to draw vital Immaterial energy for its being. For this purpose it has a special device – a suction duct situated in the area of the solar plexus which selectively receives vital energy for all the body functions. If a body gets in the state of external “energy insufficiency”, it restricts some of its functions. If this lack affects vital functions, the organism collapses. If a human being has been staying in an energy unfavourable environment, it usually upsets the health balance. On the contrary, if a human body gets in the environment with access to a wide range of vital energy, it reacts by immediately switching on all the vital functions which were restricted and organism gets harmonised.

Such an environment is also the underground of Ravne or surroundings of the monument in Vrátnice.

However, the extent of the sections of Immaterial energy must correspond to the needs of the living organism. Therefore not all the places where the anomalies of energy flows occur are generally stimulating and healing. The zones where there is a “highly thickened” matter with the corresponding strength of the Immaterial energy charge which is stronger than the one beneficial for living matter or with strong ground water flows are sources of “geo-pathogenic environment”. Such an environment can only be used for a short time by the people who need to eliminate a diagnosed health unbalance. For the others it is a risky environment. This quality can only be distinguished by the people who are sensitive to perception of these facts which are not perceived by human senses otherwise.

With this part we finish the series not only about the Bosnian complex of pyramids with reference to the writing on one of the stone tablets found and deciphered by the American professor Bobbie Scarfe: “The gate is closed, we are in a state of inactivity. We will have to act as fighters to defend and conquer until we are able to go through the star gate again”. We dare to say that the time has come when the gate is starting to open thanks to the people such as Dr. Semir Osmanagić who “defend and conquer” in order to open the gate of knowledge again.

Ing. Zdenek Svoboda, Csc.

Říj 02

The Principle of Spiritual Knowledge

The basis for true spiritual knowledge is the knowledge of the System, embedded by God’s creative power into the Universe and everything in it, including the essence of us as people and the purpose of our existence. All the laws of nature and the purpose and procedural system of the Universe arise from the System embedded in it as well as the essence of life, the purpose of man’s existence and his previous history in space, and now on planet Earth. We must add that the Universe is a bounded whole, whose System is based on the polarit coexistence of dominant Immater and thereby controlled matter, in an endlessly repeated cycle (perpetuum mobile).

The facts stated above also give rise to the material cohesion of the doctrine of matter with knowledge of its polarit opposite – Immater. Immater, unlike matter, is a non-particle substance that is imperceptible by the human senses. Modern mainstream materialistic science damns everything it cannot observe, grasp, measure or weigh as unscientific, and therefore unacceptable. It does so to the detriment of its own knowledge, as well as the knowledge of everyone else. Most scientists are preoccupied with themselves; they are proud that they can develop the ideas passed on from their teachers, regardless of whether these ideas are incontestable. They are not willing to compromise their purely material view of the world, or allow truths other than those that shelter and highlight their position in society.

With this approach of „closing its eyes to reality“, science is creating a situation where it is unable to explain even the simplest „unexplainable mysteries and phenomena“ or unusual archaeological finds. This is also convenient for esotericism in all its fashionable varieties, but especially for its leaders and followers, who most often use this factually baseless fantasy for their economic interests and promotion, in which they are aided by the fact that Immater is imperceptible by the senses.

There is currently a plethora of offers to „”learn channeling“ that promise to connect people to a universal source of information. This is supposed to enable communication with entities and spirits from the so-called ethereal world through automatic writing or drawings. It is allegedly possible to communicate with angels and the spirits of the dead, fairies, and other „elemental beings“. However, no such thing is possible in the reality of the System of the Universe.

Quality undistorted contact with the Other side is limited to a small number of individuals with proven properties of their Immaterial „self“, and only through their guide – an Immaterial being dwelling on the „Other side“. The purpose of this contact is to bring knowledge into society that will regulate its development according to the Higher System. In the interest of society as a whole, this targeted process is carried out through spiritually advanced individuals with „Messages from the Other side“.

The System of the Universe also implies that each person has an individual immortal essence of unmistakable identity – a Creative Spirit. This spirit develops its own quality to meet the nature of its Creator by alternately and repeatedly dwelling in a material environment (as a human) and in an Immaterial environment (as an Immaterial being). From a certain level of the spirit’s development, the group guide from the exclusively Immaterial dimension is replaced by his „personal“ guide. This guide helps him fulfill his karmic purpose of life, i.e. develop his own spiritual quality in opposites (polarity) of material relationships. Many thoughts, ideas, inspirations, inventions and similar perceptions come from this place, without the person realizing it.

The author of the vast majority of ideas, incorrectly presented as contact with Otherworld entities, is the Creative Spirit of the person, who creates them by combining information obtained in the material environment of his present life. Specific characteristics also manifest themselves this way by the sensitivity or certain tendencies of the Spiritual essence of man, such as in detecting pathogenic zones, finding underground springs with dowsing, the abilities of certain fortune tellers or reading from a crystal ball. These cases, however, are not to be confused with contact with the Other side.

Let’s return to the essence, origin and purpose of spiritual knowledge. It is passed from the Other side through human beings with special characteristics of their Immaterial body, which replicates their physical body. These messages are most often provided during periods when society as a whole is moving away from the principles of the System of the Universe. They are intended primarily for those individuals who are aware of this situation and are searching for the right path in their development. They are not satisfied by scientific explanations or dogmatic religious teachings. This is happening today on the level of contemporary man’s education.

Scientists who boldly promote knowledge that is in conflict with official mainstream science also help move society towards man’s purpose. They help hasten the break in the current direction of science, so that it builds on knowledge of the principles of the System of which we as people are a natural part of.

It is no wonder that there is an increasing number of creatively minded scientists, as well as other reflective individuals, who seek a true understanding from their inner need. Under the pressure of disseminated information enabled by current technology, it is extremely important to objectify this information in order for individuals to develop their better „self“ along with their knowledge.

More detailed information and contexts are given in the books „Svět je jinak (The World is different) and „Sdělení Druhé Strany“ (Messages from the Other Side), author Zdenek Svoboda.

Translation of the book “ Svět je jinak -The world is different” to English and German is being prepared.

On behalf of the “Svět je jinak” (The world is different) team

Zdenek Svoboda

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The History of Human Societies in the Universe and on Earth

Man’s presence on Earth for approximately 50 million years

Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species is mere speculation

The genetic engineer is the Creator of life.

Modern materially oriented science is not capable of discovering the true history of mankind.

When, where and in what context were the first humans created in the Universe?

It was approximately 200 million years ago on the first planet of life, which is currently located in the Pleiades star cluster. Material life is connected to the development of the Spiritual nature of man („Creative Spirit“), which is non-material and non-particulate, meaning that it is not subject to decay as particular matter, and is therefore eternal. The development of the Immaterial Creative Spirit (CS) continues through many human lives. The living body – the material package for the Immaterial CS and for all species of fauna and flora can only fulfill its function and exhibit the desired properties for the given species in an environment of minimal force field polarity. This is supremely formed in the Universe by relationships between matter and its polarit opposite – the Immater.

Life in the System of the Universe is conditional to the location of the planet with characteristics for its existence in a space with the Lowest polarity median (a balanced relationship between Immatter and matter). Only in this unique space is it possible for Immaterial species programs to function, under the impulses of which living matter is formed from the same atomic mass as inanimate nature.

In this unique space in the Universe there is always only one planet with characteristics suitable for life, which is currently Earth, the third planet of life. This is the reason why material life on other planets in their current position in the Universe is not possible, which means that aliens cannot exist, unless we consider them to be Immaterial beings – Creative Sprits dwelling on the „Other side“, i.e. in the Immaterial environment of the Universe that is imperceptible to the human senses.

The existence of a supreme form of life – the human – requires a certain composition of gradually formed material flows (food chain). This means that in the early stages of material life settling on the planet, the simplest forms of life are created first, starting with microorganisms and later the flora and fauna, which are also formed in succession from the simplest forms. All this precedes the existence of mankind, so that the needs and functions of the physical body follow the composition and properties of the surrounding living nature.

The life conditions on the populated planet must be prepared beforehand, especially in terms of the existence of water and an atmosphere with aerial (molecular) oxygen. Only then are Immaterial programs „planted“, causing the formation of microorganisms, followed by simple flora and fauna organisms, in order to ensure a suitable environment for humans.

However, this development process of introducing species is not the evolution of species. This succession of species most likely misled Darwin and modern science. The theory of evolution is a necessary „crutch“ for its believers to seemingly exactly, but in fact distortedly, explain the origin of man in absolute ignorance of the principle and purpose of the origin of life. The existence of man in the Universe, including the past 50 million years on Earth, can be estimated at approximately 210 million years with an outlook of approximately another 30 million years here on Earth. More detailed information and contexts are given in the already mentioned books „Svět je jinak“ (The World is different) and „Sdělení Druhé Strany“ (Messages from the Other Side).

The development of civilized societies is not continuous, it targeted drops periodically

On each planet of life, newly formed Immaterial beings enter into the Universe for their long-term alternate development in a material and Immaterial environment, in order to achieve the properties of their Creator. The development of the quality of Creative Spirits (CS) in matter (people), with differences in their individual maturity, indicates the need for corresponding material conditions, such as the repetition of similar stages in civilizational development, otherwise some of the CSs would not have the opportunity to continue in their development and would remain stuck at their current level of maturity. This is why society is periodically disrupted at a certain stage of development, in a way that destroys its knowledge and material equipment along with the majority of the population, but the environment for the existence of CSs in the physical body remains.

Each human society begins to form under relatively primitive conditions, working its way to a certain stage of cultural, technical and economic development, in which the quantity of material relationships of a certain quality does not match the level of development of the less mature Creative Sprits, making a „jump“ necessary to balance it out. This necessary reversal occurs either by an extensive natural disaster or due to human activity (war and disasters caused by man), destroying the educational and physical center of the given society. It must be added that when an Immaterial being, Creative Spirit, enters a physical body at birth, it is isolated from its previously acquired knowledge and „forgets“ who he is and where he is heading. It must rely solely on its achieved development, and make its decisions accordingly in material conditions in harmony or disharmony with the principles of the System of the Universe.

Planet Earth remembers four basic civilizations in this organized civilizational development. Our current civilization is the fifth in succession after the demise of Atlantis due to a disaster caused by the free will of man.

What is the true history of civilized societies from the beginning of life on planet Earth?

The first civilization on Earth was Hyperborea

It was located in Southeast Asia, where the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are located today. This civilization astoundingly lasted approximately 34 million years. For about the first 14 million years, the Creative Spirits – Immaterial beings walked on Earth in a Pre-material body. This body enabled them to perceive matter, but not manipulate it. The conditions on Earth were not fully suitable for the existence of a material body – the physical human body. Only then do all the newly formed Immaterial beings enter the material environment as humans, accompanied by the most advanced beings that were already created for the first planet of life, which is currently located in the Pleiades star cluster. These first people initially communicated nonverbally (by extrasensory perception), learned to forage for food in primitive conditions, build homes and protect their offspring. In the final stage, this society was divided into craftsmen and farmers. Trade and commerce was concentrated in urban units of some kind, while farmers were introduced into the society by individual family lineages. Trade and a primitive language were created. Why was the development of this society regulated by a natural volcanic disaster accompanied by a strong earthquake? Its development began to move away from the principles of the Higher System when individuals began to accumulate wealth beyond their own needs at the expense of others, a rivalry for power was developing, and people began using weapons as a means for malicious attack and to kill, rather than to protect themselves. In the Bible this is represented allegorically as the story of Cain and Abel, the first sons of Adam and Eve.

The second civilization known as Lemuria

Was also located in the temperate zone of the 20th parallel north in South Asia, where Pakistan, Nepal, North India and the surrounding area is currently located. As in the previous society, negative relationships discordant with the System began to gradually form. It lasted approximately 4 million years.

Immaterial beings formed for the second planet of life, which is currently located in the Cygnus constellation, as well as the „youngest“ beings, return to a material environment most often. An interesting fact about this is that there was a recent report in the media about the discovery of a planet labeled HATP-11b in the Cygnus constellation, where scientists believe there are suitable conditions for life. The scientists are unaware that they’ve discovered a previous (second in succession) planet of life. At the peak of negative relationships in the society, this civilization was destroyed by an extensive natural disaster in the form of a flood. This was allegorically represented in the Bible as the story of Noah and his sons.

Third civilization, Pre-Atlantis

The center of its activity was in Southwest Asia – the Middle East. The center of this civilization was in the current location of Iran and Iraq all the way to the Dead Sea. It lasted approximately 26 million years. Negative relationships in the society moved towards satisfying one’s own libido, leading to a decline in morality. This civilization was destroyed by explosions and fire from burning oil fields, which were located just beneath the surface of the ground in this entire vast region, along with the release of natural gas, which magnified the destruction over a wide area. At the time, in the pre-Atlantis climate, this was a green area with dense forests, so there was no escaping the rapidly spreading devastating fire. The culture in this society was quite developed; they used simple (logogram) writing. They had a developed knowledge of the manufacture of metals (gold, iron, copper, antimony) and refining „earth oil“ (crude oil) for oil lamps, draft animals were used to transport loads on vehicles with wheels, and the production of metal art objects (mostly gold) unnecessary for human existence flourished. Metal strips (gold, copper and iron) were already used as currency, and early forms of slavery began to emerge. The Bible allegorically recalls this era in the evolution of society as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the story of Lot and his family.

The fourth Atlantean civilization built on the civilization level established by the previous society. The acquired knowledge was practically all preserved, because the corrective destruction was very local and only aimed to destroy the main core of the population. As we stated before, writing was already invented, making records available; thanks to advanced sailing they were also in contact with people settled in areas where the previous society stood. It is therefore not surprising that in the „short period“ of its existence this society achieved the highest level in terms of spirituality, knowledge and practicality. It was situated in the territory of today’s southern United States and Central America, all the way to Western Europe. Its peripheral territory reached or touched today’s territories of Central and South America, and Western and Southern Europe on the other side, which had not yet been separated from Africa by the Mediterranean Sea. The center of the Atlantean society was in the area of today’s Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean, which is also in the area of the 20th parallel north. The remnants of knowledge from this civilization, the most advanced civilization on Earth yet, became the foundation for the direction of spiritual and material development of „our“ following civilization.

It existed for approximately 750,000 years, and ended about 26,000 years ago by a huge natural disaster caused by a group of individuals at an earlier stage of their Spiritual development. This group of people stole and prematurely used a project with the goal of obtaining an enhanced current of Immaterial energy reflected from the surface of Earth’s second Moon called Nao, which still existed at the time. Its atomic mass was shattered and the shock wave caused the Continent of Atlantis to sink, creating today’s Atlantic Ocean. Only three large islands survived from the original land: what we know today as Cuba (the Greater Antilles), Iceland and the British Isles. In today’s Atlantic Ocean there is a large underwater formation connected to the Azores, approximately 2,000 km long, which is a remnant of the sunken continent. There was also a dramatic deterioration of climatic conditions across the entire planet, as as further discussed in the context of our post-Atlantis civilization, the fifth civilization on Earth. This incident immersed the remaining population into primitive conditions of existence not for decades, but for millennia. Nevertheless, the Atlantean society gave all future emerging and dissolving societies a knowledge and spiritual foundation.

The destruction and fall of societies is part of the System of the Universe, whose principle goal is the development of the individual Creative Spirit, which requires a physical environment that at least approximately corresponds with the degree of its current system maturity. God’s Order is fair. Each individual gets the opportunity to learn to recognize the forms of good and evil, what is in line with the principles of the System and on the contrary, what hinders its development.

More details are included in the books by Zdeněk Svoboda titled „”Svět je jinak” (The World is different) and “Sdělení Druhé Strany” (Messages from the Other Side). They both give access to knowledge passed on from the „Other side“ to assist positive orientation in harmony with the System embedded in the Universe and the purpose of life in it.

The history of our post-Atlantis civilization

The catastrophic destruction of the advanced Atlantean society returned the civilizational development on Earth to the primitive beginnings, but the basic remnants of knowledge became a „springboard“ from which the development of contemporary civilization began to unfold. In the scale of the duration of man’s existence on Earth, this was relatively „recent“.

After the Atlantean disaster there was a significant deterioration in the planet’s environment as a whole, whose climate was far milder and more balanced up to then. The shift (deflection) in Earth’s polarity caused a new layout of climatic zones. The balancing process, associated with extensive mass transfers in all its states across the planet, lasted for several millennia.

The changing environment was also reflected in the composition of flora and fauna species. The overall cooler climate caused a significant reduction in green areas, resulting in the extinction large species of animals in particular. Due to a reduction in vegetable food sources, complex fauna species changed from herbivores to carnivores by changes in Immaterial species programs in order to preserve their existence, which also included humans. The food chain was significantly changed, thus also changing the peaceful relations between animals.

The history of our post-Atlantis civilization starts in this post-catastrophic period under very difficult survival conditions. We can see that modern science dates the last Ice Age back to this period, when the atmosphere was permeated with dust for several millennia, creating insulation against the penetration of Immaterial Energy (IE) from the Sun. During this period the Creator did not intervene in the societies of Immaterial beings dwelling in a material environment or on the Other side, except for correcting Immaterial species programs. Reparation of the consequences of the catastrophe was fully in the power of the Creative Spirits. At the time people were dispersed into different tribes (groups), so long-term there were not the necessary conditions for the formation of larger social units, not even in the territories that were not directly affected by the disaster.

Only after about 5 thousand post-catastrophic years a new society began to form with an educational center in the area of the Middle East and regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea, particularly Egypt. The preserved remnants of Atlantean knowledge were brought to this area and passed on exclusively by word of mouth, which resulted in a certain degree of distortion. The biggest problem was that there were no written documents, because the pre-catastrophic Atlantean society kept records on media devices that current technology is only slowly beginning to resemble. This slow-forming society, like the pre-Atlantis society, was not developing in accordance with the Higher System. Individual groups led fierce wars against each other for control of territory, power and wealth.

About 13 thousand years ago the foundation of this society along with the remnants of Atlantean knowledge was swept away by a powerful volcanic disaster accompanied by floods. In Egypt and most regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea this caused long-term flooding, elsewhere, for example in northern areas of the Balkans (including Bosnia and Herzegovina) the water that flowed there during the first Atlantis disaster subsided in the balancing processes.

Further basic information about the cycle 26 thousands years after the Atlantis disaster is given in, the following thematic article dealing with the pyramids, the time period of their creation, their purpose, and the technique used to build them.

Mainstream science obstinately persists in the wrong interpretation of history based on a relatively recent period – about 5,000 years BC, and based on an erroneous assessment of artifacts without knowledge of the System, which we as humans and our manifestations are a part of.

Incorrect assessment of archaeological finds along with the „forceful“ linking of man from the

„Stone Age“, who allegedly developed continuously up to today’s society, devalues the accuracy of science. Of course, the seemingly expert claim that modern society represents the highest level of civilization that was ever achieved on this planet, serves the interests of representatives of mainstream science.

More details are included in the books by Zdeněk Svoboda titled “ Svět je jinak” (The World is different) and “Sdělení Druhé Strany” (Messages from the Other Side). They both give access to knowledge passed on by the „Other side“ to assist positive orientation in harmony with the System embedded in the Universe and the purpose of life in it.

Translation of the book “ Svět je jinak -The world is different” to English and German is being prepared.

Author Zdeněk Svoboda, on behalf of the team „The World is different“

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